Should Sonny and chad date?

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Does Sonny and chad date in Sonny With a Chance?

yes they do! And sonny and chad but demi and chad lol are dating for real and they kiss near the end everyone finds out and tawni, nico, zora, grady are all mad they almost

When is Sonny and chad going to date on Sonny With a Chance?

I don't know when they date, but I do know that sonny and chad admit their feelings for each other in episode 21 of sonny with a chance season 1, but we don't know what they s

In Sonny With a Chance what episode does Sonny and chad start dating?

Season 2 Episode 10 - "Falling for the Falls" 2010 or 2011 are the years that many people think Season 3 of Sonny with a Chance is going to come out. Those answers are false

Will sonny and chad in Sonny With a Chance ever date or kiss?

Yes, Sonny and Chad date in the episode falling for the falls. They are supposed to kiss in sonny with a secret! Sonny discovers she loves chad but does not want to tell him b

Will sonny and chad ever date on Sonny With a Chance?

Yes. They started dating in season 2. They broke up whenever they were pressured about kissing for the first time. After they broke up, however; they kissed and got back toget

Why does Sonny and Chad secretly date?

With this poorly written plotline, Disney is making a very pathetic attempt at a Romeo and Juliet, Edward and Bella, Heathcliff and Cathy type of romance. But, ultimately, the