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Paven Novotný (born as Jaroslav Jirík) retired from porn film industry in 2006, however he continued to act as an escort and to model for magazines. In 2008/2009 he tried a comeback working for either Lukas Kazan or Kristen Bjorn (this remains disclosed), the film was shot in Cuba. In March 2009 Jirík was arrested at Havana Airport for causing disturbance along with a male companion. They both spend 6 months in jail and got deported, entertainer George Michael provided legal and financial aid until Jirik was released. He returned to Czech Republic in May 2010 where he resides until now. The name of the movie and any details about it remains disclosed to prevent legal issues with Cuban Laws.
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Can you give Update on Pavel Novotny?

Pavel Novotny was one of the most fans heartbreakers of the history of gay porn. In only 5 years, he has reached an huge fame. The Bel Ami "actor of the month" poll was won

Where is pavel kopcok now?

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When was Pavel Novotny born?

Pavel Novotny was born on February 5, 1977, in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
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When was Timo Novotny born?

Timo Novotny was born on March 26, 1973, in Boeblingen, Germany.