Parts of snare drum?

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Batter head Batter head hoop Double-ended lugs Shell Snare-side head hoop Snare-side head Snare Throw-off Snare butt end Snare strainer Vent grommet The vent grommet normally secures the nameplate Very occasionally you'll see a snare drum on an isolation mount like you'd mount a tom, but that's normally done when someone plays piccolo snare.
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What is a snare drum?

A snare drum is a precussion instrument that is played with two batons or sticks.. A snare drum is thinner than most tom toms, and it has a "snare" strung across the bottom o

What are snares of a drum and what do they do?

Snare is a type of Drum, not a component like the head or skin. My guess the term was used by analogy with (Trap) one speaks of a trap drum set-the usual drummer"s ensemble, a

Why is a snare drum called a SNARE?

It is called a snare drum because it has wires going across the center of the drum, underneath, when the drum is struck, it uses the metal wires to create a "sizzle" or "rattl

Should you get a snare drum or drum set?

It depends on what you want. A snare drum produces higher and lower sounds, if that's all you want, and a drum set comes with a snare drum, and a base drum (lower sounds onl

What are the parts to a snare drum called?

The parts of a snare drum are: 1) Drum Shell - can be 10-16" in diameter, but 13 or 14" are the most common. The shell can be made of wood (often 6 or more plys of maple, bir

What are the important parts of the snare drum?

All parts of a snare drum are important, take any element away will effect the performance/sound. The thing that makes the snare differ from most drums is the snare wires that