On naruto path of a ninja 2 where do you find all the ninja tag for sharingan?

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if you have guy on your team go to the limited kumite levil *now that's a challange* get jonin rank you will be rewarded st sharingan .i have two.
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How do you find itachi on Naruto path of ninja?

There is no way to get Itachi Uchiha in Path of ninja. There is no combination of buttons or anything. the only characters you can get are Naruto Sasuke Sakura Neji Jiraiya wi

How do you find the second mirror in Naruto path of the ninja 2?

Firstly , you go to the sulphorus valley . Afterwards , you go to the 1st hole in the left . After going through a door right in the middle of the small hill , you will go to