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What are the cheats for Swords and Sandals 2?

Just add a comma to the end of your name, press random, and when you get a good charter remove the comma or the game is over. ^ The cheats are good but it screws up the game after a few battles. I don't know if it works on any other website but go to It is free full version and all you have to do is press [[,, as name and randomize until you get 2,500 agility. Then You can decrease it and get 100 of each or anything you would like. Link for full version is and it will go right to it. Hope this helps (= Also this does not screw up the game. I played until the end and no lags. Perfect game play Fot the name type [[,, and click randomize on your character and when one of your skills is 2500 change your name from [[,, to the name you want (otherwise it will mess up and it will tell you to restart) then your done.

Cheats for swords and sandals 2?

well first you have to put 5 commas and pick your guy you want. next you have to erase everything in the name box and type as many commas as you can and you will have nan everything!!!

How do you get so much money on swords and sandals the demo?

hfghfghjtykf7k Use cheat engine 5.3 or 5.4 when you buy anything, reduce the money and times 8 to your cheat engine, and scan after scanning,hghghjfjyfjfrdejjryj froze and change the amount of value like 10 that much BULL CRAP This is *****

Swords and sandals 2 cheats?

Put your name and put a commer after it and press randomise and u can pick best character made by Matthew hood

How do you get a lot of money on swords and sandals 2?

First get Cheat Engine if you don't already have it. Once done downloading turn it on. Now before you do anything start up your internet and go to this site whcih has Swords and Sandals 2 in a full verison : once there click play then create new gladiator and you'll be at the stats thing.. Use your cheat engine and press the button with the magnifing glass and the computer. Then click "Windows List" and find something saying Swords and Sandals 2 Full Version, press it and click ok. no do what you want even that stat cheat or somthing and fight the fearful prisoner.. Beat him and you'll have 2500 gold. Now go to the Weaponsmith, but don't buy anything yet. Go back to Cheat Engine and click the little line under Value: and put in 20000 (no comma) because 2500x8=20000 press 'New Scan' and press 'First Scan' currently you see a whole bunch of numbers and letters. Go back to Swords and Sandals 2(I will call SaS2) and buy the cleaver if you can. Buy it and go back to Cheat Engine. You will have 249 so 249x8= 1992 so replace 20000 with 1992 and press next scan. You will see only one number has appeared.. Double-Click it and Click on The Number below Value( not Value: just Value) which is 1992. Replace the number and put 80000000 so you can have 10000000 money congrats your rich in SaS2!

What are all the cheats for swords and sandals?

To get cheats for swords and sandals, go to *1. Download the newest engine, and after you download and install it, click yes on the first box, no on the second. Now as for the cheating, here's what you do. Say you have 1,000 gold and want more. Multiply it by 8, get your answer, click first search. Then, go spend your gold on whatever you fancy, multiply what you have left by 8, then click next search. If you don't end up with 5 or less addresses, repeat until you do. Then, multiply whatever amount you want by 8, and double click on the address, then double click the value and change it. Put a check in the box next to it, it'll keep your gold at that amount. The same goes for level and stats. Multiply current level or stat by 8, level up or increase stat, multiply what your new level or stat is, multiply what you want by 8, enter it, and there you go, you have ultimate power and money. plus on the second one make your name end in a /// or... or 123 and you can be lvl 100 wen youy start!

Where can you buy swords and sandals 2?

It should be available at any good software or gaming store. Advertising for a specific store is not allowed on WikiAnswers, also we don't know where you are! which makes it difficult to advise you.

How do you download swords and sandals 3?

If you want to download it legally, try going on the Fizzy website and buying it there. If you want a free full version, try downloading a torrent software like BitTorrent(I use this) or others like it and then googling up swords and sandals 3 torrent . The easiet torrents to find that work are from EDIT(by pawel.gleizner): You can download it here - once downloaded, extract the files into a folder and then go on 'ss3_solo_downloadable.exe'. You will need winrar. If you don't have it -- google it.

What is cheat codes for swords and sandals?

Yes this is the one where you put ,, in the beginning of the game as your name then you keep clicking randomize until you get a character of your fancy, if your lucky you can get a person with 2500 agility. good luck! :)

There is cheats for swords and sandals 3 solo ultratus?

i reccommend you using CE or cheat engine just download at and open CE then attach CE to firefox or ie etc. then if your gold is 1000 multiply by 8 and it will become 8000 put the number under first scan then click first scan then buy/sell something for example a sword for 250 gold then multiply your gold by 8 then click next scan then there will be 2 or 1 adress/es then change the value to 8000000 then freeze then wallah your gold is now 1mil hope i helped. wt is it then ? . you can use a cheat engine or you can use a glitch. the glitch is this: go to a shop a click on an item you are a high enough level to use and you have enough money to buy it but dont buy it. now with it selected, click on the inventory button next to the shop items button. now you will see that the sell button says 'buy'. click that and you will get the same amount of money that the item you selected costs. (you cannot do this to the same item twice!)

Swords and sandals 3 cheats?

You go to the sword shop and click on an item that you don't want. Go to your inventory and click buy. you repeat this 2-3 times and then look at your gold, its NaN. you can also go to a shop. first you click on the one worth more money. go to inventory and press buy. you should not get the item but you will get the money its worth.

Swords and sandals crusader cheats?

go onto campaign and finish the first mission.when you have done put in your 3 points but dont press the tick.then you click on the tick behind the power up box. press the tick again then you should have three points more and the ones you already put in will still be there. you will go up a level too.

Are there any cheats for swords and sandals 2 full version on y3com?

Yes! Just put one of these on the end of your name (,) then start pressing randomiz until you get the one you want. When you are ready to start start it off. Make sure after you get the one you want you change your name so it has no comma. Otherwise the game goes weird (you will see this). If you want a guy with 2500 agility then once you've put (,) after the name keep randomizing until there is a huge pair of legs on the screen then memorize where the tick is and press it. It will come up with on of the days and then it will ask u to battle someone. Once you beat him it will say error so you say okay and it will bring you back to the homescreen. Then press play and create new gladiator and your person will have 2500 agility. If you want to keep the giant guy then take off the (,) of your name.

How do you do spells on sword and sandals 3?

If youre talking about swords and sandals 3 then you need to go to the little fat boy. You seehim on the top of the tower. He is just on top of the guitarists. You will need enough money to buy a spell. Then you go to your inventory click on your spellbook. Drag the square card on one of the blank sqaures then voila ready to battle. But in order for it to work you will also need enough magica or it wont work it will just stay blanc when you fight.

Is there swords and sandals 3 trainer?

no there isn't. but u can cheat with cheat engine 5.3 and higher. just type the amounts, at the end u have one address, change that to the amount u want and tada, unlimited money!!! :D

Can you get swords and sandals 3 full version for free?

Go to Search Any swords and sandals game there for a full and hacked version of it. You can set any skill you want, as much gold as you want, Unlimited HP, Stamina. Sadly Swords and sandals 1 isn't there yet. Only 2 and 3 is there. Including Crusader.

What is the cheats for swords and sandals 3?

go into the sword shop then click on what ever sword you can have for your level now click inventory and click buy repeat this 3 times and it will come up with nan gold which is infinit . note battle may cause normall gold so repeat.their is one more method first go to fat kids shop sell all your spells and click on a spell which is affordable (dont click buy) click on inventory the buy button will be their click it instead of loseing gold you get more gold keep repeating this

Is there a swords and sandals 4?

Yes ther is (if you have played the 3rd version it is like that but is played on a bord not sure what I mean well type in swords and sandals 4 hacked and you will be leval 100 lol

What are games like swords and sandals 3?

Games the swords and sandals 3 ? try swords and sandals 2 , swords and sandals battle , battle on and dragon fable a also near the type of game ur looking for. "Longsta" xD

How do you get Nan magicka on swords and sandals 3?

\nthere is no way as far as i no but if u dont no how to get nan cash u go to shop invo click on anything (can not b the fat kids magic shop)then u click ur invo then click buy and they think u selling it do it a few times and u got nan cash

There is a cheat for Swords and sandals Crusader?

yes. go onto campaign and finish the first mission. when you have done put in your 3 points but dont press the tick. then you click on the tick behind the power up box. press the tick again then you should have three points more and the ones you already put in will still be there. you will go up a level too. .

Is there any cheat codes for swords and sandals?

swords and sandals 2Cheat Codes - comma trick: -------------------------- enter at the name Code Result ------------------------- 1 comma (,) - 2500 strength 2 commas (,,) - 2500 agility 3 commas (,,,) - good skill points, weapons and armour 4 commas (,,,,) - good but alot of nAn 5 commas (,,,,,) - BRILLIANT but NaN swords and snadlas 3 go to any shop clikc on any affordable item click inventory then click buy

How do you beat the yeti on swords and sandals 3?

To beat the yeti on swords and sandals 3 you must use a good sword and some good magic. Use any magic spell (Fire, Lightning, etc) but NOT Frost! try to get good armor and a high amount of health and strength because his club deals between 100 to 500 damage.

How do you level up quikly on swords and sandals 3 solo ultratus?

i know a cheat that will help you get your level up it is a money cheat first go to the weapon shop then click on an item that you can afford that is your lvl keep it up and click on inventory and then click buy keep doing this and eventually you will have NaN moneyso you an get your armour up

How do you beat the yeti project on swords and sandals 3?

the yeti project is one of the hardest bosses u will Eva fight. its easier to defeat him with magic then anything else. Having a fair bit of strenght can help too. Just keep casting spells ( gale really helps!) and each time he comes close to you either push him away or do gale. *Note that Gale recharges evry 5 rounds. Its a lot easier ,from the start to put all your talent points into magic and in th triangle thingy,ITS MAJORLY IMPORTANT TO PUT 5 points in it and then put all your points into one element ( fire is recommended.) DO NOT DO ICE!!!!! HE HAS ICE RESIST!!!!!!! Dont do lightning because the final boss (ultratus omega has huge resist on it) Just keep casting spells and have over 200 armor at least. AND NEVER GIVE UP. IT TOOK ME 36 TIMES TO BEAt HIM. AND AFTER I DID MY SCHOOL OF THEATRICS ( shred) when upto 170!!!!!!!!!!! Its worth it

What is the cheats for swords and sandals 4?

They are cheats(hacks) pud u need cheat engine go make u char and when u get to ur stats page put all to 1 go t ch engine enter the swords and sandals 4 game in browser enter in 8 ans press first scan then go to game set all stats to 2 then go to ch engine and type 16 and next scan when u did it much addreses are to the left select all addresses with number 16 and change all vaules of them to 280 go to game and high ur stats to 35 ta daaaaa or gold hack is qin or lost the game check how much muny u hawe and on calculator x it by 8 like 528x8 then buy something and the next vualex by 8 too like 256x8 when u did it there should be onli one addres change it vaule to 799998 and u should hawe like about 9999999 mony bye!

How you get more magicka on swords and sandals 3?

there is no way as such yet but if you do need infenet money then got to any shop apart from the magic one and click on the level item that you want {it has to be your level and you have to be able to buy it click it then click inventory then click buy if you read this thanks its my first post on bye XXX .

How to Cast magic in swords and sandals?

This is for Swords and Sandals 3 Click on the red helmet to the right when you are on the castle screen. Then click on the hat icon (spellbook). Then click on the spell you have bought and put it into one of the orange boxes. Then, once you are in battle, click on the spell icon :)

What is the Best build in swords and sandals 3?

Be a mage, It's smart to be a lightning/ fire, since most of the arena bosses are immune to everything but fire, and the lightning spell level 2 is cheaper. so work with that, Build a high defence and make sure fire is your primary. learn to dual wield and find weapons that add as much int as possible.