Is there a gold cheat for Fable II?

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Yes, there are a few very solid gold cheats for Fable II, but they are not cheats that only require a sequence of buttons.

The easiest and most simple gold cheat for Fable II is the rent hack.

If you are not a landlord, sell as much of your assets as possible, then purchase as many homes and shops as you can, and rent out all of the homes.

In five minutes, you will earn the accumulated profit from these homes and shops, which does not amount to much.

Save the game, and go to system settings. If you are online, remove the direct source of your internet connection, which is an Ethernet Cable or your wireless device. The wire is still a USB port.

Go to your "Date and Time" option in "System Settings."

Set the clock forward one year.

Restart the game, and wait a few moments. You should receive 100x your net profit that you usually make in five minutes.

Take the gold, and buy more property. Save and repeat the process.


*Because this is not a button sequence cheat, it will not bug or taint your game save. It has been tested thoroughly and will not glitch.

*The income temporarily stunts once it reaches five hundred minutes, which means there is no point to setting the clock very far ahead. It will not make the process faster.

*Once you have the gold, you won't need to worry about losing it. It's in there for good, unless you quit without saving.

This cheat is unrecognizable by server mods that detect hacks and cheats, you are offline while working and it does not alter gameplay.

A huge sum of money will easily help you get the Ruler of Albion Achievement, worth 100G.

Once married, you can feel free to give your wife a large sum of gold each day.

You can buy Bloodstone Manor and Castle Fairfax, which give you useful items like Resurrection Phials to let you complete the Crucible again and again.

It is slow to do this cheat, seeing as it takes around two minutes to start the game. You also must save, and it takes about fifteen to thirty seconds loading any area.

You must be offline to do this, meaning you can't start any downloads or talk with friends.

It is hard searching Albion for many properties, but most of the world's properties puts you at a net profit of nearly 700,000 gold every time.


The three Achievements that result in the end of the game (The Family, The Egomaniac, The Sacrifice) that are 25G each can be earned by earning the Achievement, watching the dialogue, which is optional, and restarting the game. Pick the first two you don't want, you avoid restarting three times.

The Cliff Diver is part of a quest, Captain Dread's Treasure. You enter a cavern in which a long freefall jump is mandatory.

If you choose to take the quest where you aid the Temple of Light monks in a war with the Temple of Shadow shadow fiends, first earn the Executioner Achievement that requires you to sacrifice ten people to the Shadows. You will not have the opportunity again.

The Goth Achievement requires you to have "Moonless Midnight Dye," which is solid black. It is found in a clearly seen chest on a path that is required to be traveled on in a story quest.

The Archmage and The Highwayman can be earned at once by killing five people with a spell. Instant kills are around the third and fourth level spell slots.

The Philanthropist Achievement is easy to earn. Turn Online Orbs in the Game menu of settings to 'Everyone.' Find the nearest orb, and interact with it. Give that person a present of 10 gold. Have them do the same to be friendly.

Before finishing the game, save the game exactly at the point where you need to hold A to take Teresa's hand. Take one of the wishes you don't want to get the Achievement. You can watch the dialogue scene, and don't fret, it won't save at anytime during it. Turn off the console, and repeat, again taking the one you don't want. Then take the one you do want. Go ahead and save it later on, but you will still have all three Achievements, The Family, The Sacrifice, and The Egomaniac, all worth 25G.

I worked very hard on this short guide, please be kind and do not delete it. Friend request me on Xbox Live if you'd like. My Gamertag is LWxxDark Wolf.
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