Is there a FM radio application for iPhone?

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Yes! a very good one i have and use is ootunes. You can get nearly every radio station through your internet, and its easy to use too.
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How was FM radio invented?

Answer the origins or Radio . Big debate over this one. It was either a fella named Marconi, or another fella named Teslsa (not the sucky band named Tesla).\nBefore you can answer "How", you have to decide "who", because the 2 camps believe very different things.\nNikkoli Telsa was a genius, with (MORE)

What is FM radio?

In general, FM radio refers to radio that is broadcast using FM, or frequency modulation, as its modulation scheme. Frequency modulation is the shifting of the frequency of the transmitted signal above and below an assigned "center frequency" or "carrier frequency" to impress the signal on the carri (MORE)

What is the difference between FM and AM radio?

AM stands for "Amplitude Modulation". The sound signal youhear is transmitted by modifying the amplitude of the carrierfrequency. FM stands for "Frequency Modulation". The sound signal youhear is transmitted by modifying the carrier frequency itself. AM uses a 5Khz bandwidth with additional sp (MORE)

Can you convert an am radio into FM?

Yes, you can. You need to make an FM receiver and attach it to the receiver coil. You'll need to install a switch so you can switch between them, as well.

Radio on iPhone?

Altough there is no radio application on the iPhone, you can download it. . with the "App Store" program in the iPhone, you can download an app that gives you the opportunity for listening to radio.

What makes FM radios different from AM radios?

AM radio is KHz FM radio is MHz AM radio can cover the world. FM radio can cover a county. AM radio is excellent in communication. FM radio is completely worthless, except for good sound quality. AM radio doesn't have as good sound quality as FM. FM is much higher on the radio spectrum than AM.

What do letters stand for in FM radio and AM radio?

If you mean the letters FM printed on the radio dial, then FM is Frequency Modulation. and AM is Amplitude Modulation.. If you are referring to a four letter group that you hear on the radio, like WFCR or WSFA, then this is the station identification. These are allocated by the FCC, and are require (MORE)

Lowest number on FM radio?

The lowest marking on the dial is usually 88. The lowest carrier frequency assigned to an FM broadcast station in the US is 87.9 MHz.

What is the FM and AM radio frequency range?

The FM range is 88 - 108 MHz (with broadcast frequencies, or stations, assigned between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz every 0.2 MHz). The AM range is 535 - 1605 KHz (stations are assigned between 540 and 1600 KHz every 10 KHz).

How are FM and AM radio waves different?

FM waves modulate the frequency of the wave and AM waves modulate the amplitude of the wave. Electrical noise is generally amplitude modulation, and will thus interfere with AM waves more than FM waves. Recall that FM is frequency modulation and AM is amplitude modulation. That's where the FM and AM (MORE)

AM radio and FM radio?

AM stands for amplitude modulation, while FM stands for frequency modulation. In AM, the amplitude (the height or depth of the crests or troughs) changes, while in FM, the frequency changes.

What does AM and FM on the radio stand for?

\n. \nAmplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation. They are different methods of transmitting radio signals.\n. \nAM is good for transmitting radio signals long distance\nFM is good for transmitting radio signals short distances but better quality

Does n97 have a FM radio?

The answer to your question is yes and if you have any other questions go to this site. On this site you will find specs,rating and what people think of the phone.

What do AM and FM on the radio stand for on the radio?

Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM) AM tuning changes the amplification size of the waves being received, FM tuning controls the frequency of the waves being received. As commercial radio rose from it's early form, the AM 'band' stood for years as the only type of radio avai (MORE)

What is a iPhone application?

The iPhone is now much more than just a mobile phone. It has spearheaded a revolution in mobile computing. The runaway success of the Apple App Store is testimony to the fact that users are becoming ever more comfortable with mobile applications. Enterprises and users alike have realized the massive (MORE)

Frequency allocation for FM radio and am radio?

In the USA . . . -- Commercial AM broadcast occupies the band from 530 KHz to 1.7MHz, with carrier frequencies licensed at the 10 KHz marks. 530, 540,550, etc. -- Commercial FM broadcast occupies the band from 87.9 to 107.9MHz, with carrier frequencies licensed at the odd numbered 0.2 MHzmarks. 8 (MORE)

How do you get better FM radio reception?

Put up a new all band TV antenna with coax lead in wire as high as you can. Connect other end of coax wire to the receiver. If there is no coax (F-connector) antenna input use a 300 to 75 transformer to connect to the two screw type connectors. If the antenna is the directional type it will need to (MORE)

Can you change an AM radio to an FM radio?

Not easily enough to make it worthwhile. It's something like changing a Ford into a Lexus. You could do it, but it would be faster, easier, and cheaper to buy the Lexus, and you'd have a lot less useless parts left over.

How did FM radio change the landscape of radio?

The argument is a little off-spectrum. Radio is a form of energy, not matter, and does not have a Landscape- wave spectrum , certainly- the sound quality and fidelity of FM is superior to AM and always has been. FM is somewhat hampered by a limited reception range- all things have their cost. It is (MORE)

How close can FM radio transmitters be?

Geographically close to each other ? They can be in the same room of the same building, with their antennas on the same roof or tower. Close to each other in carrier frequency ? Your radio probably can't separate them if they're less than maybe 400 KHz apart. Physically close to you ? Th (MORE)

What are the iPhone applications?

iPhone applications are individual applications that do different things. Developers from across the world design and implement applications to do things like edit pictures, connect with friends, etc. The majority of applications are games, whereas others are utilities. See 'related links' below.

Is radio 1 am or FM?

Radio 1, the UK contemporary channel run by the BBC is no longer on AM but is on FM between 77 - 79 MHz. It is also online, on Sky, Freesat and Freeview platforms and on DAB radio.

How can you build a simple FM radio?

The process for build a FM radio depend upon what type of receiver you want to made for example crystal receiver or currently using super hetrodyne receiver. if you want to make super hetrodyne receiver than these things you will require. 1> audio amplifier ic CTC 810 2> another amplifier ic if (MORE)

Why is FM radio better than am radio?

Actually, AM is better than FM. AM can cover the world, and is the best form of communication. FM is completely worthless except for the fact that it's better sounding.

AM and FM radio transmission?

For wireless communication of data there are uses of modulation. AM (Amplitude Modulation): means altering the length of amplitude (crest and trough) FM (Frequency Modulation): means altering the length of frequency (i.e. varying the wavelength) FM is considerably preferable to that with AM (MORE)

Is FM radio an analog radio?

"FM" refers to the means by which information is impressed on an RF carrier wave. The form in which the information is coded or packaged doesn't matter. FM commercial broadcasting between 88 and 108 MHz stil packages the information in analog form. Although the technology to do it digitally i (MORE)

Is an AM or FM radio wave bigger?

There's no connection between the wavelength of a radio wave and the way it's been modulated to add information to it. Speaking only about comercial broadcasting stations in the USA, AM stations operate at longer wavelengths than FM stations do. But that's just the way they happen to be ass (MORE)

How is satellite radio different from FM radio?

One of the main differences between satellite radio and FM radio is that there is a cost for satellite and FM is free. Satellite radio also does not operate using the same numerical AM and FM channels as FM radio.

Where is radio 103.5 FM?

At the present time (April 2013), in different parts of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, there are a total of 319 FM radio stations broadcasting on 103.5 MHz. So, instead of asking "Where is the station located ?", the real question is "Where are you located ?", because the answer to that one (MORE)

How do AM FM radio antennas work?

AM and FM radio antennas work by capturing electromagnetic radio waves in the air and feeding them into the radio. They are then broadcast in sound through the speakers.

How can you listen to FM radio on an mp3?

You can only do this if: 1) your MP3 player has a built-in radio tuner, or 2) you are in a wi-fi zone and have an app that can listen to internet radio, or 3) you have access to a data plan that can listen to internet radio via a cellphone network (not recommended, as you will be paying a lot (MORE)

How does radio FM differ from AM?

AM and FM both are used in radios. They work in same principles, except FM is frequency modulation and AM is amplitude modulation. FM is much better than AM because it can travel a longer distance before dispersing.

What are some Bollywood FM radios?

There are countless Bollywood radio stations that can be found via Google. Some examples which include streaming Bollywood radio are Tunein and Shoutcast.

Where are the headquarters of the Pro FM Radio?

There are many Pro FM Radio stations in a number of different countries, and there does not appear to be a single headquarters for Pro FM itself as it is a type of radio service. One of the most popular US Pro FM stations is 92 ProFM, which is located in East Providence, Rhode Island at 1502 Wompan (MORE)

Where is Bandeando FM Radio from?

It is from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Banda music is played inthat radio station. It is also considered Regional Mexicano. It isalso played in Aguascalientes, Colima, Durango, Guanajuato,Guerrero, Michoacán, Morelos, Puebla, Sinaloa, Sonora, Tabasco,Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, and lots of other sta (MORE)

Is FM legal on CB radio?

In addition to garden variety AM (double sideband, full carrier), Single Sideband may be used on CB, with full, reduced, or suppressed carrier. The purpose of these variations is to reduce interference on the CB channels, which have been jam-packed since the the 27 MHz Citizens Band was created a (MORE)