Is pat benatar a Jew?

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Pat Benatar's mother has Jewish heritage from her maternal grandfather Knapp. It's not clear however if her mother Mildred (Knapp) was actually a Jew (that requires her grandmother to actually be Jewish). However, her current last name is certainly a Sefaradi Jewish surname. Pat was once married to assistant director and production manager Dennis Benatar.
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What band does pat benatar play with?

She plays with her own band comprised of her Husband; Neil Giraldo on guitar, Mick Mahan on bass and Myron Grombacher who was the original drummer for the band and returned to

Is Pat Benatar a Mormon?

No. Pat Benatar is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church), she was born Jewish, but it is not known if she is pr
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Does Pat Benatar have children?

She has two daughters, Haley Egeana (born February 16, 1985) and Hana Juliana (born March 12, 1994)
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In which year was Pat Benatar born?

Pat Benatar was born in 1953 on January 10th. She is now 60 years old, but has been an active performer since 1972. She is known for some of her most famous hits such as, "Lov