Is it possible to have a HDMI PORT installed in a laptop which doesnt have a HDMI port?

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It would be MUCH cheaper to get an HDMI adapter for one of your other ports. For example you might have a DVI or mini-DVI port. Keep in mind though that DVI is video only.

If you only have a VGA output, you can get a converter box that can covert VGA output to HDMI, but your laptop likely will not support HD resolutions.
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What is a HDMI port for xbox 360?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface which is a cable you can use to play game in HD 720p,1080p and 1080i on a HD full TV or HD ready

Why doesnt your dynex HDMI cable fit in the HDMI port on your television?

All HDMI cables shoudl fit all HDMI sockets, but the mechanical size of the plugs jacket could be a problem if space is tight around the socket.. Be aware that there are now

Is there adapters available to connect a VGA monitor to a HDMI port?

No. You can't connect analogue to digital.\n. \nGoto do the search and if you can't find it, they have a contact spot. \n. \nIf you are trying to connect your ca

What does an HDMI port do on a notebook?

\nHDMI is a video and audio interface used on the latest AV equipment. The interface supports HD signals surround sound audio and also allows the display to tell the source w

What is the HDMI port?

An HDMI port, or a High Definition Multimedia Interface port, is used to present a true high definition picture on a screen as well as high quality sound. HDMI ports are often

How can you attach a Laptop computer without an HDMI port to a digital TV?

There are two options. . The first is to use an anlog RGB input on the television. Most larger models have at least one input that can take separate RGB signals and may be c

How do you connect head phones to usb port or HDMI port?

You cannot connect headphones directly to HDMI, Since HDMI is a pure Digital signal it needs something to decode it such as a receiver or a TV. USB on the other hand, you c
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Where on a PC can you find an HDMI port?

The HDMI ( H igh D efinition M edia I nterface) slot is normallyfound along with the other video output slots either on the back ofa desktop casing or on the sides of a lapt