Is Godzilla a male or female?

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Godzilla is a male. He was called the king of the monsters!
Mothra, however, laid an egg so was obviously female (a mothera).
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How do you know if a fish is male or female?

If varies between species, some species finding the gender is easy and some is nearly impossible. Lots of species have a difference in color of the dorsal fin (the fin on the top of the fish). Others will have color variations elsewhere. Some will be bigger than others although this is not very reliable as one can just be older than the other. A sure way to tell the gender is which one lays eggs. Betta Fish are easy to differentiate the genders because of the fins and colors. It really depends on what species of fish you are trying to find the gender of. Female fish are always bigger than the male fish. The male fish is usually also more attractive.

Who is godzilla?

Godzilla is a giant radioactive dinosaur (preferibly an irradiated Godzillasaurus) that mutated from the radiation of nuclear weapons. He attacked Tokyo in 1954, but was destroyed by Oxygen Destroyer. He has been on the movie screen for over 50 years.

Who or what is Godzilla?

GODZILLA is a nuclear monster made when a man found an island far,far away.He said that the military should go and check it out and they did agree although some didn't believe him.Ten planes guarded the place.While another ten planes was searching for clues around the island one plane that didn't believe him dropped a bomb on the island on purpose.Some days later a sailer said he saw diamonds walking across the Pacific ocean. Now that was quite strange but three hundred men did not believe him. But actually he was right.

Where was Godzilla from?

Godzilla is the unintended mutant side effect of atomic weapons.Let that be a lesson to us all. He was born of atomic testing in the Pacific Ocean (near Japan ofcourse).

Male and female roommates?

Please resubmit your question as it is not quite clear what you are asking - its possible for male and female to be roommates if you make your living arrangements very clear.

What is you are male or female?

In language, gender is the term used to describe whether someone orsomething is male or female. Many languages have genders for nounsassigned not to just people or animals, but inanimate objects aswell.

Is it possible for a male and female to be roommates?

Yes it is if both parties are mature. I had a male roommate for a year. I chose a guy that had a girlfriend and it worked out great. If he wanted to bring his girlfriend back to our apartment then I would make plans to stay out until a certain time or stay over at a girlfriends or my parents and he would do the same for me. I did his laundry, cooked and cleaned so he paid just over half of the rent. Although we were good friends there was no sexual contact. In fact, I preferred living with a man at that time mainly for security reasons and also found them less trouble than having a female as a roommate (went there and didn't like it.)

Female and male seals are different in that?

The greatest difference is in size. The male elephant seal can be three to four times the size of the females. Also the males elephant seal has a conspicuous nasal wattle while the female has none. Other difference are apparent in other species of seals but that can be somebody else's turn.

Male to female ratio in architecture?

Well, I'm 13 so you can have faith in my answer if you choose. There are definatly more males than females, but us females are just as smart and important!

How do you tell if the mealworm is male or female?

If it has antenna that stick up it is a boy and if it has antenna that stick out it is a girl.

How do you tell if a chick is male or female?

The only way to tell is to stick your finger up the chicken and feel. But unfortunately that is the only way

How are male and female porcupines different?

Porcupines are large rodents that breed annually. Male porcupinesare aggressive and vocalize aloud while female porcupines areapproachable to the male.

What are male and female penguins called?

A penguin is a large flightless sea bird found in the southernhemisphere. There are no particular names for male and femalepenguins.

If you have a fixed female and an unfixed male why does the male mount the female?

It is because your male cat is still entire. As far as he is concerned, it is natural for him to try and mate with the nearest female cat, regardless that she is spayed already. You may want to neuter him, as letting him attempt to mate repeatedly is stressful for both cats. Now, if both cats were already neutered, this would likely be a dominance behaviour, or possibly a sexual one as sometimes a male cat will retain his urges to mate. Animals that live with each other will sometimes jockey for position in the "pack" and this is one way of showing that the cat doing the mounting thinks he is above the other cat in the pecking order.

When breeding is it best to take female to male or male to female?

I have always placed the female into the males tank and have had good results doing that.

Are you male or female?

The vast majority of individuals are one or the other. A few areboth. Some individuals have a gender identification different fromtheir birth biological gender.

What makes a female a female and what makes a male a male?

A male has a penis and a female has a vagina. More specifically, the sex of an individual is determined by its gene. Male = XY chromosomes, Female = XX chromosomes.

Can you be a female and a male?

That would be a hermaphrodite, and people born with this condition are very rare. If your karyotype has the XY chromosome pair, you are male. If you are XX, you are female. Anytime there is a Y chromosome, the person is considered genetically male (so even with abnormal syndromes like XXY or XYY, you are male).

Dog breeding do you take the female to the male or male to female?

It doesn't matter as long as the female is in "heat" (also called "in season", meaning physiologically fertile and ready for breeding). If you are paying for the sire's services, then his owners and you will discuss it and choose the best location to have them mate. In some cases this is specified in the contract agreement for the services. Responsible dog breeders usually have a special place for the breeding pair to mate to control behavior and to keep other dogs from getting to the bitch. Breeding animals requires a lot of responsibility and work on your part. You need to first determine who will feed and care for all of the new lives you plan to bring into the world with a litter of puppies. Once you have learned all that goes into being responsible breeders, then you can begin to consider how to get the breeding done. Before you take action to breed dogs, also look at the shelters and contact breed specific rescue groups to see if there aren't the kinds of dogs you want there, already healthy and needing homes.

What are you male or female?

that is a good question to ask but you are what you are when you are in side your mums tummy that is when what you are or people say you are what god makes you to be and plus a male has got a pennis and a girl has got a private and girl have breast but boys dont have any breasts at all to that is how you know if you are a female or a male.

What are the equal rights for males and females?

Of course male and female should have equal rights say if you were a female if you do a male job for less than a man's pay how would that make you feel? If I were to do a man's job I want to be paid the same. I don't want to do same work for less pay then a man!

Is the killer in Psycho male or female?

A male. Norman Bates is the killer. It's revealed to us by a plottwist at the end.

How do you tell if a cockroach is a male or female?

Male cockroaches are smaller in size than female&male cockroaches have anal styles from 9th segment of their body while female don't.

How can you tell if bigfoot is male or female?

theres more then 1 bigfoot so u can tell by the size like gorillaz the males are bigger then the female...

What are a female and male cat called?

a male cat is called a tom and a female cat is called a queen

Why male want to female?

a male is a person thats geliouse that they i spelled 1 wrong anyways they wish to be buetiful again spelled wrong they say i wish this could happen to me on youtube on the boy to girl things idk why they should love who they are.

What is the genotype for a male and female?

The genotype for a male is XY. A female is XX. The 23rd homologous pair is the sex gene that determines this.

Are there female and male frogs?

The quick answer is yes. Frogs are just like most other animals onthis planet. There are both male and female frogs. Did you know that female frogs are generally the larger of the two?

How is a male or female offspring formed?

Male and female reprodudctive cells cpmbine to form offspring withh genetic material frok both cells.

How can you tell if the eagle is male or female?

one has a black beak (male) and the other has tentacles (female) The male eagle has a black beak and the female eagle has tentacles which is a long flexible organ around the mouth or on the head of some animals. Hope this helps :)

What is a male and a female rooster called?

A male is a rooster, a female is a hen. they are both chickens in general.

What is a male or female tortoise called?

Although I surfed all over for this answer on the net, I just came up to the conclusion that they are simply called "male" and "female" tortoises!

Is the spinosauraus dinosaurs a female or male?

A species does not belong to a particular gender. There were both male and female spinosaurus.

Do females or males transmit chlamydia?

Both men and women can be infected with and transmit chlamydia. It doesn't just originate in one gender or the other.

Why do you distinguish in male or female?

The males have longer and more fancier fins. The females have shorter ones. Kind of like hair for humans, except the opposite.

How do male and female cats mate?

They first as the term uses it "get in heat" while the male cat bites the scruff of the female cat so she wont squirm durinng the process he then starts penetration which takes about 4 seconds and obviously do their thing which can most of the times go up to 4 minutes :D hoped this helped :)

Is editors female or male?

The word editors is not male or female, and anyone can be an editor, regardless of gender.

Is Dame Edna a male or female?

The character of Dame Edna is intended to be entirely female. However, the character is played by a male, Barry Humphries.

A male insect that eats the female?

No stick insects do not eat each other you may be thinking of a praying mantis.

Why are males smarter than females?

Not all females are less smart. Not all males are smarter. Some males are completely smart-free. Some females are ubersmart.

How do you know if a skeleton is a male or female?

The best way to tell if a skeleton is male or female is to inspect the pelvic area. On the male it will be narrower (it will look like a nice butterfly shape) on the female it will be wider. This is so for birthing. there are other subtle differences but this is the best way to determine the sex of a skeleton.

What mcaw is better male or female?

Macaws have such individual personalities that I don't think it matters. How the bird is raised is going to be more of a factor. They are great birds if raised right or will take a finger if not.

What is the female analog to the male penis?

i would say the closest thing a woman has to a penis is the clit

How do you check if your dog is male or female?

The same way the doctors check if your new baby is a boy or a girl.

Are there more female or male veterinarians?

This has shifted within the last decade, but there are now more practicing female veterinarians than there are practicing male veterinarians. Within the next 10-15 years, there will be more female veterinarians total than there are male veterinarians total.

Why does females do not love males as much as males love females?

Sometimes females aren't as affectionate as men, so you have to be careful when it comes to women and relationship/love.

What causes a female to be a female and a male to be a male?

Their DNA. Sex is decided by chromosomes from the male at fertilization. if you are wondering what "officially" makes a female a female, it's DNA and ability to reproduce per authorities.

What is Godzilla about?

Godzilla is a 2014 American science-fiction monster film producedby Legendary Pictures, and the twenty-ninth installment in theGodzilla series, as well as the second American Godzilla film,along with being the first in the Legendary series. The film wasreleased to American theaters on May 16, 2014 . See comments ~

What is the Godzilla?

Godzilla is a type of hybrid with the attributes of a Tyrannosaurus, an Iguanodon , a Stegosaurus and an alligator .

What can you do with a godzilla?

what you can do with a godzilla: make your nabiars respeckt youmore, detroy a beisnes you hate.