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Yes, all five members of Flyleaf are of the Christian faith, but they do not consider themselves solely a Christian band. When asked about this, lead singer Lacey Mosley once said, "We're a band. It's part of who we are, so it comes out in our music, and it's the fuel for what we do. And finding faith saved my life so I'm not ashamed of it at all. And most of our album reflects that." so therefor flyleaf is a christian band but not strict to only christian music.

Most of their songs they have are about God or about those who's faith saved them. Or in the case of the Columbine shooting she wrote Cassie, about Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott and how the died because the believed in God.
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Is it okay for Christian teens to listen to Flyleaf?

Yes, as Flyleaf is a Christian rock band, it should be okay for Christian teens to listen to Flyleef. However, teens should always check with their parents and get their permission before listening to any artist or band, Christian or not.

Is Flyleaf the best band ever?

It is a matter of ones own opinion whether or not Flyleaf is the best band ever. Some think Flyleaf is the best band, while others do not.

Is music from the band Flyleaf religious?

Flyleaf talks about God and Jesus. Most of their songs are about God or Jesus. The lead singer, Lacey Mosely, used to be on drugs and almost attempted suicide until she was touched by God. She said, " I scream in my music because Gods voice can be loud and over whelming maybe even a little frightening, but we have to hear it. " Here are a few Flyleaf songs that have a religious meaning: . The song ' I'm So Sick ' is about how life is filled with bad things and wanting God to take it all away and wanting a pure life. . In the song ' Cassie ' is about two girls, Cassie and Rachel, who were shot and killed because they were asked "do you believe in God?" and they said yes. . All Around Me is about how God is always with you and will protect you. The song Perfect is about how you try to be perfect but can't, and want God to take you in his arms and remind you that nobody is perfect and God will love you no matter what. . There For You is about how God is always there for you but you never there for God. . Beautiful Bride talks about the body of Christ. (beautiful bride/body of Christ) Although all the members are Christian, Lacey has stated it isn't a Christian band.

What is a flyleaf?

A "flyleaf" is a blank page at the beginning or end of a book. Flyleaf is also a christian metal band from Texas.

Who are the band members of flyleaf?

The members of Flyleaf are: Lacey Nicole Sturm (Mosley) --- Lead Vocals Sameer Samuel Bhattacharya --- Lead Guitarist & Backing Vocals Jared Christopher Hartmann --- Rhythm Guitarist Kirk-Patrick McCord Seals --- Bassist & Backing Vocals James Austin Culpepper --- Drummer & Percussionist

How did Cassie from the band flyleaf die?

Cassie wasn't a member of Flyleaf, she was a girl killed in the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. Flyleaf wrote a song about her because allegedly, she was asked by Eric Harris if she believed in God, and he shot her to death when she replied "Yes".

Is the band underoath a Christian band?

Okay, to be really honest, I don't agree with every one else. Underoath has good meanings to most of their songs. Everyone else just assumes that they are christian. I believe they should be asked for an answer in all of this controversy. It is not true however that they are a scremo christian band. If someone can find me a reputable sight that sits that the band said they were christian, i will believe it. It is a very ignorant assumtion, and controversy.

Is the band Trivium a Christian band?

No, they are not a Christian band. They do hint to Christianity in some of their lyrics, and it is possible that there is a vague Christian influence. This can be seen in songs such as Of Prometheus and The Crucifix, which is no doubt from the point-of-view of a Christian, and from some of their more apocolyptic songs such as Shogun and Into The Mouth Of Hell We March. However, they are just themselves, and they do not classify themselves as a Christian band. Besides, no Christian band I've ever heard of has lyrics like "We'll take their f***ing heads!" ;p

Who are the members of the band Flyleaf?

Lacey Mosley --- Lead Vocals Sameer Samuel Bhattacharya --- Lead Guitarist & Backing Vocals Jared Christopher Hartmann --- Rhythm Guitarist Kirk-Patrick McCord Seals --- Bassist & Backing Vocals James Austin Culpepper --- Drummer & Percussionist

Is Flyleaf a religious band?

Yes, the band members of Flyleaf are religious. Lacey Mosley has stated that all are Christians and are religious in their faith.

Is the band Cartel a Christian band?

Yes, but they are more like the Fray and Paramore in how they present their message. They aren't trying to convert anymore or anything along those lines they just use their faith to power their music. Kind of cool if you ask me.

How many CD's have the band flyleaf released?

They only have 1 full-length CD, 'Flyleaf' But they also have 2 EP's named 'Flyleaf' and 'Much Like Falling' As well as this they have an album due out August/September 09 called 'Memento Mori'

Is flyleaf a punk band?

They can be considered so. They are said by critics to be: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Screamo, Post-grunge, Nu-metal, Christian Rock, Rock, Punk, Grunge, Heavy Rock, Hardcore, Metalcore, and Indie.

What is a Christian band?

Many People will tell you that a Christian band is a band who sing praises to God, but that is only half way true. A true Christian band does sing praises to God, but the members are also Christian. See, someone who maybe is like a devil worshiper could sing praises to God to fool you, but he would not be serious and so you could not call him/her a Christian singer. Here are some really good Christian bands/artists : Disciple, Pillar, P.O.D., David Crowder Band, Kids in the Way, Skillet, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West, and Project 86. Most of those are metal, but still Christian. You've got to listen to the words of the song and you'll know if it's Christian. Hope this helps!! Yes, if the members are Christian, and they sing some good lyrics, that either praise God, or have some good, meaningful lyrics.

Is flyleaf a metal band?

They are a little. They are also a Christan band. All 5 band members have belief in God. Some songs sound metal but are also Christan songs too.

What bands sound like Flyleaf?

female fronted bands that i like that sound similar are: -EVANESCENCE (best band EVER...sorry but its true) - Within Temptation - Fireflight (actually, they sound really similar....listen to 'Unbreakable') - After Forever ('Energize Me'. Listen to it.) some male bands are: - Breaking Benjamin (*drool* love them) - Trapt (my boyfriend got me onto them. Ive only heard 'Headstrong' and 'Who's Going Home With You Tonite', but i like them a lot) - Seether ('Fake It' is great) or if your into some heavier stuff.... - Nightwish - Tarja Trunen (nightwish's former singer before she got the boot. A bit more operatic, but worth listening to) - Lacuna Coil (OMG best songs by them; 'Heavens A Lie', 'Entwined', 'Our Truth', 'Angels Punishment' and 'Enjoy The Silence') - Sirenia ('The Other Side' is great) Hope i helped, but out of all these, Fireflight would have to be the closest match to Flyleaf. Enjoy! Snow White Queen xX Also We are the in crowd is a good band, VersaEmerge, and Hey Monday are all good bands

Where has the band flyleaf played at?

Locations or venues? They've toured all over the world, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia. If you're looking for actual events I suggest going here:

Why did they name their band flyleaf?

At first, Flyleaf wanted to be called Passerby, but someone had trademarked the name and wouldn't let them use it. They decided on Carbonflyleaf, but there was already a band called Carbonleaf (sp?). Finally, they presented the idea of just "Flyleaf" to their manager, and they got the name. Flyleaf chose the name because a flyleaf is the blank pieces of paper at the beginning and ends of a book used in olden days to clear thoughts. They thought this was a good representation of the clarity you feel when you first meet God. Since they are all Christian, though not a Christian band, they say that being a Christian affects their music and what they write.

What time was the band Flyleaf made?

Flyleaf signed with A&M/Octone in January of 2004 under the name Passerby. They changed their name to Flyleaf in June or July that same year.

Are Flyleaf and Hawk Nelson Christian bands?

Flyleaf and Hawk Nelson are both Christian bands. However, they also have a secular label, which allows them to tour with secular bands, which makes most think they are not Christian bands. But these two bands also have a Christian label, which makes them a Christian band. By having a secular label, they can play their music to the whole world, not only Christians, and try to bring Christian faith to sinners.

What all songs are screamo from the band Flyleaf?

If you're talking about the technical definition of "screamo", they don't have any. But songs where Lacey does scream are: I'm so Sick, Cassie, Sorrow, I'm Sorry, Breathe Today, the original version of Justcie & Mercy, Tina, Chasm, The Kind, In the Dark, Swept Away, and the older, live version of Fully Alive.

Does the band Flyleaf worship the devil?

No. The band Flyleaf does not worship the devil. All the members of Flyleaf are born-again Christians. They worship Jesus Christ. Here is a link to Lacey's (lead singer) testimony:

What are facts about the band Flyleaf?

The lead singer's name is Lacey Nicole Sturm. She has a really interesting testimony; click the link below in the related links section to watch it. They've been together since 2002, when Pat, their bassist, joined. Their band name used to be Passerby before they called themselves Flyleaf. Lacey is 28, and her birthday is September 4, 1981. She plays acoustic and bass guitar, but she doesn't play for Flyleaf, except in "Believe In Dreams" and "Christmas Song." Her husband's name is Josh, and he plays bass. Sameer Bhattacharya, the lead guitarist, is married to the drummer's, James Culpepper, sister.

What are some bands like Flyleaf?

As far as sound goes, Paramore and Fireflight sound a lot like Flyleaf. There's also an unsigned band called Ilia that sounds a bit like Flyleaf. Evanescence and The Veronicas are also rock/metal bands, and The Veronicas sound a lot like Paramore. Lyrically, I've never seen lyrics as good as Flyleaf's. However, an artist called Plumb does touch upon some of the subjects that Flyleaf sings about.

Why does the lead singer of flyleaf have a tattoo if she's christian?

Getting tattoos is not anti-christian necessarily. The only reference the bible makes to that is not to harm yourself in anyway, not everyone sees getting a tattoo as self-harm. These days many normal daily activities might be considered self-harm, such as drinking caffeine, eating fatty foods, taking over the counter medication, taking prescription medication, et c., so whether or not tattoos are self-harm is a subjective thing.

Is the band Hedley a christian band?

Not that i know of, or any of his fans know about either. They sing more rock, pop type of music.. much different from Christian. if you want heres a couple of songs you could search.. . Perfect . The sweater song . For the nights i can't remember . Old school . Don't talk to strangers . Friends and many more, just look up "the show must go" on youtube. OK I just have to say YES he is a Christian if u listen to the song Perfect and think of what he is really singing about ,he is singing about Jesus.

Is the band The Eagles a Christian band?

No the Eagles is not considered a Christian band. They are a early rock band. However, some of their songs may have a Christian meaning, but it does not make the band a Christian band.

Is the band Broadway a christian band?

im guessing they arnt, they might be christian people but i don't think the band is just because of the fact that in their im on a boat cover they swear multiple times Their EP the first song is talking about striking Christ into peoples lives so I'm guessing the EP was made before they acquired Misha, but I think they're Christian just not the band as a whole.

What bands are anti-Christian bands?

Some of the more notable ones would be Deicide, Morbid Angel, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Mayhem, Emperor, VON, Veles, Graveland. But the first published album dedicated exclusively to the occult wasn't a Metal band - it was an Acid Rock band called Coven who released an album called Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls in 1969.

Is the band celldweller a Christian band?

And what band it is then similar to Celldweller but are still Christian? No, Celldweller is not a christian band. Bands that are similar to Celldweller are Klank, Brian "Head" Welch (former member of Korn), Underoath, Red, Emery, Demon Hunter, Secret and Whisper.

Is the pergamum band a Christian band?

This is a question prone to disagreement due to the subjectivenature of defining who is a, or, what is Christian. The bandidentifies as Christian. Some believe using the name of Jesus inlyrics in an evangelical way is required for the music to qualifyas being Christian. To others, using Jesus name would be tantamountto using His name in vain. Pergamum was one of the seven churches referenced in the Bible.Revelation 2:12. End of entry. ************* In all actuality NOT really. With a name like Pergamum(Meaning=Seat of Satan), one has to wonder what the underlyingpurpose to such a name or very dark and non-Christian Lyrics isabout. It has been reported that on their FB page they had beenasked many times in 2011 if they were a Christian band and theyactually denied being one. Now rumors have started that they are a"Christian band." Many claim that since they have a title called "Awesome God,"(which is mixed with a Christian version and made with thetraditional Christian hymm) that this justifies their title asbeing a "Christian band." However, not once in their lyrics do theyever mention the name of Jesus. Instead they have veryNON-Christian lyrics: Lyrics to Serpent : Its time for our escape 'cause we are gnashing from the mud You came with risen faith and gave us fangs to rise above It's not the evil that made our kindness hiss It's the temptation that stole our serpent's kiss 'Cause its time to bring on the chaos My work's done here, let me maul my prey Stop me before I can't say the creature from within me wants tohave my destiny The taste of your corpse is exciting to me the creature from withinwants to have my destiny And we are all murdered of delicacy and I can't avoid this monsterfrom living inside me You have no time, run faster and forward you will run Take your weapon take your weapon 'cause this is not a march They're coming, keep running 'cause now its time to charge You tore out my artery and I am grateful for your dying Blood lust is my ecstasy and I am hardly there. Grab the bodies take them to me Is that all you've got And all you see in your dreams is fear, problem Surely we will not be discarded to blank out all the problems Bite me I pray an avalanche kills you You won't demise me of my faith You tore out my freedom "Awesome God" lyrics are laden with occult language and canpossibly mean Lucifer: "You can't break the kingdom I know, I can guarantee You can't hide the light from this world cause I will believe Sent someone down to resque us up against the odds oh! You can't black the light from this world cause our God is anawesome God!" Pergamum= Seat of Satan Lucifer = Fell from heaven (cast down) and can appear as an angelof Light (2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself istransformed into an angel of light.) "Reign Angel" Lyrics There you go, What did I do to make you happy all this time? And I, I don't feel alive as everybody Till the nail becomes satisfied engulfed living in Your right hand I see You coming through the night Beware all the signs that lurk there I see You coming through the night Beware all the signs that lurk there, they're in spit disaster And you're afraid to move I don't know how I'm made for such a time as this I don't know how I'm made, for such a time as this has come from grace To make way for the King to take his rightful place Complete disaster is heading on my way But I'm the master of everything I say it's come to now I don't know how I'm made for such a time as this Has come from grace to make way for the King to take his rightfulplace Reveal the curtain from my eyes And crucify me I don't know how I'm made for such a time . Very vague as to who it is describing and read as a first personaccount. They mention "CRUCIFY ME" and "I don't know how I'm madefor such a time"... This is not Jesus Christ they describe. And toclaim to be crucified as Christ is to demote His Divinity. If thisis a "christian band" they present a very very mixed and vaguemessage as to describing or claiming Jesus Christ as their savior.

Is the band Amaranthe a Christian band?

Based on what little I've been able to find from them, it appearsthey are not. However, there are numerous Christian Swedishdeath-metal bands, and there's a strong posibility that thesongwriters have been heavily influenced by some of those bands,and perhaps some or all of them have a church background. They'relyrics have similar Christian overtones a la Evanescence and 12Stones. It wouldn't surprise me if it's unintentional, and there'sa mysterious lack of what are often referred to as "curse words" or"bad" words in their lyrics as well. That's a good thing forChristians who enjoy their style, as I do. However, I haven't heardALL of their songs, or read ALL of their lyrics, so I might havemissed the few that do. Even some Christian Swedish-metal bandshave "curse words" in their lyrics, as those words don't have thesame "bad" connotation there as they do here. If they areChristians, they are not touting themselves as a Christian band atthis time, as far as I can tell. I hope this answers your question.(JS)

Is the band Kasabian a christian band?

I think they're the opposite. In 'I Hear Voices' they are explicitly satanic.. Then again in an interview the band says they pray and ask God for help so I'm not too sure