Is diablo 2 classic better then expansion?

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Which is better runescape or diablo 2?

Diablo 2 Lod. Way better graphics and more indepth A: . It depends on what you would rather do. Runescape has a much wider variety of things you can do. Diablo is a fast pace

How do you edit a character on diablo 2 expansion on battle net?

what do u mean by edit do you mean change there name you cant or do you mean change gear that's easy just go in game and change gear or do you mean change already set stats we

Can you get diablo 2 and expansion for free while not to buying or downloading from utorrent?

At this time the Diablo 2 and Expansion Pack are for buying only. There is highly unlikely that their will be free any time soon. Blizzard still asks for money on games the

How do you defeat diablo on diablo 2?

Amazon: hit and run barbarian: fight head on, run when he uses lightning inferno Sorceress: hit and run Necromancer: summon minions, try tro keep him distracted while minions

As a necromancer in diablo 2 is it better to have a golem or skeletons?

PvM=Skeletons and golem.. PvP: Golem, since its a pain in the *** to run around and kill little mobs for weak skeletons. But by all means its not useless. If you can get 6-10