Is an antique Chinese lion dance head worth anything?

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sure to the collector. Alot of the makers of this lion heads no longer are alive. there even is a web sight that can restore this vintage lion heads to there former glory. "Of course lion source" at Alot of these old lion heads are full of detail that cannot be found today. provides many unique lion heads too, such as Zhong Wu Yan lion double faces lion and luminous lion, very delicate. I am one of their fans.

Lion dance heads are around $1,500 USD in some places.

Like any antique, there are mitigating circumstances.
1) History of the head-did it belong to anyone in particularly famous.
of course you have to have to have someone certify it.
2) Its uniqueness compared to others
3) Is it in good condition
4) Is it in its original mint condition (not altered or repaired
5) How old it is
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How can you tell if a 1985 P double headed quarter is real or not and are they worth anything?

Answer . There's always the "drop test". A real coin will ring when dropped gently onto a counter top. One that has been cut and glued together will make more of a thud. You can usually find the seam where the two pieces join just inside the rim on one side or the other if you examine it caref (MORE)

Is a nickel with a head on both sides of the coin worth anything but a nickel?

Heads and Heads, you lose \n. \nYou may be able to sell it on eBay for under $5 (since these are readily available as novelty items for around $6).\n. \nBecause of the way the US Mint manufactures coins, it's almost impossible to have a real two-headed or two-tailed coin of any denomination. Th (MORE)

How do you find out how much antiques are worth?

Antiques are usually priced by the age and history of the object. For example, if there are two similar old, intact objects, and one belonged to a middle-ranking person, while the other was the property of the king's palace. Chances are, the object that was in the palace would be worth more than the (MORE)

How do you find out how much an antique is worth?

Most antiques like furniture, have a number either behind it or underneath. This number can be looked up in the public library, ask the librarian. I have not tried to look up the number on the internet but will try soon. I have found the age of items like vases collectibles by doing searches on the (MORE)

Is Grand Rapids antique furniture worth anything?

Some Grand Rapids made furniture is quite valuable, depending on who designed it, etc. George Nakashima designed some modern furniture for the John Widdicomb company in Grand Rapids which is quite valuable. A pair of side tables sold for $2,000 each. Anything associated with Nakashima is likely to h (MORE)

What is the purpose of having lion dance during Chinese New Year?

The origin of the Lion Dance at Chinese New Year is thought to have started through a legend handed down through the generations. According to the legend a mythical beast called a Nian (meaning year in Chinese) would come and attack villagers at the same time every year. The villagers asked for the (MORE)

How do you collect Chinese antique porcelain?

You need to look at the quality of the piece as well as the time period in which it was produced. Each dynasty had special designs, colors, and shapes to take note of. Also beware of fakes.

How much is an antique Pontiac worth?

There is no one source that establishes firm values for antique cars because their condition varies so widely due to age and use. Your best option is to search for cars similar to your in terms of condition and mileage. Those prices should closely reflect what the market deems as the value of you (MORE)

Is antique jewelry worth more?

Yes, antique jewelry is worth more than jewelry todayNot necessarily so. Modern jewellery from a well known maker with high quality materials is probably more valuable than the converse would be.

What is Chinese dance?

it is a dance that teaches us the culture of Chinese. We also learnt to be flexible. Chinese dance is also something like ballet and gymnastics. SEE ALSO GYMNASTICS OR BALLET. by faith

Is a small 13 cent Indian Head stamp worth anything?

No- it has no special value. If un used, it is still good for postage. Used it is not the most common stamp around-- I think the wholesale buying price is around 25 cents per hundred. I predict it will go to 40 in my lifetime

Is antique hand hair clippers worth anything?

, I will only give you information based on my experience with the same question. My grandmother has a pair of old hair clippers. She does not have the box. Anyway, from my search they are from 1940 or so. I learned that on eBay and a few other antique sites, that they are worth about $20.00. I de (MORE)

Red Head brand Chicago leather gun case is it worth anything?

I bought a Redhead leather leg of mutton style shotgun case last year in very good condition in & out for $150 Can., I consider I got a fine case at a good price. Hope this helps. I also have had for many years a Redhead tan coloured lightweight hunting vest in near new condition ( elasticized shell (MORE)

Is a 2001 dime with a silver colored head and copper colored tail worth anything?

probebly [sic] are you 100% sure that the brown is copper? More ... You may have what's called a lamination error. That happens when the outer cladding on a coin (which is copper-nickel, NOT silver) loses its bond with the inner copper core. That can happen before or after the design is struck (MORE)

When was the Chinese lion dance created?

That depends on what which form of lion dance you are talking about? Northern or Southern. As a whole it is believed to have been as early as the Han Dynasty, but flourished during the Tang Dynasty. The southern cantonese lion is a product of the ching dynasty during the 1800s.

How much is an antique viewfinder worth?

While waist-level viewfinders have been common in box cameras sincethe beginning of the 20th Century, large viewfinders of the sortthat are suitable for ttv photography became popular in the late1920s and 1930s with medium format TLR and pseudo TLR cameras suchas the Rolleiflex and the Voigtlände (MORE)

I have a Rolls hacksaw and I read it was made by Rolls-Royce. Is it worth anything as a antique?

you have have valuable car. get insurance and check google for more! Hmmm does that count as an answer? My friend has one of these hacksaws which I have used often. All he knows about it is that it was his Dad's when he was an apprentice (he's in his late 70s now). I have been looking round for one (MORE)

Why are antiques worth a lot?

Antiques are worth a lot is because of two things. Age and Rareness. Age has a factor to antiques because they aren't made anymore so they get rarer. (BTW rareness and rarer are words and not spelling mistakes)

How much is your antique crock worth?

The value of an antique crock depends on who made it, how it's marked, its condition, size, design, rarity, and so on. For more information about antique crocks, see Related Links, below.

What fungi danced the Chinese dance?

I'm guessing you mean in the Disney movie Fantasia. They were either mushrooms or toadstools.... I'm not a fungologist (or whatever they're called) and wouldn't know the difference.

Is a double headed ten cent coin with two different dates worth anything?

You can order these coins that have two heads or two tails. They are worth nothing other than the value of the coin. I have a two-tailed quarter which I thought might be worth a mint only to discover they are made and sold as novelty items. This is what I have discovered through research. You can ca (MORE)

Can an Indian head nickel without a date be worth anything?

Not much, there is a way you can restore the date of a nickel using a product known as "Nic-a-date" it will be clearly damaged by this product so the nickel will be worth a small fraction of the price of the date if it was undamaged, but if the date is worn away it is only worth about 6 cents anyway (MORE)

What is your antique Chinese pellet rifle worth?

It is not possible to give you an answer on such little information. You will need to identify the model and the condition of the rifle. However most Chinese rifles are not worth very much.

Is it worth it to refurbish antique furniture?

It would defiantly be worth it to refurbish antique furniture. Antiques are wonderful historical artifacts that remind us how our ancestors lived. The only reason not to refurbish would be if the furniture was so damaged that it could not be repaired.

Are antiques worth a lot of money?

Antiques can go from worth nothing to worth thousands of dollars. If you are wondering how much to sell something for you should have a professional look at your antique as second hand shops will not buy a valuable item at its proper price.

How can you find out the worth of an antique?

Research. That's the best thing you can do if you honestly have no idea on the worth. Trying checking online if the antique would be located there. Do you know what year it is? Past owners? It's current state: does it look super nice or is it rusted? Trying answering your own questions or seeking ou (MORE)

How to appraise the value of Chinese antique furniture?

at the moment, i think it is not easier for western people tounderstand the values without background and culture backgroundlived in China, but the only way is to find an expert local chinesepeople. i do ask the value of my chinese furniture inherited frommy grandfather, you can reach mr. Royal in S (MORE)

What are the release dates for Chinese Antique - 2009?

Chinese Antique - 2009 was released on: USA: April 2009 USA: 2 April 2009 (168 Film Festival) USA: 26 April 2010 (Newport Beach International Film Festival) USA: 16 July 2010 (New York Asian American International Film Festival)

What are antique diamonds worth?

Every diamond is millions of years old, so antique doesn't reallyapply. Older cuts of diamonds retain their value if they have top colourand top clarity. In this sense, then, you can consider older cutsof diamonds as antique -- more than 100 years of age in order toqualify for the term. Every diamo (MORE)