Is Pokemon go real?

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No, it is just a game. It is a real game though. :)
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Are Pokemon real?

No, Pokemon are not real. They are fictional creatures invented fora video game in the 1990s. Of cource not Pokemon are rear and why would they be real they arein a video game They are in your heart. (so, no, unless thegovernment has a secret that they would like to tell us...)

Is Arceus a real Pokemon?

Yes arceus is out in japan. There is level X and every other kind like grass water and fire. It is also on Diamond, Pearl and Platinum versions. It is the Alpha(god) of pokemon.

Will Pokemon be real?

yes. Pokemon is a fictional world based around a children's world andcan never be real.

Is there real Pokemon?

No, sorry, only virtual. However there are stuffed Pokemon dolls, if you will, and plastic figurines. That's probably about as close as it gets.

Is Pokemon crater real?

yes very real all you have to do is type in Pokemon crater then you sign up i am on it my trainers name is seagaby123

Are Pokemon based on real animals?

Most of them are, but some are based on myth (Ho-Oh the phoenix,etc) and some are even based on humans (Smeargle). Pokemon and even Pokemon names are based losely on existinganimals, but sometimes include extinct creatures and myths andlegends. One single Pokemon can be drawn from both myth andreal (MORE)

How do you catch a Pokemon in real life?

you have to complete the gormiti collection and go fishing on. div style=%22BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px 0px 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; BACKGROUND-REPEAT: no-repeat; BACKGROUND-POSITION: right bottom; H (MORE)

Is missingo a real Pokemon?

Not officially. MissingNo was a glitch that occurred when theplayer does not have a Pokemon, but went into battle, going out ofbounds, or triggering the glitch by a few conditions. (See thePokemon Red/Blue MissingNo glitch as a reference, where it includedthe Old Man.) This glitch can ruin a game's (MORE)

Is Pokemon Yellow the game real?

yes. Pokemon yellow is the special pickachu edition. instead of starting out with bulbasuar,squrtle or charmander, u start out with pickachu.

Mystery - Real Pokemon?

This is a research thing that was suggested my Asker, try to do research until you find the answer YES. More questions:. Is Ash Ketchum Real?

Do Pokemon exist in the real world?

yes...i have a pikachu in my arms right now i love him go to oak street they run on the street every where.oh yeah also ardmore,oklahoma.

Where can you get a real Pokemon?

stand straight up take 3 steps to the left then 1 step to the right 3.4 steps forward then a ninja will attack you (have a shotgun handy) because if it kills you it takes 3 minutes to revived but if u kill him u instantly lose consciousness then you will have a dream with a button if you press it yo (MORE)

Where are real Pokemon?

Pokemon are in fact real in our minds, but other than that, Pokemon are not physical beings we can see, smell, hear, or touch. But if you believe in them, it's your life not mine. I believe one day there will be a giant nuclear explosion engulfing Japan and turning all there animals into Pokemon. I (MORE)

Is Angeallen a real Pokemon?

Yes it is a Pokemon with a Milotic body and froslass colors --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It depends on how you define 'real Pokémon' It Is real if you download a hack for it Which turns it into Pokémon Ruby Destiny. Otherwise it is (MORE)

How can Pokemon become real?

don't know ask a scientist With the right equipment (not invented yet) and the right reanimation style, it just might be possible! :3I certainty hope it happens:3

Are there real Pokemon out there?

No. Pokemon are fantasy creatures.. Using battling "pet monsters" (which, when you consider it, is rather cruel) is a way to develop the creative abilities of the game players. Like any form of amusement, it should not be a substitute for actual social interaction.

Is wondertomb a real real Pokemon?

No, it is not. Wondertomb is a Spiritomb that has been hacked so it has the ability 'Wonder Guard' which it cannot have under normal circumstances. Wonder Guard is an ability that is found ONLY on Shedinja, and only lets supereffective moves hit it. Spiritomb has no weakness, so a Spiritomb wi (MORE)

If Pokemon were real?

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Are Pokemon real and why?

So far, Pokemon is only a video game, card game, and television series. If, by some miracle, they figure out how to make entirely new species of animals from scratch, you can rest assured that Pokemon would probably be low on the list to be made real. Pokemon was originally created over in Japan, b (MORE)

Why can Pokemon not be real?

They are real! You just have to believe in them!Adults say they are stupid fictional characters who brainwash you into thinking they are real well,THEY R REAL! tough chiz adults u don't even know what your talking about so shut up and let kids speak out!If you believe hard enough you might eveen bec (MORE)

Was jade version real in Pokemon?

no...there is red, blue, green (japan), yellow, gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, pearl, platinum, leaf green, fire red, heart gold and soul silver.

How do you see a real live Pokemon?

you cant cos Pokemon don't exist but if your talking about the poke walkerthen you walk around when you have put a Pokemon on it and eventualy you will see a Pokemon on the screen so you can battle it and yeh

Is Pokemon Yellow real?

yes it is, it's the same game as blue an red but i the beginning of the game you can't choose a pokémon. you are given a pikachu and like the cartoon it Will not be put in a pokéball. instead it just walks around you as you go about

Where is real Pokemon?

any where around a forest no.......wait maybe if your trying to get a snorunt(froslass/glailie) my recommend is to go to prescottt(or california).

Will real Pokemon ever exist?

It's possible by mixing the genes or DNA with other animals to create more advanced and technical animals (Pokemon).

Is Pokemon gray real?

at the moment its just a rumor...but I believe it. the-pokedex:so do I but is there a countdown

Are Pokemon creepy pastas real?

Yes, some though. With the one of Creepy Black version CreepyPasta, that's real. I downloaded the ROM. Then the Charizard M. That's real. I looked it up online and someone performed it. I think Lost Silver is real, too, because there's a demo of it.

Is pokemone real?

The game and TV show is real, but there are no real creatures such as pokemons.

What do I do if Pokemon GO doesn't get my real location?

This can sometimes be a problem if you live in a rural area or havean older phone. If Pokemon GO is never checking your location go tothe settings page and hit "Report a problem" and let the developersknow. In the future they may be able to see what is happening andfind a way to solve it.