Is Mark Hamill in a new movie?

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I don't know about movies, but Mark Hamill does tons of voices in TV shows.
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Is Mark hamill dead?

He died at age 57 returning from a surfing trip with his son , Griffin. Griffin did not die survived , I think Another Answer: Mr. Hamill is alive and well as of this writ

Are Mark Hamill and Dorothy Hamill related?

Mark Hamill was one of seven children: two brothers, Will and Patrick, and four sisters, Terry, Jan, Jeanie, and Kim. Mark Hamill's paternal ancestry is: William Thomas H
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Did Mark Hamill really die?

Mark Hamill is still alive and doing voice acting and cameos. He's probably best known now as the voice of the Joker, which he performed for the final time for Batman: Arkham
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What movie and television projects has Mark Hamill been in?

Mark Hamill has: Played himself in "Today" in 1952. Played Steve in "Insight" in 1960. Played himself in "The Mike Douglas Show" in 1961. Played himself in "The Merv Griffin S
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Where is mark hamill?

As of August 2014, Mark Hamill is being a family man and focusingon his personal life. He has not acted/voice acted in anythingsince 2012 and no information indicates a work i