Is Greg James from UK Unzipped gay?

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Don't think so , he went out with Ellie Goulding , but they split up earlier this year.
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Is Mickie James gay?

Apparently not, as she married Nicholas Aldis (aka Magnus) in 2015.They already had a son, Donovan, born in 2014.

Was King James VI and I gay?

Update: First of all, we have to assume you are talking about King James I of England (VI of Scotland). It is up to what you want to believe I guess. Try not to forget that King James made the Bible more accessible to laypersons, was a patron of recreational sports, and wrote many useful books. (MORE)

Was James arness gay?

because he wanted to be. Mr. Arness is married. He and his wife Janet have 3 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Was James Buchannan really gay?

Nobody knows. There were suspicions about his supposed relationship with William R King of Alabama, another bachelor, and VP in 1853, with whom Buchanan shared lodgings for a time. But no real evidence.. JAMES BUCHANAN 15th PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES . James Buchanan was named after his fath (MORE)

Is rameere James gay?

yes he is.. but currently its not his fault that he just cant keep his hands off the young one :O

Was Jesse James gay?

James was reputed to be bisexual, which technically, includes being gay. According to filmmaker Samuel Fuller, who made the film I Shot Jesse James in 1949: "Jesse James, as a teenager, was a female impersonator. He would dress as a girl and lure soldiers into his cabin like a whore, get them (MORE)

Is James dean gay?

he actually had an affair with a man, so he participated in some homosexual acts

Is James from team rocket gay?

Yes i do believe that he is gay. In the episode "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City" James makes a comment saying "Its times like these that make me want to go straight." He said this after taking a blast from Pickachus electric shock.

Was actor James Dean gay?

Some say that he only participated in gay acts to advance his career, but this is somewhat debatable. He most certainly DID participate in several homosexual acts, however, he is most commonly seen as being bisexual, for he was also a ladies' man. There are reports that he was and there are report (MORE)

Is Greg Lane gay?

If you are talking about the publisher of the magazine "The Baffler", there is no information about Greg Lane's sexual orientation on line.

Is Kevin James gay?

Yes he is, he sucked all of the L.A Lakers penis' a few years ago while at the finals.

Was James buchannon gay?

Yes,In Stories People Say he Kissed A Man. After Stories People found out he was gay. Then,1 Lady Saw im Kissing A Man At The Libary. So Yes He is Gay.

Is James bourne gay?

No, what makes you think that? He has a girlfriend called Gabriela Arciero. (The spelling is just off the top of my head so I can't be sure I spelled it right). She's a member of girl band Avenue B.

Is James fox gay?

The one from range high school in year 8 is so fit i have orgys thinking about him

Is paul James gay?

\nInteresting fact... I'm living in Russia and our mass doesn't have Russian translation of all episodes. So I have to watch this great serial in English! Now I'm on the 2nd season! But the answering this question I probably think that Paul James is not gay in real life! I'm tolerant guy, but in Rus (MORE)

Is James cordon gay?

No, he is not gay, but he does have a kiss with Daniel Radcliffe in a certain character, which is purely artistic or based on the demands of the part.

Is Greg James gay?

If you're referring to the Radio 1 DJ, he is currently dating glamour model Amy Green, so i guess that answers your question.

Is James Ellis gay?

Yes. His love for Justin Fashanu and John Bumstead make it a certainty. Indeed, legend has it that the word gaylord was invented to describe James Ellis.

Is James Patterson gay?

No! No, he is NOT gay. He's a normal, old guy, but famous and an amazing author. Gay authors would write books with gay people, but in his Maximum Ride books, Fang and Max (a boy and a girl) fall in love. RE: you, above, are an idiot. i love james patterson, and maximum ride is my, hands down, fa (MORE)

What is the percentage of gay people in the UK?

The universally accepted percentage of gay people around the world is 10% . This figure was first proposed by Dr Alfred Kinsey and has since been accepted by sociologists and psychologists.

Was James Wolfe gay?

I've been doing research, and all I found is that he had some Sexual tendencies around the other soldiers, and that he liked to draw portraits of gay people. Also, When he had wrote his last letter, he wrote it to his mother and not his fiancé. I personally think that General Wolfe was gay, becau (MORE)

Is James maslow from btr gay?

NO! hes not gay, he dated Miranda Cosgrove and he said he like cute girls, hes just rediculously good looking! and freaking sexy, that doesn't mean hes gay.

Is James mills gay?

Yes, I am. I live with my partner, and we have 3 children together. A daughter who will be 2 this May, and twin girls at 5 months Anything Else?? Kindest Regards, James Mills (and yes, it is me)

Is James stark gay?

Jim Stark was most likely not gay, but he was a very affectionate and caring figure towards Plato. While it is very likely Plato had a crush on Jim, Jim probably didn't reciprocate; and I think that Jim probably knew Plato had a crush on him, but knew that it was never going to work, hence the fri (MORE)

Is James Morris Gay?

Yes he came out of the closet in early 2003 with his inspiring story about how he has aids and he couldn't of got it any other way except for with his gay partner Mario Liccerdelo

How do you know James Buchanan was gay?

Because he macramed himself a pair of jean shorts. Also, because of his letters to William Rufus Devane King, who was referred to as "Miss Nancy" and "Buchanan's wife."

Why is James from Pokemon gay?

There is not evidence that James from Pokemon is gay. If someone were gay, the reason why would be that they were born that way.

Is James Woods gay?

I think James Woods is straight, and if is he is gay, it is his own business! right!

Is theo James gay?

As of October 2011, Theo James has an actress girlfriend. Nothing has been announced to the public stating otherwise.

How did Greg James the radio DJ die?

As in the British Greg James? He's not dead, pal. He's very much alive, in face he quite recently did a Radio co-hosting program with Louis Tomlinson.

Is James maslow gay?

According to the real Chandler Massey & James Maslow facebook. Chandler Massey is bisexual and James is gay. On July, 4 2010 him and Chandler got together. They have been together for about 2 years. As of 4/28/2012. Who really cares about there sexual orientation. All it maters that there good actor (MORE)

Is bradley James gay?

Could care less. He is one hell of a sexy guy. One scene in Merlin had some old guy commenting on Author's good looks and that he wouldn't mind bedding him. This is how all this stuff started. Hell I'm an old man too and I wouldn't mind bedding him, he's the hottest thing since fire..

Is James hyde gay?

he is not gay.... at all.. people are just jealous of him and they just want to make him look bad

Are gay people allowed in the UK?

Absolutely. In fact, same-sex marriage is legal in England andWales, and civil partnerships are legal in Scotland and NorthernIreland.

Was James II gay?

No- he was married twice, first to Anne Hyde who was the daughter of his Prime Minister, and they had seven children, of only two (both girls) survived). Anne died in December 1671; James went on to marry Mary of Modena, an Italian princess, two years later, after converting to Catholicism. They had (MORE)

How old is Greg James?

UK presenter and radio host Greg James is 32 years old (born Gregory Milward , December 17, 1985).