Is Flora From Professor Layton Luke's Girlfriend?

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Flora Reinhold, the wealthy heir to a fortune left to her by her dad is not Luke's girlfriend, she helps Professor Layton and Luke on their investigations.
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How old is flora from Professor Layton?

Flora in Professor Layton's Pandora's box will probably never really age; therefore, she will be young and pretty forever probably just like any other teenager, she is roughly

How did professor layton meet flora?

In Professor Layton and the curious village they find that Flora is the golden apple. also: Flora Reinhold is the tritagonist of the first trilogy of the Professor Layto

Where is flora in professor layton and the specters flute?

Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute is set three years before Layton and Luke have their adventure in St. Mystere, so Flora is still living there with her father. Flora i