If a parent cannot control a teenager can they give up custody of the teenager to the state?

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So long as they are under the age of 18, then yes you can. But why would anyone want to put their own child into care! It may be a long hard road but there are plenty of organisations out there to help. So long as they are under the age of 18, yes you can. But there are plenty of organisations out there that could help. It can be a long hard slog but I would rather get all the help I could than to put a child of mine into care.
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Can a parent legally kick a teenager out and give up guardianship and custody?

Answer . What I'm finding in Texas State Law is that you can't legally just throw a teenager out of your house without first pursuing legal action. Legal action includes reporting your child, especially in cases where the teen threatens physical harm to a family member. It's a multi-step process (MORE)

Can a teenager refuse to visit an out-of-state parent?

Answer . \nYes, although if the other parent contest the decision they can petition the court for counseling to try to resolve the matter. Obviously it would be beneficial for all parties to resolve the problem without the intervention of a judge or court appointed social worker.

If you have joint custody can your teenager live with either parent?

The guidelines are basically the same in every state but obviously there are a few minor differences. Joint custody consists of Primary Custody & Secondary Custody. The parent with primary custody is who the child lives with & the other parent has secondary custody. Depending on the age of the child (MORE)

In Wisconsin can you legally give up parental rights to teenage daughters 15 and 13 that are deliquent and will not conform with histories of violence toward others in the family suicide attempts?

Answer . Yes you can. Call Child Welfare and express your problem. If they don't give you a direct answer or try to help say the word, "media" and that will get them hopping. Also, you can have your children arrested for being verbally or physically abusive, damaging your property or even atte (MORE)

Can the parents of a teenage pregnant daughter make the mother give up her baby or make her abort or do the young mothers have their own voice for their babies?

Answer . They cannot make you do anything. You have all the say and you can choose to keep or give the baby up for adoption. Since you are still very young, you should consider giving the baby away to a family who will love it and support it. Abortion shouldn't even be a thought, it would be irre (MORE)

How can a grandparent give up custody of their teenage grandchild?

Answer . \nIf legal custody has been established by court order, the grandparent(s) should file a Petition For Relinquishment in the Juvenile Court of the county or city of residence. Some states require the custodial person(s) to attend counseling in an attempt to resolve the family problems be (MORE)

Does a teenage mother have custody of her child?

Yes. The child is your baby. As long as your a fit mother the child cannot be taken away from you. If you are a minor, your parents still have custody of you, but you have custody of your child.

What percentage of teenage parents end up in custody battles?

Custody Rage . A lot actually. You may not notice it but a lot of the time parents are arguing constantly all around the world about who gets the kid/kids. Now there are more "civilized" parents out there that can keep there anger down or just talk it over. A lot of the time a parent walks out of (MORE)

In the state of Ohio if a non-custodial parent gives up all parental rights to his children does he still have to pay child support?

Actually I questioned once how someone would give up their parentalrights in the state of Ohio and I was informed that in the State ofOhio you cannot give up your parental rights unless someone iswilling to take over those rights which means there is anotherfather or mother that is willing to adopt (MORE)

Does the court ever change a ruling from joint custody to full custody for the custodial parent if the non-custodial parent gives up his visitation?

Answer . \nBecause it's almost always in a child's best interest to have a relationship with both parents, courts are generally reluctant to take away visitation rights. \n. \nIn some states, custody orders may give "primary" physical custody to one parent and "partial" physical custody to ano (MORE)

In Colorado what can a custodial parent do when a teenage child wants to live with non custodial parent?

Answer . First, check out the logic of the child's "want." Does it make sense to you and your ex for this to happen? Could the other parent be more appropriate for day-to-day raising of a teenager? For example, common wisdom is that if the child is a teenage boy, it might be for the best for him t (MORE)

A teenage driver does not have a car does he need to be insured if he cannot drive the parents car?

Answer . If he's not driving the parents car then he should not need to be insured for it. He should however be insured for whatever car he "Is" driving. All drivers are required to carry financial responsibility, regardless of who's car they are driving. This can be accomplished by being a sche (MORE)

After a teenager gives birth in ok is she then emancipated from her parents?

Answer . It is a complicated question. Teenagers are not the wisest people around. They may need support in the life they will lead as parents. I say support, not help, because hekp is something that makes you feel guilty, that makes you feel responsible towards the people who help you. If a te (MORE)

How can a parent give up custody rights of incorrigible children?

To give up your children to the state means giving up your parental rights, not just custody and the state will not allow that if it's just because the children are not obeying. Children who comes from good homes do not benefit from ending up in fostercare. It's not a miracle solution. You contact t (MORE)

What is teenage parenting?

it is when you are a teenager and you are experiencing having a baby and you have the baby and you have to look after it Teenage parenting is when stupid teenagers have no ecitment in their life and go ahead and have sex then there comes your baby and then you gotta handle high school homework and (MORE)

What is teenage parents?

Teenage parents are teenagers who have a baby. This means that they have had sex and the girl has given birth. Unfortunately, the percentage of teenage parents in America is growing.

How do you give up a teenager?

Im trying to find out the same thing that's how i came across this. Mines living elsewhere but im still legally responsible. So now all I get is calls when medication, groceries and toiletries are needed. I get called when she gets in trouble with that law. shes been terrorizing me for 2 years. On p (MORE)

How do you control teenagers?

Just as a toy plane is made to be set free outside so is a teenager made in such a way as though the more you control him/her the more they rebel. They have free will, they long to be free of any authority. The key is not how to control a teenager, but more likely how to guide him/her. They need gui (MORE)

Your teenager is out of control what are your rights as a parent?

This is a good question. Depends on the country you are in. What can you do is: a) to find out the reason to what happened, just ask, and keep your eyes and your EARS open and don't onject to what you hear. Be patient. b) Educate, teach both your kind AND your self! Teenagers suffer a huge hormona (MORE)

Can a teenager get birth control without parental consent in California?

Yes, teens in California have the explicit right to get birthcontrol without parental consent. You can see your pediatrician,women's health care provider, or local family planning agency toaccess these services. The family planning agency will likely knowabout opportunities for you to get free or lo (MORE)

How can a teenager get custody of them self?

You have to be emancipated. You have to show the court that you can support yourself. Get a job, place to stay, food, clothing, everything on your own. Not on welfare or staying with someone. Hard to do at 18, even harder at 16 or younger.

Is it easier to be a teenager or to be the parent of a teenager?

i would say it would be easier to be the parent of a teenager, because some parents would just leave their kids to do what they want, and have brought them up to be responsible enough to know what is right and what is wrong. teenager because if ur a parent it would be sad 2 leave your kid,:(

Can a mother give up parental rights to a teenager?

A parent cannot simply abandon their child, however in most cases they can voluntarily relinquish parental rights provided that adequate alternative care (such as a relative willing to take the child or someone willing to adopt them) is available.

Should teenagers be exempt from going with a non custodial parent if it interferes with school activities?

I think this is something the parents need to discuss when it comes up. As the child gets older it becomes more and more important to do what the other kids do and if it's a overnight thing with the team the child would benefit from it. If it's a sport or something they would need to practise with t (MORE)

How do you give up parental rights or custody to state uncordial children?

If uncordial, definition is unfriendly , is all you have to deal with I doubt they will accept him. There is a shortage of foster families for the children that really needs it due to abuse or parents passing away. And once gone you will most likely not get your rights back. There is nothing that s (MORE)

Can a teenager in Washington DC get birth control without parental consent?

Yes, minors in Washington, DC have the explicit right to get birthcontrol without parental consent. You can see your pediatrician,women's health care provider, or local family planning agency toaccess these services. The family planning agency will likely knowabout opportunities for you to get free (MORE)