How old is kitty from mindless self indulgence?

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Mid 30s. She's never specified her date of birth, but an interview from 2008 once described her as '20-something,' which would make her 18 or 19 when she played her first show with the band if she were 29. 4 years on and she should be about 33. Unless the magazine got it wrong.
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What is mindless self indulgence?

Mindless self indulging means to "give" your self gifts, mindlessly. ___________________________________________________________________ Are an 'Industrial Punk Band' from Ne

What are the lyrics to Get It Up by Mindless Self Indulgence?

"Get It Up" (feat. Chantal Claret) [Jimmy:] Gentlemen Screwin' in moderation Screwin' is such a bore None of my time is wasted I do that s*** on tour [Chanta

What is the mindless self indulgence song that is at a club?

If it's playing in a club, more than likely, it's their most popular [and least ideologically sensitive] song called Shut Me Up. If that wasn't the song, it might have been St

Does lynz of mindless self indulgence smoke?

Yes, there are several pictures floating around the internet. Smoking is a personal choice and you shouldn't take up smoking just because she does, nor should you think any le

Is mindless self indulgence still together?

Yup! They're currently on tour and have released a new album "How Ilearned to stop giving a sh*t and love mindless self indulgence". Ithink they may make another 1 or 2 albums
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Is mindless self indulgences racist?

yes they are. They covered method man bring the pain. They use the"n" word liberally along with other slurs such as "Fggt" and "retrd". their fans try to defend them , but the