How old is Judge Greg Mathis?

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Greg Mathis is 57 years old (birthdate April 5, 1960).
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Do people get paid to be on Judge Mathis?

You get paid 200 dollars for being on the show. Both parties do. A car will also pick you up from your house and take you back after the show if you live within a certain area. You get to stay in a fancy hotel for free with all food included. At the end when they reach a judgment neither party pays (MORE)

How old is Johnny Mathis?

US singer John Royce "Johnny" Mathis is 82 years old (birthdate: September 30, 1935). *Country singer John 'Country' Mathis was a day short of his 81st birthday when he died on September 27, 2011 (born September 28, 1930). Oddly enough, he was born within 60 miles of the Gilmer TX birthplace of the (MORE)

How does the Judge Mathis show choose their cases?

Individuals facing legal troubles can contact Judge Mathis to seeif they have a case. The judge will determine if the case should betried in his televised courtroom based on the circumstances,evidence, and facts given.

Where is Brendan moran judge mathis baliff?

He apparently was killed when he fell off the balcony of his condo which was on the 24th floor. Police ruled it a suicide, but his family believes it was a suicide. I suppose we will never know the real deal.

How can you watch a show of judge mathis in the month of August 14 2009?

You could try and locate the footage on a video streaming sit such as youtube, google or hulu. Also there is no 14th month of August. Maybe you mean the day of August 14th. If so, it may be difficult to locate that specific episode, you might want to try going to the specific tv channel's website a (MORE)

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He is 10 in Diary of a wimpy kid,11 in Rodrick rules and The last straw,starts out 11 then turns 12 in Dog Days,and remains 12 in The Ugly Truth and Cabin Fever. But he's mainly 11 years old.

What is the email address of Judge Mathis?

Honorable Judge Mathis, my name is Bishop Edward E. Shouse, Sr., Pastor of the Temple of Praise, Columbus, Ohio. I would like more information on your mentoring program for youth, especially the single family parent. I do not have a jet to fly all over the country, I am a Pastor that is interested i (MORE)

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MLB coach and former player Gregory B. Norton is 45 years old (born July 6, 1972). US musician Gregory J, "Greg" Norton is 59 years old (born March 13, 1959).

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Gregory "Greg" Ham was 58 years old when he died on April 19, 2012(birthdate: September 27, 1953).

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UK reality star Greg Lake is 33 years old (born November 24, 1984). UK bassist Greg Lake was 69 years old when he died on December 7,2016 (birthdate: November 10, 1947).

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How old is Greg Giraldo?

Greg Giraldo died on September 29, 2010 in New Brunswick, New Jersey at the age of 44 years old (birthdate: December 10, 1965).

What is judge mathis address to write a letter to?

Judge Greg Mathis is a former superior court justice from Michiganwho now decides cases and offers advice during his syndicated TVprogram. On his website, he invites viewers to contact him withquestions or comments. I enclose the link to that contactinformation.

How old is Greg Moore?

Greg Moore was born on April 22, 1975 and died on October 31, 1999. Greg Moore would have been 24 years old at the time of death or 40 years old today.

How old is Greg Paulus?

Now an Ohio State assistant basketball coach, Greg Paulus is 31 years old (birthdate: July 3, 1986).

How old is Greg Morris?

Greg Morris was born on September 27, 1933 and died on August 27, 1996. Greg Morris would have been 62 years old at the time of death or 81 years old today.

Where do judge mathis live?

Judge Greg Mathis is a retired Michigan 36th District Court judge. He has a syndicated televesion show called Judge Mathis. He lives in Michigan with his wife.

When did judge mathis brother die?

There is not information available on Judge Mathis' brothers. Thereis rumors that one of his brothers died, but this has not beenconfirmed as of May 2014.

How old is Greg James?

UK presenter and radio host Greg James is 32 years old (born Gregory Milward , December 17, 1985).

What is Judge Mathis' first name?

Judge Mathis' first name is Greg. He has risen to fame as he was originally the wrong side of the law and spent time in prison, but has since changed as it now of the other side of the law as a Judge. Now he is watched by millions on his own television show.

What movie and television projects has Greg Mathis been in?

Greg Mathis has: Played himself in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. Played himself in "The Steve Harvey Show" in 1996. Played himself in "Judge Mathis" in 1998. Played himself in "1st Annual BET Awards" in 2001. Played himself in "2nd Annual BET Awards" in 2002. Played himself in "The Sharo (MORE)