How much has Miley Cyrus made of album sales?

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Over 30,000,000 albums as of May 2012.

Miley Cyrus albums:
Meet Miley Cyrus:
3.9 million (US)
5+ million (Worldwide)

1.8 million (US)
4.5+ million (Worldwide)

The Time of Our Lives
1.4 million (US)
4+ million (Worldwide)

Can't Be Tamed
500,000+ (US)
2.5 million (Worldwide)
Hannah Montana albums:
Hannah Montana:
3.9 million (US)
5+ million (Worldwide)

Hannah Montana 2
*Look at Meet Miley Cyrus*

Hannah Montana: The Movie
2.4 million (US)
5+ million (Worldwide)

Hannah Montana 3
1,000,000 (US)
3 million (Worldwide)

Hannah Montana Forever
350,000 (US)
1+ million (Worldwide)
Remix/Live albums:
Best of Both Worlds Concert:
500,000+ (US)
1,000,000 (Worlwide)

Hannah Montana 2: Non-stop Party
500,000+ (US)
1,000,000 (Worldwide)
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How many albums has Miley Cyrus Made?

As Miley Cyrus, she has made four: Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout, Time of Our Lives, and Cant Be Tamed. As Hannah Montana, she has also made four albums: A soundtrack for each se

How many albums has Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus has 5 albums . Hannah Montanna . Hannah Montanna 2/Meet Miley Cyrus . Hannah Montanna Movie Soundtrack . Breakout . Hannah Montanna Best of Both Worlds Conce

What was Miley Cyrus first album?

The first album was Hannah Montana, for the first season of Hannah Montana and the she made Hannah Montana2:Meet Miley Cyrus Introducing her as Miley and the she made one by h

What is the latest album of Miley Cyrus?

"Breakout". You can purchase it here or in a Target, Wal-mart or Justice. ( Plus many more ).

How many albums do Miley Cyrus have?

From what I know, Miley has made three albums so far. I live in Europe so she might have 3 or 4 in the U.S but in Europe she has 3 from what I know.

What was the first album that miley Cyrus made?

- Her first EVER CD with her singing was her Hannah Montana CD called, "Hannah Montana(2006). - Though her first CD made introducing HERSELF as Miley was, "Hannah Montana: Me