How much does a movie preview cost?

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Normally they are free and can be seen on the television or internet.
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What is a 'Movie Preview'?

Answer . A short animated clip, usually shown on television as a commercial, that mostly consists of small excerpts and details about casting from the movie it is advertisi

How do you receive preview passes for movies?

Answer . Only special people get preview passes to movies that have not been released yet. The finalists in this year's American Idol got preview passes to Shrek the 3rd a

How long do movie previews last?

The previews do last anywhere from15-25 minutes before the movie actually starts. On you can read short preview about all films.
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Is there really a preview guy the man who talks in movie previews?

Yes, it's a real guy doing the voiceovers for movie previews (and other TV commercials), but there's more than one of him. They hire people who have been trained to talk like