How much do the contestants get paid for tila tequilas show or any reality show?

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20 bucks each date
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Who is Tila Tequila?

Answer . Tila Tequila (real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) is a model, Myspace celebrity, singer and reality TV star. She started as a model at age 18 and by age 20 she was a Cyber Girl for Playboy. Besides Cyber Girl, she also was known for modeling in various import racing magazines. Through m (MORE)

Why is Tila Tequila famous?

Tila has made herself famous from various pornography. She also models and sings. She is mostly famous for having over 1 million friends on her myspace.

Who does Tila Tequila pick?

She picked Bobby, which I think was a bad decision...but she did. :( . i actually think its a good decision...i like dani but...i like that she picked bobby... . she picked bobbi

Is Tila Tequila her real name?

No, Tila's real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen. She came up with her stage name "Tila Tequila" because of an incident from alcohol.

How did tila tequila get famous?

She was an adult Internet Entertainer. She would strip on live webcam for people to watch. cause she couldn't keep her clothes on.. and put half naked pictures of herself on my space, so she got lots of friends/slash added people. then she was like major popular on myspace, then she made some realit (MORE)

Is tila tequila gay?

Yes, she did a bisexual show where men and women could come and have a chance at winning over tila. Also according to wikipedia she came out as a lesbian in 2009.

Who is Dani from Tila Tequila?

Dani Campbell is a rather butchy homosexual woman that came second in a Shot At love with Tila Tequila. She works as a firefighter in Florida.

Who is Tila Tequila dating?

Tila chose Bobby, but they later broke up.. But....we are about to find out as "Shot of Love with Tila Tequila II" concludes.... on the tila tequila 2 finally she picked Kristy and Kristy said , no. she didn't pick Bo and Bo loved Tila. Tila and Bo have broken hearts now. I dont no who she is dat (MORE)

Is tila tequila pregnant?

yes she posted it on twitter, the father is unknown Tila has never shown proof of her pregnancies so it is believed she pretends to be pregnant to get attention from the press. Further proof of that came when she fell and had a "miscarriage"

Is Tila Tequila a Transvestite?

No, she does not cross dress and she was born female. Although her sexual preference is bisexual. Tila isn't actually bisexual, she is gay for pay. She only feigns attraction to women to either get publicity, or to get paid like she did with the porn film she filmed. Tila's blackened, abnormal gen (MORE)

How can you get on a reality show?

you don't just say i want to be in a reality show so I'm going to go to Hollywood. my 2nd hour teacher always says "pretend your saying your answer to someone on another planet" so this is what you do, you send in a tape to Hollywood and if they like it they'll write back and if they don't it's goin (MORE)

What does tila tequila do for a living?

\n. \nstripper/porn star; and a wannabe actress\n. \n. \nno, she is not a stripper or a pornstar. she made money from the tv-show A Shot at Love 1&2 with Tila Tequila, and now she lives on her music and modeling.

How much do reality show creators make?

It's not exactly the same as if they were working on a drama or sitcom, but they do still "create.". The key is to come up with a concept that will: 1. Create an interesting show 2. Be able to sustain a full season's worth of episodes 3. Be able to be repeatable for multiple seasons 4. Entice spons (MORE)

Is tila Tequila rich?

She's not rich but she does have a lot of money. She just seems to know a lot of people and seems to look beyond rich from her TV shows.

How much does a reality TV show pay its participants?

$100 a day is the standard minimum. Popular shows or 2nd seasons often get more. Depending on the show this can may continue after losing as they will send you to a hotel or resort to keep the public from knowing the winning order prematurely.

What are reality shows?

Reality shows are television programs offered for entertainment to the viewing audience. There are 10 basic categories for reality shows: documentary, life drama, special environment, competition, talk shows, game shows, dating shows, celebrity shows, surveillance shows and professional activities. (MORE)

Do the roloffs get paid for their reality show LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD?

Yes. How much? There is no record. However, it was a popular show for 5 years and TLC earned quite a bit off its production. Considering the boobs on Jersey Shore get $60,000 per episode, and the Gosselins reportedly earned between $65,000 and 1 million per episode, I would think the Roloffs had be (MORE)

Are reality shows freak shows?

Reality television is a genre of television programming which presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors. Although the genre has existed in some form or another since the early years o (MORE)

What are reality show?

reality means which is real any things that happen or going on in real, in shows the dialogs are also writen by writers but inreal i thinks the diologs should also speaks and expression also should b real. tha is reality show show inwhich we see the real things is reality show best example is crick (MORE)

Do reality shows have reality?

Most do, yes. But all are manipulated to create a more dramatic presentation for viewers. Every resulting episode needs multiple stories. The same principles of storytelling you learned (or should have learned) in school apply to how they are edited. Here are a few ways: -- Contestants and particip (MORE)

How much was the mole paid on the reality tv show The Mole?

In the TV Show "The Mole" the mole, or the saboteur, is usually paid the total amount that he/she prevents his/her teammates from earning throughout the games and challenges. It usually amounts to around a total of $100,000. And the winner of The Mole wins the amount that the team actually does earn (MORE)

How much money does tila tequila have?

Tila is so broke if she wants to fill up her car with gas she has to blow someone at the gas station. She got $400k for her porno, but spent it all on drugs like she has with most of her money. Luckily, hooking is the worlds oldest profession.

Are tila tequila best?

\noh no shes a lesbian.\n. \n. \n- she is not lesbian, she is bisexual, and its nothing negative with that. some people think shes the best, and some think the opposite.

How much are people paid for reality shows?

Their is no set amount on how much reality show cast get paid. All payments are negotiated through Managers and Agents with the Network that picks up the show like MTV,VH1 etc... All negotiations are made through the cast member representatives only, not the cast it self. The Manager and Agent will (MORE)

How much do the Duggars get paid for their reality show?

The details are unknown of how much the Duggars are paid for their reality TV show. Other reality TV show participants have been paid anything from nothing to 1 million dollars an episode. (Sarah Palin!) A best guess is that the Duggars are paid somewhere in the range of $22,500 to $50,000 - but t (MORE)

How much models get paid per show?

Newer models tend to be paid on the lower end, usually $100 or more per show, while more recognizable and experienced runway models can make $500 or more per show.

Who did tila tequila infect?

No-one, that's disgusting and not even funny. Are you aware she lost her wife this year, have a heart, will you?

How much did kate gosselin get paid for her show?

Ms. Gosselin's compensation for her reality TV show 'Kate Plus 8' has not be made public. However, some have speculated that she was paid as much as $250,000 per episode, an amount Gosselin says is inaccurate. The actual number is between Gosselin, the accountants and the network.

What is 19 Kids and Counting paid for the reality show on tv?

There is no public information on how much the Duggars are paid for their reality television show. Some reality TV families have been paid $1,000 for a week of shooting for a 30 minute single episode - but the compensation could be anything from that base depending on the popularity of the show and (MORE)

How much do the Hutterites earn for reality show?

Income earned by the Hutterite colony featured on the reality show 'American Colony: The Hutterites" is not public information. It is against policy to publish personal, private information for celebrities and non celebrities. Actual income from reality television show appearances vari (MORE)

How much do contestants receive for survivor reunion show?

The Survivor reunion show is built into the contestants contractsfrom the beginning of the season. The only reason a contestantwouldn't show up for this would be due to pregnancy, illness, or adeath in the family. All contestants receive $10,000 for appearingat the live show.

How much money do the contestants on Big Brother get for being on the show?

The houseguests receive a stipend for each week they're in the house, and also for the time they spend sequestered as part of the jury. Thus, the houseguests tend to be anxious to make it least to sequester; there, they get paid to just relax, not play a game or eat oatmeal "slop." If they're evicte (MORE)