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There may not be exact figures, since not every country has a governmental agency which keeps tabs on how many stations are operating. In some countries, pirate and unlicensed stations are common, and in other countries, due to the economy and lack of money to operate on a regular basis, stations come and go; also, dictators shut down the station entirely. In 2005, the CIA Factbook reported that there were 44,000 stations in the world, but that figure may be an estimate, and the number may have changed since then. Here are some recent facts that we do know: As of 2012, there are, according to the Federal Communications Commission, 15,200 US radio stations, and the Canadian government reports 675 radio stations.

Some sources say England has 305 stations operating. But in other parts of the United Kingdom, there are far fewer stations: most residents of Wales rely on broadcasts from the BBC, for example; but some sources say Scotland has as many as 30 local stations in addition to the BBC. Many countries, like India, have a national radio service, and also local or regional stations-- some sources say India has more than 350 stations currently operating. In some third-world countries, there might be a handful of stations for the entire country, while in others, radio is the preferred medium due to a lack of infrastructure to wire the country for the internet.
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What is the location of the worlds first commercial radio station KDKA which began broadcasting in 1920?

Although KDKA in Pittsburgh has long claimed to be first, that is a myth. Certainly, KDKA was an influential and important early station, and its broadcast of the returns from the presidential election (Harding vs. Cox) on November 2, 1920 is a seminal moment in early radio history. But KDKA was neither the first station on the air, contrary to their parent company (Westinghouse) and its excellent publicity department; nor was it the first station with a commercial license. 8MK (today WWJ) in Detroit was on the air in late August 1920, a fact documented from newspaper reports. It too broadcast the presidential returns, but unfortunately, it did not have a huge publicity department. Still, based on facts and evidence, 8MK was the first station to do what we associate with modern radio-- broadcast music, news, and educational talks to a wide-ranging audience. But there were others doing that too. In greater Boston, 1XE (later WGI) was also on the air at that time. So were stations in Madison, Wisconsin and several other cities; there is also evidence that XWA in Montreal was on the air at that time as well. Further, KDKA did not have a commercial license-- nobody did. Such a license was not created until September 1921, and another Westinghouse station, WBZ (today in Boston, but then in Springfield MA) received that first license. So, while KDKA is indeed a major factor in early radio, it is incorrect to say it was the first commercial station.

What is the most popular radio station in the world?

BBC World Service formally the BBC Empire Service, the World Service broadcasts to countries around the world through various listening platforms usually satelitte in richer countries and shortwave radio in poorer countries

What is the radio station for radio Disney?

Radio Disney is broadcast on different radio stations in different cities. It's not possible to direct you to the correct station unless we know where you're located.

How many radios in the world?

There is not a public total count of radio's known. There are wellover a billion different types of radios worldwide though.

What radio station is radio Disney on?

Radio Disney is heard on different stations in each city where it broadcasts. In order to tell you the station nearest to you, we'd have to know where you are (the city) when you listen to the radio.

How do you preset radio stations on a Chrysler radio?

If I remember correctly, those models may be old-style 'push-button' type radios? If so, do the following: 1) Select the 'station' or frequency you want to store as a pre-set by turning the right (tuning) knob. . In older models, FM or AM doesn't matter, as the button is only "remembering" a position on the dial. . In newer (but still push-button or 'old-style') models, the button will also switch between FM and AM, but each button remembers BOTH the band AND the frequency, but will not remember more than one station (I.e. The button wouldn't remember one station for FM and a different one for AM) on the same button -- except of course, if those two stations happened to be exactly the same linear position on the dial. 2) Pull the 'push-button' mechanism out towards you all the way (one click, usually) -- it may take a little more effort than you think or you way need to lift up slightly on the push-button to get it to move, especially if it's been a couple of decades. 3) Push the 'push-button' back in all the way -- the linear mechanism on the dial should not move at this point. 4) Test your new pre-set by moving the dial to the left or right using the right-hand (tuning) knob then pushing the same 'push-button' in. The linear mechanism -- if working properly -- should now move the dial to your new location and change the frequency to your chosen 'station'. On new (digital) radios in cars & trucks, of course,with the radio on you tune in the band and frequency (and in some cases a 'bank' of presets [such as 'FM1', 'FM2', 'XM1' / 'SAT1', or 'AM1']) that you want to store then push 'set' then push the preset number you've chosen OR push-and-hold the chosen pre-set button (generally the radio will beep and / or flash the display and / or audibly re-tune the station once the setting has been stored) with the 'push-and-hold' method it may take up to three seconds in some cases for the setting to 'take'. If you're having issues, hold the button in a bit longer until you get some sort of reaction from your radio and / or watch the radio's display to see if there is a message or prompt, as in many cases the radio may ask you if you REALLY want to change an existing preset, or the radio may need more information such as the 'bank' [again, meaning something like 'FM1', 'FM2', 'XM1' / 'SAT1', or 'AM1']in which you want to store the preset. Hope that helps! On most Chrysler radios you go to the station, press the "set" button, and then press "1" or "2" or which ever number you want.

How many tv and radio stations are in Honduras?

Television: The number of television stations and viewers in Honduras has grown rapidly in recent years. Just a decade ago there were less than 10 television channels in Honduras, but today there are close to 50, and more keep appearing. 1 According to CONATEL (the National Telecommunications Commission) there are a total of 237 television broadcasters in the 18 departaments of Honduras, with the department of Puerto Cortés, in the north, leading with 43 broadcasters. In Honduras there are open-signal broadcasters at the national, regional, and local levels, and there are also more than 300 cable stations, most of which cover only a single municipality. Many of these cable companies are going a step beyond merely offering cable service to creating their own local channels. RADIO: According to CONATEL in February of 2004 Honduras had 255 AM radio stations, 432 FM stations, and 8 short-wave stations. Of these, about 67 have news programs and about 50 are religious (either Catholic or Evangelical). 4 Radio reaches nearly every area of Honduras; even in remote, unelectrified areas, most families have a battery-powered radio.

How many radio stations did the first radio have?

Guglielmo Marconi When Marconi built his first radio it was set to a specific frequency to match the receiver/transmitter that he was going to communicate with...variable tuning came later. The transmission was not voice, but "Click" code. The advent of commercial radio "Stations" and broad use brought about the need for variable tuning. So the FIRST radio would have had one hard frequency setting at a time.

How many power stations are there in the world?

\n . \n . There are 6,600 operational power plants producing at least one mw in the USA. . Globally there are over 2,300 coal fired power stations (source: . The above excludes, geothermal, nuclear, gas, hydro and other forms of renewable energy. . To be safe estimate approximately 15,000.

How do you ask a radio station to have you sing on the radio?

Best thing to do is to call the station's request line, and ask the DJ that answers. If he/she doesn't mind you singing, sing your best! He or she will probably tape it and they MIGHT play you back on the air. I stress MIGHT because it's really up to the DJ whether or not they play you back. Don't take it personally if he or she doesn't, there just may be something else going on the air at the time.. Also, call DURING a song not when he or she is'll stand a better chance that the DJ answers.

How many radio stations are there in the us?

The Federal Communications Commission has announced the following totals for broadcast stations licensed as of March 31, 2004: AM STATIONS - 4781 FM COMMERCIAL - 6224 FM EDUCATIONAL - 2471 TOTAL: 13,476

How many geothermal power stations in the world?

There are new plants coming online all the time so it is difficult to answer this question. Many countries use geothermal: 2010 figures: The US generates the most geothermal electricity in the world, 3086 MW, which is only 0.3% of US energy use. Iceland supplies 30% of its energy from geothermal, with 575 MW. The twenty-five countries below use geothermal energy, with the US generating the most, and Thailand the least (at 0.3 MW). . United States . Philippines . Indonesia . Mexico . Italy . New Zealand . Iceland . Japan . Iran . El Salvador . Kenya . Costa Rica . Nicaragua . Russia . Turkey . Papua-New Guinea . Guatemala . Portugal . China . France . Ethiopia . Germany . Austria . Australia . Thailand

What is the radio station for radio Disney in NY?

\ntheres 5 different channels. Syrancuse: AM 1490. Albany: AM 1460. Middletown: 1340. Poughkeepsie: AM 1390. New York: Am 1560

How many gas stations are there in WORLD?

No one knows that answer. Suffice to say there are probably close to a million.

How many radios are their in the world?

China alone is now estimated to have 415 million radio receivers, and about 1 billion mobile (cell) phones. The number of cellphones in use worldwide is put at 5.6 billion. Add to that all the other devices that have to be included in "radios", like WiFi devices, TV sets, GPS doo-dads, and the only reasonable answer to the question is: Billions .

How many songs does a radio station have?

it depends. Almost every station now has a set rotation of records. Each song is researched and researched to ensure the listeners want for each track. Stations spend thousand of dollars on media test, daily call outs, and also take into account request.. They also look at what other stations are doing with other songs. Some stations every watch for crowd response at live events. But the best station programers know their market and use their guts ( rarely happens now with all the big corps owning radio).. Stations can have anywhere from 90-200 songs in rotation.

The first radio station in the world?

The earliest regular entertainment station (as opposed to one off broadcasts) was broadcast from the Marconi Research Station at Writtle, Essex, England in 1922. The first commercial radio station was KDKA, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States - 1920.

When the radio was invented how many stations did it have?

Radio -- signaling and audio communication using electromagnetic radiation -- was first employed as a "wireless telegraph", for point-to-point links where regular telegraph lines were unreliable or impractical. Next developed was radio's ability to broadcast messages simultaneously to multiple locations, at first using the dots-and-dashes of telegraphic code, and later in full audio. Although "electromagnetic radiation" is the formal scientific term for what Heinrich Hertz demonstrated with his simple spark transmitter in the 1880s, in addition to "radio" numerous other descriptive phrases were used in the early days, including various permutations of "Hertzian waves", "electric waves", "ether waves", "spark telegraphy", "space telegraphy", "aerography" and "wireless". In the November 30, 1901 Electrical Review, a letter from G. C. Dietz offered "atmography" as the answer to What Shall We Call It?, but the suggestion fell on deaf ears. Spark, Space, Wireless, Etheric, Hertzian Wave or Cableless Telegraphy--Which? by A. Frederick Collins in the August 24, 1901 Western Electrician wondered whether the question might eventually become academic, for "In the distant future when all wire systems, both telegraph and telephone, have been superseded by the so-called wireless, there will be no confusing qualifying adjectives, for there will be no dual systems requiring qualification, and wireless telegraphy and telephony will be spoken of as simply telegraphy and telephony." So, what's the difference between wireless and radio? "There ain't none" -- both refer to the exact same thing -- explains Edward C. Hubert in Radio vs. Wireless, from the January, 1925, Radio News.In 1895, Guglielmo Marconi became the first person to successfully demonstrate the controlled transmission and reception of longrange radio signals. But once the details of his advances became widely known, a large number of competitors sprang up on both sides of the Atlantic, many of whom developed important refinements of their own. Scientists in the United States were particularly intrigued by reports of Marconi's advances. A short notice in the January 23, 1897 Scientific American, Telegraphy Without Wires, stated that "a young Italian, a Mr. Marconi" had recently demonstrated to the London Post Office the ability to transmit radio signals across three-quarters of a mile (one kilometer), and that "if the invention was what he believed it to be, our mariners would have been given a new sense and a new friend which would make navigation infinitely easier and safer than it now was. Beginning in the late 1880s, Heinrich Hertz conducted a series of experiments in Germany which proved the existence of radio waves. Moreover, the devices used in early radio demonstrations could readily be constructed by self-trained individuals -- in the July 6, 1894 The Electrician (London), Oliver Lodge, reviewing "The Work of Hertz", noted that "Many of the experiments lend themselves to easy repetition, since they require nothing novel in the way of apparatus except what is easily constructed; many of them can be performed with the ordinary stock apparatus of an amateur's laboratory." A few months later, 21-year-old Guglielmo Marconi began his historic experiments on his father's Italian estate. Prior to late 1912, there were no laws or regulations restricting amateur radio transmitters in the United States. The industrialized northeast quickly became congested with a mixture of competing amateur and commercial stations, and it was the amateur operators who sometimes dominated the airwaves.

What is the most listened to radio station in the world?

The BBC World Service, it is available online, on digital tv on various shortwave frequencies across the world, it is the source of global information in areas of remote Africa as radio is the only source of communication. Due to the british empire in the 19th century that has also influenced listening figures to be increased

How many station of ham radio?

\n. \nA long time ago, I saw the figure of 460,000 licensed amateur operators worldwide. But trust me, that was really a long time ago. Check out the website of the American Radio Relay League for more up-to-date information.

Why do many radio stations around the world observe two minutes of silence in Late July 1937?

It commemorates the death of Marconi, one of the pioneers of radio (he was awarded the Nobel prize with Braun in 1909). On his death, in Italy, on 20 July 1937, radio stations around the world observed a two-minute silence. Piers Letcher (International Telecommunication Union)

How many listeners to a radio station?

The simple answer is it varies. It is dependant on the range of the transmitter, the popularity of the station or program, the population reached, competition and money available.

How many radio stations cover the super bowl?

Over two hundred radio stations carry the Super Bowl each year. Itis one of the most watched and listened to sporting events of theyear.

A radio station accupy how many band width in FM and am?

Commercial AM broadcast stations ... original RF format, not HD ... occupy 20 KHz channels. Commercial FM broadcast stations occupy 200 KHz channels.

How many radio stations have rush limbaugh?

His website says " ... over 600 stations." . You can browse for more details at < >

How do you get your radio to display time and radio stations?

You could request it call them and ask them if they could do that for now on you might change every radio stations!

How do you get foreign radio stations onto your radio?

Unless it's a satellite, the only way to do this is to get a big antenna (like 20 FT long) -You don't necessarily have to point it up. Just try to keep it off the ground.

What is the radio station for radio Disney in VT?

There is no radio Disney airing in Vermont currently. However if you live close enough you may be able to get these signals from neighboring states. Albany NY: 1460 Poughkeepsie NY: 1390 Middletown NY: 1340 New York NY: 1560 Boston MA: 1260 *Hartford CT: 1550 *Hartford Connecticut is most likely too far for signal. Hope I helped!

How many radio stations are involved with coverage of the Super Bowl?

It is unclear exactly how many radio stations are involved with thecoverage of the Super Bowl. However, officially, there is only oneradio station that hosts the Super Bowl and for Super Bowl LI itwas Westwood One with the hosts Kevin Hart and Boomer Esiason.

What is the second best radio station in the world?

khozi FM (south Africa) is the second best in the world and first in Africa!!!!!!!!

Who became the first professional radio station in the world?

That is a very interesting question, and one that scholars still debate. In Canada, historians would say it was XWA, later known as CFCF, owned by the Marconi Company. It went on the air in late 1919. In the USA, several stations claim to have been first: 8MK in Detroit (later known as WWJ, and still on the air today) was on the air in August 1920, owned by the Detroit News; it was also the first station owned by a newspaper. 1XE (later known as WGI) in Medford Hillside, Massachusetts, seems to have been on the air in the summer of 1920 too; it was owned by the Amrad Company. And one station that many textbooks insist was the first (although it really wasn't) was KDKA in Pittsburgh, owned by the Westinghouse Company. KDKA went on the air on November 2, 1920. KDKA was very well-funded and well-publicized, and in radio's first year, it had a number of very important accomplishments that other stations could not equal. There were also early stations in Argentina (Radio Argentina, which went on the air in late August 1920), and several other countries had early stations too. And at colleges, there were some stations playing hit songs and doing the news as early as 1912, when Charles "Doc" Herrold and his wife Sybil put a station on the air at the Herrold College of Wireless in San José, California. It should also be noted that "professional" or "commercial" stations did not exist in those early days. Most stations were run by amateur radio operators, often working for a manufacturer of radio receiving equipment. The first "commercial" license was not issued till mid-September 1921. Contrary to myth, KDKA in Pittsburgh did not get the first professional license-- rather, a sister company, WBZ (then in Springfield MA, today in Boston) received the first commercial license.

How many gas station in the world?

That's not possible to answer. New ones open every day and old ones close down every day. Your question is not answerable.

What is the radio station for radio Disney in Oklahoma?

The only Radio Disney affiliate in Oklahoma is KOCY at 1560 AM in Oklahoma City. (An enormous coincidence ... this contributor was the morning-drive DJ on KOCY in Oklahoma City in the very early 1970s. Trust me ... it wasn't Radio Disney at that time.)

What station is the weather station on AM radio?

Various AM stations carry weather, but in the US, the National Weather Service (NOAA) channels are above the FM band, around 162 Mhz. There are special settings on some FM radios that can pick up these frequencies.

How many radio stations does Streaming Faith have?

"Streaming Faith hosts 24 hour broadband TV stations, fifteen radio stations. It also offers 2500 live events (24-hr) per month on broadband tv stations."

What radio station is hits radio?

LIVING IN THE NEW YORK METRO AREA. I have never heard of Hits Radio. the phrase- the Hits just keep coming- was and is associated with WCBS-FM l0l.l MGHZ in the FM band. Back in the sixties WABC AM 77 ( 770 kilocycles) was then styled Musicradio WABC and ran a heavy hits-oriented format and also the documentary angle on Oldies called Retro-Rock a bit later. up to a point WABC laid the egg that CBS-Fm hatched on the Oldies front.

How many radio stations are there in Kansas?

None. By the time you read this, Governor Brownback will have shut them down for telling the truth about him and his staff.

Why is a radio station called a 'station'?

Because it allows to transmit radio signals and thus act as a source for the radio wwe herar.

How many radio stations owned by Clear Channel?

Quoting the Wikipedia website, ' Clear Channel currently owns 850 full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., making it the nation's largest owner of such properties'.

How many radio stations were in Pakistan on the time of creation?

The first record of generating and detecting radio waves in the laboratory dates from 1888. Without getting into a long theological dispute concerning the Creation, I think we can all agree that it took place several years before 1888, so we can state with assurance that there were no radio stations in Pakistan or anywhere else at the time of Creation. For one thing, no business case had yet been made for building them, since there were very few people who owned receivers at the time, and even those who did had no place to plug them in.

How can you get your positive talk radio syndicated on many stations?

Simple. All you have to do is demonstrate that your show attracts a large audience but is not too edgy, and therefore has the potential to attract a lot of advertisers who want to buy a lot of commercial time on it.

Is radio one really a radio station?

Radio one is a radio station thats very urban and contemporary. They have a lot of the popular songs playing on there. They also target the younger, modern generation.

How many different stations does the XM satellite radio service offer?

Satellite Radio in an analogue or digital radio signal that is relayed through one or more satellites and thus can be received in a much wider geographical area than terrestrial FM radio Stations.

How many internet stations does AOL free radio offer?

AOL offers between 200 to 300 internet radio stations that allow people to listen to a variety of stations. These stations include music such as blues, dance, country, gospel and classical.

How many different internet radio stations are offered by AOL Radio?

AOL Radio offers many different radio stations. AOL Radio has over one hundred fifty stations that play all kinds of different music generas. AOL Radio started in 2001.

How many UK radio stations are owned by The Local Radio Company?

Currently, there are a total of 10 United Kingdom radio stations owned by The Local Radio Company. The Cornwall based media company had as many as 21 stations before either selling or shutting down the other 11.

When was the radio station Radio 538 founded?

The radio station Radio 538 was founded in 1992 by a group of former Radio Veronica employees, led by Lex Harding. Transmissions began on 11 december 1992 from a villa in Bussum.

How many radio station in Pakistan now?

There aredozens of radio stations working on different radio frequency. FMfrequency is liked and listened to by most of Pakistanis.

How many radio stations broacast the Ed Schultz program?

About 90 radio stations currently broadcast the Ed Schultz program. The number varies, however, as affiliates come and go. Ed Schultz's radio show is also broadcast by Sirius/XM satellite, on channel 127. And the radio show is available via streaming audio on the Ed Schultz website.

What is a radio transmitter in a radio station?

The radio transmitter is the electronic device that generates aradio signal, adds information to it (sounds of music, news , sports, weather etc.),amplifies it to a comparitively high power, and couples it to an antenna so that itcan be radiated out to receiving devices at considerable distance. Exactly the same basic functions as the section in your cellphonethat connects your called number and your voice to a cell tower some miles away.