How many movies has George Lucas written and produced?

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13 movies from my count, but maybe more.
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How many movies did George Lucas make?

He directed 6 films: THX 1138, American Graffiti, Star WarsEpisode 4: A New Hope , and all 3 Star Wars prequeltrilogy films. (This is a different person) He did way more th

More George Lucas movies?

As far asI'm concerned the movies he directed were the 6 star wars movies, and the 4 Indiana Jones movies. He might have also written a transformers movie. However I am not ev
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What movies has george lucas directed?

He directed "THX 1138" (1971), "American Graffiti" (1973), "Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope" (1977), "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" (1999), "Star Wars: Episo