How does General Greivous die?

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Obi Wan shoots his organic body with his blaster.

How did general Omar Bradley die?

General Bradley died at the age of 88. The cause of death is not cited on his wikipaedia page. Shall we call it old age.....

Where did General Custer die?

Near the Little Bighorn River in what is now part of the Crow Reservation in southeastern Montana. Custer, more accurately a Lieutenant Colonel at the time, was killed along

Who is general greivous?

He is a very deadly robotic Sith warrior with four lightsabrs. He has killed 32 Jedi on the battlefield. He took their lightsabers as trophies for defeating his enemies. He ca
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Who created general greivous?

General Grievous was originally a living being, and still is today. He lived on one planet that housed two species, one of his and one of another. They were constantly at war.
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How did General Stephen Kearny die?

He died of Yellow Fever in St Louis at the age of 54 and is remembered as the Father of the US Cavalry.