How do you unlock the world cup on fifa 10?

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How do you unlock boots in FIFA 10?

you need to complete these achievements: . Make your online debut Unlocks a selection of Black Boots . Win a cup in manager mode Unlocks a selection of White Boots .

Why is the FIFA World Cup called FIFA World Cup?

Because it is run by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association otherwise known as FIFA, who is football's governing body. The first trophy design that FIFA u

Last 10 FIFA world cup winners?

2006) *Italy* won.Final Against France. 2002) *Brazil* won.Final Against Germany. 1998) *France* won.Final Against Brazil. 1994) *Brazil* won.Final Against Italy.

Should you get FIFA World Cup 2010 or FIFA soccer 10?

here are the facts: there are 199 playable national teams out of 204 on fifa world cup 2010, whereas there are only 41 on fifa 2010. however , there are 31 leaugues and over 5

How to unlock FIFA World Cup 2010 celebrations?

African Dance celebration - KBRRWKUIRSTWUJQW . Baby Cradle celebration - UGSIMLBHLFPUBFJY . Dying Fly celebration - DVMNJPBTLHJZGECP . River Dance celebration - MIKAKPU