How do you take credit card off of Xbox live account?

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the only way is to call Xbox's help line. Just as a warning though, Cancel your account means delete it, just tell them that you want to downgrade to a silver account at the time of the next payment instead of recurring payment.

they will try almost ANYTHING to keep you on though, so be ready.

Google it first please :D


If you have a PC, you can remove your credit card information yourself. First, get Microsoft Live Games for PC. Then, download Tinker (a Free for PC game for the Live network). When installing the game, make sure you use the same account you used for your XBox 360 to activate Tinker.

Now, go to your account settings. You can change or even delete your credit card information there. It will not affect any of you XBox Live settings, or XBox 360 Gold subscription, it only removes you credit card information.
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If you are living off Social Security and a reverse mortgage have no estate but a house and car can a credit card company take these to satisfy their claim?

Maybe. It is difficult without knowing the state of residency to give an opinion. Every state has Homestead and other exemptions that prevent property from being attached and sold by creditors. Many states have statutes that specifically protect property of senior citizens and/or disabled persons. S (MORE)

Are you responsible for paying credit card debt after it was charged off and the account sold?

Answer . \nAbsolutely. "Charge off" is a term used by the original creditor when removing the account from their books and listing it as a loss for taxation purposes. In most cases the account is sold for pennies on the dollar, to a third party agency who will pursue colletion of the debt. The be (MORE)

If a credit card company writes off your account can you still be sued for a judgment and garnishment?

Answer . \nNo! Once a debt it written off that is usually the way it stays, but you didn't get away scott-free. You will be "red tagged" for further credit from many credit card companies. Trying to get a loan for a car or house will be difficult because banking institutions will always do a c (MORE)

If a credit card account has been closed what is the obligation in paying off the remaining debt?

Answer . When you signed up for the credit card you agreed to pay for any debt that you incurred. If your promise is worth anything, you are obligated to pay your debt. Failure to pay the debt will probably result in legal action by the credit card company and no doubt will result in a bad credit (MORE)

Can a credit card company collect on a charged off account after 7 years?

Answer . \nYour state's Statute of Limitations law will provide you with the answer to that question. Charging off a debt is essentially just a bookkeeping term, and does not affect the company's ability to collect the debt from you. The seven-year time frame you reference is related only to how (MORE)

Are you still liable for a debt after a credit card company charges off your account?

Yes, a charge off does not mean a debt is invalid nor uncollectible. The term is used by creditors to indicate a debt that they believe is not collectible under normal procedures and they are clearing the debt from their books for taxation and operational purposes. The OC will then refer (or sell) t (MORE)

Will paying off a credit card account closed by the grantor raise your credit score?

No but if you pay it off before it becomes delinquient it won't hurt it either. WRONG! speaking from experience, yes. if the account is NOT charged-off, but listed as CLOSED, it will raise your score if you lower or pay off the balance. I have a closed (NOT charged-off) CC that had a balanc (MORE)

Are you responsible for paying credit card debt after it was charged off and the account sold and what is the law on this?

Yes, you are still liable on the debt. Unless the debt is beyond the statute of limitations (which varies by state) or it is discharged in bankruptcy, you are likely to be liable on the debt. If the debt is forgiven/cancelled (you would then not be liable) then you will likely receive a 1099-C in th (MORE)

If you are an authorized user on a credit card that improves your credit greatly will taking your name off that account bring your credit down too?

Answer . \nprobably. It sounds like it may worsen the percentage of credit you have. If you have 10k worth of credit lines you will usually have a better score if you used 6k of the 10k versus using 6k out of 8k of credit lines. the 1st ex shows you using 20% of credit while the2nd has you at 75 (MORE)

When is a credit card account charge off wrong?

The charging or writing off of a debt is only a required accounting entry by the creditor. . It does not effect you, or change the amount you owe, or that you owe it. . It does not change any of the legal methods to force collection that were available before making the entry.. It does not chan (MORE)

Can Bank of America take money out of my checking account to pay off a charged off credit card debt?

Answer . To whomever posted this question, please e-mail me. I have a similar issue with Bank of America and am currently doing some research. Contact me and we can possibly discuss. . . The answer to this question is YES, to anyone out there that has credit cards at bank o (MORE)

If you pay a charged off credit card how long does it take to go on your credit report?

Your charged off and now paid off card will show that you've had a charge off and that you've paid it off. It will also indicate if you paid an amount less than what the original debt was, if you came to that agreement with the creditor. The item should show on your credit report for 7 years from th (MORE)

Can you get a credit card to pay off your overdrawn bank account?

In principle you can; you can get a cash advance from a credit card and use that to pay off the bank account, the problem is that the interest from the credit card is likely to be higher than the bank charges. It's probably best to try and arrange a loan with the bank.

Can credit card companies take money from your checking account?

It depends. If: . you have a monthly credit card bill repayment agreement with the bank wherein the bank automatically deducts your monthly payments from your checking account or . you have defaulted on your card payments for more than 2 or 3 months and haven't contacted the bank reg. the same . (MORE)

Can your bank account be levied for a credit card charge off?

A charge off does not define the debt as invalid or uncollectable. It is a designation used by creditors to indicate the debt is being removed from their normal accounting methods and sent into collection action. If the creditor sues the debtor and receives a judgment (they always do) the judgment (MORE)

How do you get on Xbox live for free without a credit card?

You cannot. Microsoft is a the physical incarnate of the stereotype "covetous Jew". Xbox Live is purchaseable without a credit cad, however, if you were to buy a membership card from the checkout aisle of any major supermarket. If you were to mean by hacking the system, I'm sure someone out there k (MORE)

Can you take your credit card off of xbox live?

Yes. To transfer your services and balances to a new payment method, follow these steps: . Sign in to the Billing and Account Management website. . Under Your payment methods , click the payment method you want to change. . Under Payment method act (MORE)

How do you take your credit card details off your PlayStation 3 account?

You don't need to enter credit card numbers, you can just buy a $20 or $50 PlayStation card so that how much is worth like $50 is gonna add to your funds and you can download a game that costs money and if you have wwe 12, you can get download the rock and anything else that costs money

Do you have to have a credit card number for xbox live?

Nope. Credit cards on Xbox LIVE let you buy Microsoft Points and Gold Membership right off of your Xbox. You can buy cards at game stores, and some game stores let you Pay with cash. Codes on the cards can be typed on your Xbox, and you get the same stuff from that. So Credit cards let you get Micro (MORE)