How do you sprint in Star Wars Battlefront 1?

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You can't. The sprint ability did not appear until star wars battlefront 2.
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How do you put in cheat codes for Star Wars battlefront 1?

Answer . Go to "Historical Campaign" mode (in single player) Select the Era you want to play (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War). You should now be on the Planet Selection s

Star Wars battlefront 1 cheats?

Yes there is one cheat it is a crappy one though... It's a baby wars cheats. every character except droideka's are small. To do this you will have to create a new file and cal

Are there cheats for Star Wars Battlefront 1?

Yes, but I don't know any. One is "Jub-jub" if you play with that name, then you will be tiny. Also, try for more cheats. There is also a cheat for all p

What planets are in Star Wars battlefront 1?

Bespin, Endor, Geonosis, Hoth, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Naboo, Rhen Varr, Tatooine and Yavi 4 are all available to play on in Star Wars Battlefront I. Many of these locations have on