How do you get your avatar to tell you where the right paintings should be?

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Can you tell whether an artist is right or left handed from their paintings?

Some people believe this is possible by the way light is shown to come from the left or from the right in a painting. My opinion is that it is possible for any painter to pain

What should you paint?

1. self portrait 2. landscape of season 3. a fox 4. puppies or kittens in a basket 5. splotches of colour 6. some resteraunt 7. a beach 8. swing 9. war- and ma

If you have parents that treat you unfair and constantly tell you that you get nothing right what should you do?

parents are human. but, some parents are aware and they continue to manipulate and lay the guilt trip on you. the trick is to recognise the game being played. try and forgive

How do you put your zwinky avatar on paint?

Here's my technique:. First, go to your room. Make your walls white. Next, make the Zwinky desktop cover the whole screen. Next, press Alt and Print Scrn SysRq (next to Scrol

Should you go to Avatar?

It's entirely up to you whether you should go to see any movie. Even your closest friends who know your tastes well can get it wrong when deciding what you might or might not
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Should an employer have the right to tell you to wear make up?

An employer has the right to insist that you appear presentable and professional. Specifically requiring you to wear make-up (unless the job literally requires it, for example

How do you tell if your avatar is in labor on imvu?

i wanna know because mine is pregnant and she had her baby but i didn't know that she was given birth because she kept on crying out of no where and i don't know how it was we
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What should you think if a guy tells you he loves you right away?

You should decide whether you love them back. If you're not sure about your feelings but still like them perhaps you should tell them that they're moving a little too fast by