How do you get clothes in Roblox?

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you buy them off people, the person MasterChifChaf has some good clothes
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What is robloxs code on Roblox?

I'm not sure what you're asking about. If you are asking for a password, then there's no way to know because there are a thousands of passwords on that site and most people would not tell you there password. But if you are asking for it's Referral code then the new update means you only have to type (MORE)

Do you get on Roblox?

Go on, make an account, download roblox, and start playing games. BTW you don't need to download ROBLOX if you either use Internet Explorer or FireFox. You can also go to to test games, or to test the website?; Everyone uses those sites. Whatever' (MORE)

How can you make clothes in Roblox?

Go to character, then go to "T-shirts" part. You'll see in blue "Shirts", click that. Under Shirts, in blue, is "Shop" and "Create". Click Create then follow the instructions!

How do you make clothing on roblox?

you have to have BC, go to character then go to either pants,shirts, or t-shirts then click the create button then their is directions on tht

How do you get to your Roblox?

Well Now you click My roblox then click profile. To acess messages click inbox. To update your profile press account. There are tons of tabs to click on so you get the point.

How do you get the Roblox shirt on Roblox?

1. Access the catalog ( 2. On the sidebar, click on the "For Sale". 3. Using the search bar, search for "guest" 4. Find the cheapest one and buy.

Does ROBLOX still play Roblox?

Yes and no. The user 'ROBLOX' from is not used like a regular user. This account is instead used by the Roblox admins to publish places and hats, not for actually playing the game. The Roblox admins do sometimes play Roblox games, but they do not use the account 'ROBLOX' to do this.

Where is ROBLOX?

Google it, the first result is the website. I can't post links on here, got my wrist slapped before.

Can you delete clothes on roblox?

No, however you can delete hats/gear/shirts/pants/badges/etc from your stuff at any time. But the actual clothing cannot be deleted from Roblox's server (Unless you are an administrator).

What can you do with Roblox?

Roblox can help you to think outside the box with a variety of stuff to do. You can build your own place, make videos, take screenshots and send it to your friends and much more.

What can you do in ROBLOX?

Because I love ROBLOX myself, you could say I was an addict. anyway, Basicly people make dimensions that you can play in,IE: assassins creed on ROBLOX is fun, or you can play town and city games like GTA or Lakeside, or you can play games like survive the disasters and survive the Titanic. (MORE)

Who is roblox on roblox?

ROBLOX is an avatar which all the admins use to upload hats, gear etc. It is not a real player and people often get this mixed up.

How do you make your Roblox big on Roblox?

ok to get the spawns (1) first make the spawns in normal build two rename them you know how to do that i will tell you first get the spawns you can change the color of them then when you get the colors go to file then select the spawns in the workspace then click allow team change step on it then re (MORE)

Who is the roblox user ROBLOX?

ROBLOX the user is a famous staff member of Roblox the game. He's famous for making every single one of the following items for your character guy: Gear Faces Packages Hats and so on... ROBLOX user made everything to do with your charater on roblox expect the following: T-Shirts (MORE)

Can you make clothes on ROBLOX?

Yes you can make clothes on ROBLOX. Here are the different types of clothes you can make : • T-Shirts • Pants • Shirts That is really all you can make. You have to be an Administrator on ROBLOX to make these things : • Heads • Faces • Gear • Hats (MORE)

What do you do on Roblox?

Well, for starters, you make a place and then when your done, upload it and then you can dress up your guy, and ect. You can do a lot of stuff on Roblox. The problem is BC (Builder's Club.) Lot's of Robloxians hate BC if they don't have it. I have a Roblox myself, mine is Mynamelol. Request me! :D (MORE)

Do you have a Roblox?

Yes i do P.S. You can't have a roblox, but you can have a robloxian. I do too, My name is DrScotteh

How do you change clothes during game in ROBLOX?

Open 2 windows. Onw with the game you're on, and one with your ROBLOX profile page. On your profile page click, "Character". Change your character to what you want, go back on your game, then die, and you will look like what you changed to. Hope this helps! :D PS-Add me on ROBLOX! I'm 12kif3.

How do you get Roblox Studio at Roblox?

You have to download roblox. . Then go to the start menu of you computer. . Click all programs and look for roblox. . Then click roblox the roblox studio.

How do you change clothes in roblox in a game?

To change your outfit on Roblox you must have an account(not play as a guest). First click "My Roblox", then select "My Character". From here you can select to wear any clothes you have purchased.

How do you get on roblox?

To get on ROBLOX go to the official website (see the related link). Then click "Play Now". Go to the Sign Up Box fill in your age. Then click Continue.

Were on roblox is your roblox?

Just click "My ROBLOX" and you should see your person. If you want to Customize your person click "My ROBLOX", then click "Character".

How do you change your roblox cloths?

Go to "My Roblox." When you get to the Home, look at the red words under the "My ROBLOX, Games, Catalog, People, Builder's Club, Contests, Forum, News, Parents" and "Help". Under that, look to the right, and you'll find "Character". You can find your way when you get up there. Hope that helped :3

How do you get titanic clothes on roblox?

Step 1: Go to the roblox catalog. Step 2: Go to either pants or shirts. Step 3: Go to the search box and enter, "titanic" or "titanic clothes". Step 4: Click on one that looks appealing. Step 5: Click the word, "buy with R$", or "buy with TIX". Step 6: Based on the roblox currency that you have and (MORE)

How do you get VIP clothes in Roblox when not a VIP?

U can't But there is a way to make a fake VIP shirt Find the t shirt u want save the image as... Edit it in paint, erase the t shirt outline keeping the picture and save Then go to roblox go to my roblox,character,t shirts, create, find your t short picture and click make t shirt or what ever t (MORE)

Why is roblox called roblox?

'Blox' is pronounced "blocks", and refers to the block style of the game. 'Ro" as in Robots because your character is a robot or it has been attached to the beginning for style and uniqueness, otherwise it wouldn't have been much of a name.

How do you make good clothes on Roblox?

you need builders club which i dont though so i think you go into catalog or stuff in my roblox page then you could make one by pressing a button that says make one

How do you get Roblox dollars in Roblox?

Roblox dollars, knows as "robux", can be collected by trading inyour tickets via the currency button. 1000 tickets = roughly 10000robux. You can also collect lots more robux by getting buildersclub and getting free money from the sky

What was roblox OBC lifetime on roblox?

Its something you buy for 365 dollars which gives you OutrageousBuilders club for life... There is no way, i mean NO WAY, to getthis without paying the money, most of them are scams.

How do you equip clothes on Roblox?

Firstly, go to Roblox and press 'Character' which can be found atthe top black bar. Then, click on 'Shirts' or whatever you want toequip on your character. Finally, once you find the clothing youwant to equip, click 'Wear' on the top right of that clothing. Itshould be equiped on your character.

How do you take your clothes of on roblox?

There should be two sections inside the avatar customization page,on top are your items and clothing you have to equip, and on thebottom are your items and clothing you currently wear. Click on aitem on the bottom section to remove it.