How do you download songs on a Sony mp3 player?

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Sony mp3 players tend to be only compatible with PC (windows-based computers). Make sure you have one of those, first! If any discs came, install them! Most of the time you plug in a cable and your computer recognizes the device. It might turn on automatically when plugged in, but if it doesn't, turn it on.
If you're looking for a specific source, downloading programs such as "Kazaa" or "Ares" have a "Shared Folder" in which your songs are stored. These should be dragged to the folder or source that opens when you plug in your device.

It should be mentioned some of the Sony MP3 Players require you to use special software and likely you can't just drag and drop in windows explorer like we would all hope and expect. The one i have experience with is 1gb that plays MP3 , WMA , WAV , ATRAC3 , ATRAC3plus, has an FM tuner and built in USB plug.

You should be able to use most any app that support portable devices for example in Windows Media player you go through your playlist or add the songs you want to a playlist then click SYNC at the top right click the song you want and click 'Add to Sync' then when your done selecting click START SYNC. You may have to add your music collection to WindowsMediaPLAYER if you're like me you never use it. I THINK Winamp and Sonic will let your SYNC your player but i am quite sure iTunes will not.
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How do you download songs from LimeWire to the MP3 player on a mobile phone?

Answer . Hi :) . The same way you would download them to your phone from your PC :) . They will be stored on your Hard Drive :) . Snowy :)

Where can you download Goldust's entrance song for an MP3 player?

Answer . Go to: You'll have to register, but it's free, unless you want to download more than 10 MBs, per day. I'm not sure which song, of his, you want, but there's several listed for him.. Answer . Who would want it?

How do you download songs from LimeWire to your mp3 player?

The other guy that gave that answer is a fud, don't listen ,theres an even easier way to do it! Open Limewire! then go into library then click on saved files and then drag on to your desktop then put it on your MP3 ! $as easy as that$ Answer if you have musicmatch Go to Itunes and click on file and click on import file or folder (single or album) find the song and then it will sync it on youre ipod. Hope it helped (by Jamieson)

How many songs can be downloaded onto an MP3 player?

Answer . It depends on the hard drive (or memory capacity) size of the MP3 player. Of course, songs of different lengths are different sizes, but the average song is about 30 MB. So if your MP3 player can store 1 GB (1000 MB), it can probably hold about 333 songs.\n Answer . This depends on the quality of your MP3 songs. Basically, the higher the quality of your songs, the bigger the files, and hence the less number of songs you can hold in your player. \nFor 128M player, it can hold about 32 songs (128k bit rate).\nFor 256M player, it can hold about 64 songs (128k bit rate).\nFor 512M player, it can hold about 128 songs (128k bit rate).\nFor 1G player, it can hold about 256 songs (128k bit rate).

How do you download songs onto an MP3 player?

Answer . depends on your MP3 player, but normally use a USB cable and a sinc software. In case of iPod, it uses iTunes to download music to the MP3 player.

How do you download songs to a mp3 player?

You can put a CD into the computer and it will download the songs from there.

How Do You Download Songs to an MP3 player From LimeWire?

If you have a Mac computer, search on iTunes for the music you just downloaded from Limewire. You can load it to your MP3 player from there.

Why will your mp3 player not play all downloaded songs?

Answer . This is probably because you are loading songs on it that have formats the MP3 player itself cannot read. Read the manual for your MP3 player thoroughly. It should explain what file types it supports- e.g., wma, MP3, ram, whatever.. When you download songs, be sure it is saving it as the correct file format, that which is compatible with your MP3 player. If your MP3 player came with some form of conversion software, it may require its own file format. This means you will have to convert the song you want into the MP3 player's format within the software, before you can transfer it to the MP3 player. Many extensive ones like iPod's, Sandisk e280's, etc. do require it. If nothing else, contact the manufacturer and ask some questions. They will be able to help you step by step.

How do you download mp3 songs?

This is a really generic question. There are many sites to download MP3s from, all of which require you to pay for them (if they're legal). | Mixed quality, average cost of $.59/song , and you can store your downloads for life. These are "used" MP3s. A portion of the profits go back to the author and the record company. | May contain DRM. Average price of $.99/song . Profits go to the record company (and then may go to the author). | All about the same quality (high). Average cost of $.09/song , but you can only download and save your songs two or three times. And a portion of the profits go directly to the author (not the record company). Good luck! Edit: MP3 Palace used to be a good site for cheap MP3s, but I can't find the link any longer. If anyone has it, please post.

How do you download songs from LimeWire to an mp3 player instead of I tunes?

How to transfer songs from limewire to an mp3-download all the songs you want on limewire but before you do that hook up your mp3 or ipod then go to windows media player and go to sync device and pull up the empty sync list then click on 1 of your songs then press ctrl+a and it will select all of the songs then minimize windows media player then select all of your songs again hold drag until you get to the bottom were windows media player is. keep holding drag windows media player should pop up while your still holding drag then drag all of the songs to the sync list make sure you have enough space (it will say by the mp3 icon at the top) then press start sync. If an problems go wrong press stop sync.

How do you download songs from iTunes to an Sansa MP3 Player?

iTunes has its own format, so really, you can't.What i do is download "froustwire"; it's free and legal to download the songs I want. Make a playlist, then put the playlist in "my music" and/or "my playlist".Go to Windows Media Player and the playlist will be there. Plug in your Sansa mp3 player in the USB slot and burn the songs onto it.. Another way (that I think is easier) is as follows:. Go onto iTunes, Go to Edit, Click Preferences, Advanced, Import Using:-MP3 Encoder.. Now, all of the songs that you buy on iTunes should change to an mp3 format.. Plug in your Sansa mp3 Player in the USB slot, and download the songs that you want.. tip- if it doesn't work, then that might mean that the song that your downloading was bought before you changed the settings. I know, it's not the best, is it?. Good Luck!

How do you download videos to a Sony mp3 player?

take it from your computer and convert it to another format if it needs to be converted

What sites can you download music for your Sony MP3 player?

It can be availed for many purposes like: MP3 with recorder, car MP3 players and portable MP3's etc. These players come in all your famous brands like: Sony, Samsung, Archos and eBay. So, visit these places and buy a right MP3 player for yourself. It can also become a perfect gift for your family or friends. This device comes in so many styles and varieties to provide you full entertainment options. MP3 players have many advantages like: light weight, the memory capacity, which can store a lot of songs.. Expandable memory can also allow the users download songs through the Internet. You can enjoy your favourite music at your fingertips. Basically, they are available in four types: Hard drive based players, Micro Hard Drive Players, Flash Based Players and MP3 CD Players.. Hard Drive Based MP3 players generally have large screen with some easy to use features. These type of MP3s contain their own hard drive. These highest capacity devices are the first main type in MP3 player. It has 20GB of memory, where you can listen every song of your choice. These models are available in less or high price range in the market. Another type is Micro Hard Drive Players, they are low in price but high in quality. This portable device is quite similar to hard drive MP3 player. This good model offers lots of features in your price range.. Flash Based Mp3 Players are easy to access and small in size. This player is based on high advanced technology with high memory storage. This flash based MP3 player has no moving type and can be perfectly carried while jogging, cycling, hiking, driving or anywhere. This player is rich in features and its music allows many options to play. MP3 CD Players are consider as the analog form of technology and rarely used these days; but old is gold. They are still in trend and in use to play some romantic songs for their loved ones. You can put some selected songs from the list on a 650 MB disk. It can play around 10 songs in one round.. If you want the MP3 player in your budget, then Sandisk Sansa Shaker is one of the cheapest MP3 player available in the market. It has 512MB storage memory, which is available in vibrant pink or blue colours in the market. Its vibrant and charming colours mostly attract kids and teens. This shaking device makes you dance. You just need to put the ear buds and enjoy the rocking music. It also has one of the most exciting feature which helps to jump to the song by shaking the player. With the help of built-in speakers, you can enjoy the loud music with or without your friends.. Creative Muvo Mix is also the another type of cheap mp3 player. It can also become the perfect gift at affordable price. It is filled with 256 MB storage memory. This multi tasking device is light in weight and completely portable to carry anywhere. This pocket-able digital audio player also has USB flash drive, which allows you to store or share your data. This creative device is a perfect music player for yourself as well as for the kids. Now the the decision is totally yours. Which one you want to buy and for whom? There are numerous types and categories available in the market, which makes your search easier..

How do you fix a Sony MP3 player?

To fix a Sony MP3 player, first diagnose the problem. You can resetthe player by holding in the button by the battery.

How do you download songs onto an MP3 player from a CD?

First. Put the CD into the computer. Then open Windows Media Player, if you have that. Then click Copy from CD. Then click Copy Music. The Music files should then be in the folder, 'My Music'. Plug in your MP3 player into the USB and then drag the music files into the MP3 player folder. Oh yeah what if you don't have a computer... get on one. Oh wait. You must have to have posted this. Divvyyy!

Who do you download song to an mp3 using real player?

I have a zen stone plus mp3 player and i think those are really cool. They have a stopwatch, FM radio, music and more. So i don't know how to.

Can you download music from itunes onto your sony Mp3 player?

Yes, most definately, you can either drag the music from iTunes onto the folder of your Mp3 or use the copy and paste mtethod. Also, if you are importing CD's, go to import settings, and change the imported files to 'mp3' so the music will work

How do download songs from media player to your mp3 player?

You mp3 player should have a built in usb. plug this in to the usb socket on your computer/laptop. Then open up windows media player. The following information varies depending on which version of media player you have but is pretty similair for all. Click on 'sync'. This should show you all the songs you have ripped onto your computer. somewhere on the screen a picture of a mp3 is shown with a box underneath(the picture isn't of your mp3). drag the songs into the box underneath the picture. When you've added all the songs you want into the box, click 'start sync'. (on my version of media player its at the bottom right of the box.) when they've all been copied it should say 'sync complete' and/or a message will come up saying you may know unplug the mp3. You also use sites like to download music for free without having to buy the CD first. The whole syncing process can be a bit confusing at first-i only started using it yesterday! But once you've done it a few times it gets a lot easier-trust me! well good luck and hope you get the hang of it! Hope this was of some use.

How do you download iTunes songs to a sony MP3 player?

you cant itune dont make music files . use a different music store and drag the music file over to the other

How do you download songs from iTunes to a Samsung MP3 Player?

you cant because itune dont make music file and mp3 basicly is a usb and u need the music files to put on a mp3

How many songs can you download on an ipod or MP3 player?

It depends on how many Gegabites ( GBS ) it has. One GB holds 250 songs 2 GBs holds 500 songs and so on. I don't really know about IPODS though.

How do download iTunes music to Sony mp3 player?

You can't download itunes on to a mp3 player. You can only download itunes on a iPod. But you can download music for an MP3 Player on

Where download old MP3 songs?

I recommend to use VK - it's large music MP3 library with totally free access. There are millions of files in this database. You can create your personal playlist and listen to your favourite tracks online or download them. It's multilanguage site, so users from all countries may use this music library. All you have to do is register. The registration process takes one minute and you even don't need to sign in your e-mail. \n\nNotice: Registration on this site will be end on October 24th for unknown period. At now you can register via my invite ( This site requires your “VALID” First / last name and University/School name. Also you need to upload your photo. If you don't do this you can be banned in one hour after registration.\n

How to download songs to a sony walkman mp3?

do you have imesh , mp3 rocket, or window media if so go to start ,all programs then my computer then find your device and click on it then drag your music to it

How do you download songs for free from the computer to your MP3 player?

If you want to download songs get Ares is s P2P file sharing torrent download what songs you want then you open itunes (or download it if you don't have it) then you select the song you want copy and paste it to the library of itunes then connect the MP3 to the PC then copy songs from itunes to MP3 i hope this helps

Where can you legally download free Hindi songs for an mp3 player?

Reverb Nation and Last.FM are good sites to download free Hindisongs. Download Hindi MP3 is another good site to download Hindisongs.

Can you download MP3 songs on an iPod?

yes You can download unlimited mp3 by the use of a streaming audio capture. My friend recommended it to me. Very good! I pasted it on the link. edited**

Can iTunes songs be downloaded on an mp3 player?

Yes but you need extra tool to remove iTunes DRM protection. I suggest Daniusoft Media Converter Pro.

Where can you download song for your mp3?

You can go to to buy songs or itunes if you have an ipod Or if you are like everybody else you can download Limewire and get songs. Although I don't recommend that.

How do you download songs for MP3?

The method I'm familiar with is... After downloading the songs onto your computer from a website, connect your MP3 player or device to a computer with a USB cable. You then open two My Document windows, go to My Computer, and on one, go to portable disk, [whatever device is hooked up to the computer], and on the other, navigate to the songs you downloaded. Just drag the song title to your MP3 window and voila! It will be on your MP3 player. It will take a couple minutes to download to the device. I'm not familiar with iTunes, and it might work a little bit differently.

How do you download songs to Guitar Hero 3 from an MP3 player?

im not sure if ur able to download songs to ur ps3 from ur mp3. but if ur able to go online on ur ps3 then go to the playstation store and download them of that.

How can you download songs from to your mp3 player?

You Can't Edit: you can. well, actually you already downloaded the song while listening. Have a look at your browser's cache folder which is (for Mozilla Firefox on Windows): C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.default\Cache\

How do you download a song in Sony walkman player?

You can't download songs directly from your Sony Walkman Player, but you can go on your computer and use "Windows Media Player" where you can sync songs onto your music player. You can just drag songs from the list into the little box on the right that should say "WALKMAN". Also, you can go on certain websites and download your music, but make sure they're actually legal.. :P Hope this helped :)

How do you download the songs on bee mp3?

You have to click on the song then it will take you to another page, listen to the song then click download to my computer. Then plug your Ipod or mp3 and transfer it. Or you can put it in you i tunes.

How do you download MP3 songs for an ipod?

It is really simple, free,and 100% legal. Just go to There is no catch and it is a virus free website. I downloaded tons of music and then I ran a virus scan. My computer was completely unharmed. Take my word for it because it is much easier then paying on itunes. You don't even have to join the site or anything!!

How do you download mp3 songs from kannadaaudiocom?

The music from the Kannada Audio website is streamed using the Real Player (.ram) format. It does not provide mp3 downloads as explained in the site's small print... "All kinds of downloads are strictly forbidden in"

How much does it cost to download a song onto an MP3 player?

To download a song from itunes, it either costs .99 or 1.29. From limewire, songs are free so it depends where you get your music from. Getting onto your mp3 player is free

What website can you go on to download songs from YouTube to your mp3 player?

I have used, an add-on.. but you can also surf the net if u want more info

How do you download free songs on my mp3?

This is only for PC . Find a song that you like on youtube . Make a tab . In the tab, go to . On google, search youtube to mp3 . Click on the link that says youtube to mp3 converter; There is only one legit website . Go back to the youtube tab, and click on the song, so that it is playing . Once it is playing copy the address bar, or where it says http:// . Click over to the other tab with the converter, then delete the code in the box in the middle of the screen, and paste your address bar code in it . Press convert . There will be a box that will show up that will ask you if you want to save it, or download it, save it . there will be a box in the lower right corner of your screen that pops up; it is a save box, save the song somewhere that you can find it easily . Press save . After it is done saving, the box will disappear . Minimize all of your other websites, and open itunes, or another music saving area . Go to your files, and find the song, drag it to your itunes menu, or other song library . For itunes, plug your ipod, or mp3 player in, and press sinc, for any other program, the song should already be on your music player . that's it

How can you download songs without mp3?

You can buy an ipod or create an account on itunes so you have a "library" of music to listen to.

How do you download MP3 songs to your computer?

Downloading such files is easy. All you have to do is find a site that has them. You may have to purchase them. Some people use filesharing programs to download the files, and such programs are beyond the scope of WikiAnswers, and no assistance on using them will be given. Downloading MP3 versions of music you already own is generally legal, but many people break the law and download what they don't own, and we have no way of knowing what music or other media you already own.

How do you download YouTube songs in mp3?

There are a few ways to conduct downloading Youtube videos to mp3. The best method I know of is to go to a called, typically, Youtube-to-mp3. Just use you search engine to find it and it will be the very first link (at least thats for google, not sure about other search engines). When you get to the page there will be a space where you paste a video link into there and it will transfer it into an mp3 file to download, (it doesn't usually take over 5 seconds). Just find the song you want to download on youtube and when you are on the page that lets you view the song, copy the URL from THAT PAGE into the youtube-to-mp3 converter page. Tips: Make sure you get the url of a good quality video with a good quality audio. Also, note that this method is generally best used for downloading a few songs at a time. If you want to download albums i suggest using utorrent to download them as you can pretty much download full albums at once. Hope this helps :)

How do you download songs from windows media player to MP3 player?

1)Connect your portable media player to the usb port of your computer. 2)If you are on Windows XP,Vista or 7 it will automatically get detected and an autotun dialog will appear, choose "sync files using windows media player option" from the list. 3)On windows media player under the sync tab go to "create sync list". 4)Add songs to the list and click Sync. The songs will be copied to the players memory. 5)The Songs will appear on the portable media player.

How do you download songs on your mp3 player legally?

There's nothing illegal about copying songs from CD's you have purchased or paid downloads to an MP3 player for your own personal listening. The legal issue arises when someone attempts to profit from on-selling or unauthorized distribution of songs. Connect your MP3 device to your computer, usually through a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Go to the drive and folder where your songs are stored and copy/paste to the MP3 player. If the songs are on a CD, import the CD into your music player program (like Windows Media Player and iTunes) in MP3 format. Then go the drive and folder where your songs are stored and copy/paste to the MP3 player.

How many songs can a Sony MP3 player hold?

A 4GB Sony Walkman will hold up to about 1000 songs, considering each song is three to four megabytes apiece. A 16gb Sony Walkman will hold 4x as much, about 4000 songs total.

How easy is it to download songs to an mp3 player?

If you have the songs on your computer already in mp3 form then relatively easy. Just use a usb cable to connect your mp3 player to your computer then go to my computer then click on the usb drive and open your music folder. Highlight/ select the files you want to transfer then drag the files into the usb drive folder and wait for the transfer. Remove usb safely by right clicking on the drive file and selecting remove safely.

What mp3 players does Sony make?

Famously known as the Walkman, Sony makes a large number of mp3 players. Details can by found at the Sony website and also at websites of BestBuy and Amazon. Shop around for the best prices. Sites like Cnet provide dependable reviews.

Where can free mp3 songs be downloaded?

There are a number of websites where MP3's can be downloaded forfree. These include Free MP3 Like, MP3 Skull, Last Another option is the visit the websites offavorites bands as sometimes there are free downloads there aswell.

Where can one get a download for mp3 songs?

Depends on the song. You could try the iTunes website to download mp3 songs. Or, you could try Amazon or the Play dot com website to download mp3 songs.

How do you download mp3 songs on mac?

Mac most commonly uses the iTunes store. You would open iTunes, goto the online store, and buy somgs directly through it. They willdownload straight onto your machine.