How do you do all the commands on Star Wars Battlefront 2?

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You have to point your reticule at the computer you want to give the command to. You can only give commands one computer at a time, and they have to be pretty close to you.
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What are the admin commands for Star Wars Battlefront 2?

These are some of them: /admin /bots (number) -controls amount of bots /admin /players -lists all players in game /admin /boot (number) -boots player with assigned num

Can you be commander rex on Star Wars Battlefront 2?

no but there is a mod that i have that adds new units along with the clone commodes and commander Rex the mod is called ultimate battlefront: the clone wars it can be downl

What are all of the units in Star Wars battlefront 2?

Rebel Alliance: Galactic Empire: Republic: CIS:. Rebel Soldier Stormtrooper Clone Trooper Super Battle Droid. Rebel Vangaurd Shock Trooper Heavy Trooper Assualt Driod. Rebe

How do you Command troops in star wars battlefront 2 for PC?

It depends on what rank you are for how many troops you can lead but aim directly at them and press F4. You have to be close enough too. askers review:i became a general yes

What are All cheats for Star Wars battlefront 2 on PS2?

L=Left, R=Right, U=Up, D=Down. Hold L2+R2 while putting in these codes infinite ammo = u,d,l,d,d,l,d,d,l,d,d,d,l,r invincibility = u,u,u,d,d,d,u,u,u,l,r. Comic Book Ca

What are all admin commands for Star Wars battlefront 2?

/admin /bots (number of bots you want) /admin /addmap (code for which ever map you want) /admin /endgame -- Ends level and goes to next map /admin /maps -- shows all

What are all the Star Wars battlefront 2 ps2 cheats?

L=Left R=Right D=Down U=Up Infinite Health=U,U,U,L,D,D,D,L,U,U,U,L,R Infinite Ammo=U,D,L,D,D,L,D,D,L,D,D,D,L,R Alternate sounds=UUU,LUDUULDDDLUDDLR Comic book captions(Note On
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Is commander Cody on Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Sadly, there are no clone heroes on the standard version of Star Wars Battlefront 2. This means that Commander Cody, Captain Rex, or someone like Commander Appo are not playab