How do you delete memory on a GameCube memory card?

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If you want to delete memory turn on the gamecube with your memory cards in there slots make sure there is no disc in the gamecube if there is hold down the A button to bring up the gamecube menu go to the memory card which is at the bottom menu then choose which card slot now you will see your games on there use the control stick to highlight which game you want to delete press the A button then choose delete press A on yes and it will be gone forever.
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Can GameCube Memory cards be used on the wii?

You can use GameCube memory cards, but only to save on GameCube games, not Wii games. The Wii already has 512 MB of internal memory, and an optional SD Memory Card can be used to save Wii games.

Where does a gamecube memory card go on a Nintendo wii?

Ther are two memory card slots on top of the wii near the spot wear you plug in the game cube controller it's under a little panel thingy that lifts up and when you put a memory in make shure to put it in slot A usually it want save in slot B for some reason.

N64 memory card delete?

Insert a game cartridge. Hold the start button and turn the game on. The memory card will come up and you can delete what you want.

Do GameCube games come with memory cards?

I've had two games that come with them - Animal Crossing and SuperSmash Bros. Of course they both only have enough room to save that game onthem, but Animal Crossing's is a large size (around 60 MB i think),considering most games only take up about like 10 MB or whatever.So you may find some use jus (MORE)

How do you delete memory card from digital camera?

If you mean REMOVE memory card. The memory card is usually under a flap which when opened reveals the memory card, push the card as if pushing it in and it will release the card. Some times the batteries are also housed in the same compartment.. If you mean erase (FORMAT) the card, this facility sh (MORE)

How do you use the GameCube memory card?

To use the Memory Card, all you have to do is insert the Memorycard in Slot A. When prompted to save in a video game, the gamewill automatically save onto the card that is inserted into Slot A.If you do touch the Memory Card or the POWER button, the Memorycard will be damaged and the save data will (MORE)

How do you restore memory from a corrupted GameCube memory card?

By deleting the corrupted memory. You can try doing some tactics like removing it from the system for an amount of time, which has been rumored to work, but not really proven. It is worthy of note that on a Memory Card 1019, some older games will not be compatible. Hi, i also have tatics the a (MORE)

How do you format a GameCube Memory Card?

Normally, you can't format a GameCube memory card unless it is corrupt, in which case you'll be offered the option. You can, however, delete individual save files, so if you want to empty a memory card, you have to delete the save files one by one.

What size memory card for GameCube needed?

You don't need a specific size memory card to play the GameCube; any GameCube memory card will do. Different games take up a different amount of blocks on a memory card, so what size you'll need depends on what games you want to play.

Why do GameCube Memory Cards get corrupted?

Memory cards can get corrupted for many reasons, including removing it while the Gamecube/Wii is writing data to it, an error with the Gamecube/Wii, or an error with the card itself.

How do you delete space on a memory card for GameCube?

If you want to delete memory turn on the gamecube with your memory cards in there slots make sure there is no disc in the gamecube if there is hold down the A button to bring up the gamecube menu go to the memory card which is at the bottom menu then choose which card slot now you will see your game (MORE)

How do you delete the system update from your memory card for psp?

If you connect your PSP to your PC with a USB cable, you can manually delete the upgrade installer from your memory card. This is not to be confused with downgrading the PSP firmware itself. Once you run an upgrade, the PSP's firmware is flashed and upgraded, deleting the update file won't do anyth (MORE)

Why do GameCube memory cards reformat?

GameCube memory cards can reformat when something is wrong with the memory card, such as it becoming corrupt. You can also reformat the memory card manually through the GameCube's memory card manager.

How do you delete pictures from a SD memory card?

Well if you have a camera with an SD slot, then you can delete them on your camera. If not, then you need a computer/laptop that has an SD slot, and your SD card should come up. If it doesn't, then go to 'My Computer' and it will be there under 'Devices With Removable Storage.' Hope I helped!

Can you recover pictures from a memory card after deleting them?

Many cameras can have deleted pictures recovered using programs on the computer. It depends on the camera you are using, so this particular method might not work for you. You could try a program called CardRecovery. There is a charge for this service ($40 approx), but it is worth it to recover pictu (MORE)

Why won't the memory in my memory card go up when i delete things?

That question is really unspecific, and thus no one can really help you. However, you can delete all data on your memory stick by choosing the restore memory stick option in Settings. Although this will delete ALL of your data, this should fix any problems when saving or deleting data in the future. (MORE)

Where can one purchase a cheap GameCube memory card?

Inexpensive GameCube memory cards are available through foreign electronics sellers such as DealExtreme. However, these unlicensed cards are generally considered inferior to officially licensed Nintendo memory cards. Consumers interested in the genuine product will need to purchase a used card throu (MORE)