How do you change your xbox live gamertag for free?

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The first gamertag change is for free any changes after that cost 800 Microsoft Points.
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Celebrity Xbox live gamertags?

oOi FusionzZ Oo = Ray William Johnson JLow The Hobbo = Johnny Depp GearsMasterZ = Will Ferrel xLr8 x TYR4NT = Terry Crews Dr Will Smith = Will Smith http://w

How do you change your gamertag on Xbox live?

Go to marketplace, not sure how many, but it requires gamer points (use a valid credit card), or buy a gamer point card from any store that sells the xbox 360 system); Then yo
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Can you change you Xbox gamertag with out buying it?

No you either wait until your xbox live runs out and then make a new account then add xbox live to that appart from then you have to add all your friends again. or pay 800 M
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How do i change my windows live id for my gamertag on my xbox from my computer?

It costs 800 microsoft points. You log into your xbox live account from whatever website you do it from and then you just click on your account and somewhere on there you can
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What is antvenoms Xbox live gamertag?

Ant Venom or try AntVenom but i tried and it said his friends list is full My gamertag is FlamingBaby471 Add Me :p