How do you change your eyes during a fashion show on fantage?

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You can't chang your eyes during a fashion show. Once you bought some eyes, your old ones will disappear.
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How has fashion changed?

fashion changes and repeats years after years after years. designers are always changing their looks, clothing, and collections, because of what the people, the buyers want. we dont want to keep seeing the same old trends over and over again.. fashion is becoming way more out of the box with futuris (MORE)

How did fashion change?

Fashion cahnged by Martin Luther King Jr. He designed jeans. He loved them and the his wife Selena Gomez was a gold digger and married him.

Where can you do a fashion show?

You can hold fashion shows in Paris, London, Italy & more, the fashion shows are usually held in holiday places like France & so on Hope this helped :D

What changes fashion?

Hahaha!!!! You just wear something daring and people start to find you brave and copy you!! So don't worry about having people laugh at your clothes...You are brave!!!

Why does fashion change?

Fashion always changes…people have based their designs on one fashion bulding it to become another fashion, people just keep reviving the same fashion with a bit of a twist! The fashion is the same with a slight manipulation to make it more up-to-date. With the high-waisted shorts and skir (MORE)

How much money does a fashion designer make during fashion show?

Fashion designers don't acutally make money during a show or buy putting on a show. At new york fashion there is a fee to show. Typically there are buyers, stars, and media in the audience at a show (typically these people are invited by the designer) and they build clientele as well as orders for p (MORE)

How do you beat fantage fashion show mission?

Step one. you must go to top models and then you have to click scarlet with the red hair when you play the game the tell you too use the spine trap one beacuse it works better and loads faster. step 2. when you go to the lighthouse witch agent scarlet tells you to go or it just make you go there. Yo (MORE)

How do you change your hair color on Fantage?

If you want to change your hair color on fantage, you can't. You have to be a member to buy different hair styles that have different colors on them. On fantage you can't change colors of hair. However you can buy some at Stella's Salon. If you want more hairstyles you have to be a member to get e (MORE)

Do fashion designer earn from fashion show?

No, usually they pay to be involved in a show or to hold their own. At the very least, they don't pay to take part in the show but they lend their product to the organisers (which they usually get back, often damaged - so in a way this is a cost for them...) It's basically an exercise in PR for the (MORE)

The importance of a fashion show for a fashion designer?

A fashion show is a chance for a designer to show off their collection and overall creativity level. Often the media are at catwalks, if the media like a collection they can help the Fashion Designer begin to take their career in design further by creating publicity.

How do you host a fashion show on Fantage?

You first have to go to downtown and all they way of the right end there is a top model inc. You go in and then on the upper right corner it says play you click it then all the way at the end of the peoples fashion show hosts it says host your own fashion show you click and there Hope i helped!

Can the eyes change shape during puberty?

Without surgery, no it isn't possible to change your eye shape however, you can change how your eyes look with makeup. However physically, during anytime of your life you can't without surgery change your eye's physical shape. (However you should be confident in yourself, and don't be overly concern (MORE)

How did fashion magazines change the fashion industry?

I think the celebities influence the fashion of the society, the fashion of the society influence the fashion magazine, then the fashion magazine influence the public's fashion idea, and then it influen the fashion industry.

How do you finish the mission 'Fashion' in Fantage?

Click Officer Russell next to Top Models. Then go in top models and find the rock. Go back and click Officer Russell again. Click the second answer. Now you go inside orion's rares and click the witch. Offer her punch and pecan pie (don't ask) then find the food in Star Cafe and on the Beach. Go bac (MORE)

How do you fly on Fantage in a fashion show?

First when the judge chooses a theme you go to your inventory and click tab until its on the letter Y in the word inventory then you click enter.You might not see Your self now go down you see that your behind the judge hope i helped

How do you change your creature in fantage?

It depends. If you are talking about your pet, you follow these instructions: 1. Go to your home/barn 2. Click on your barn 3. Click the curtain or the button with the category of pet family listed 4. Move the cursor over the pet you would like and select "take outside" 5. Then you can walk around t (MORE)

How do you change mood on Fantage?

You can get emonicons from the vending machine at the beach, but all of them are for Premuim Members only except for the happy face one. You can still buy them with Ecoins.

Can your eyes change color during puberty?

On the most part yes, though not in a huge way (for example, blue to brown) You may notice a slight tint in the colour, but unless you've suffered extreme head trauma and or genetically have heterocromia your eye colour will NOT change. I sadly can't give very precise reasons, but I would wager it (MORE)

How do you change characters in Fantage?

Hello... once you have made an account you may not change the charechter sorry i cant spell it aha ok.... you may go to le shop to buy clothes or stellar salon for makeup and hair and sunblock for eyes and skin

How do you use the computer in the fashion show room on fantage?

well u go in the fashion show room place on fantage then go near the computer and zoom in on it and hold down the yellow button until the screen turns blue. it will say something. what that means is.....go to the board shop and buy that green jump board if u already have it put it on.then go to the (MORE)

How do you bring your pets to fashion shows fantage?

Hello Fantagian! To bring your pet in a Fashion Show you: 1. Enter a hosted Fashion Show 2. When theme selected, go to your inventory and click the 'pet' bar on top. 3. Select a pet right for the theme and good luck getting lots of points! :) -dawnrise on Fantage

How do you put you pet in a fashion show with you on fantage?

This is how you put your pet into the fashion show! Follow these steps: 1. Enter Fashion Show 2. When the theme is chosen, go to your inventory 3. on thr right side of your computer, you should see a bar that says " PETS " 4. click on any pet you want ( or the one that matches the theme ) 5. e (MORE)

How do you change your wallpaper in fantage?

To change your wallpaper on fantage you go to uptown and go into the shop IDphone and when you get into the store press shop and you can buy stickers, wallpapers, Covers and more! Hope this helped and have fun on fantage!!

How do you get to the judge place if your a competitor on the fashion show in fantage?

WARNING! THIS IS A 2012 FANTAGE GLITCH! TO TEST IT YOU MUST BE UNDERSTANDING BECAUSE IT TAKES TIME! I LOVE this glitch. I know how to do it over and over. So, just to go over the small details, here it is. So you see the 'Logout' button? Next to it you see 2 squares. A big one and a little one. Oki (MORE)

How do you change your borad on Fantage?

In Fantage, on the bottom of the screen there is a hanger, click the hanger to go to the category of boards, and click to choose a board. If you don't have any other boards, the board shop can be found uptown and to the left.

Why do fashion designers hold fashion shows?

To showcase their upcoming line of clothing. The contributor above has given a fine answer to the question ofway fashion designers hold fashion shows. As a former fashion showphotographer a few other items can be added to the answer. Certainly fashion designers wish to display their latest designs (MORE)

How can you show your designs in a fashion show?

1. First, you'll need to find a fashion show in your area. . Check your city's local magazines, as magazines are usually the hosts of fashion shows. Contact their fashion/style editor, and express your interest. . Check for local (and national) contests, where you can upload your designs for a c (MORE)

Did clothing and fashions change over time during the roman era?

Believe it or not, no, clothing and fashions did not change during the Roman era. The tunic and toga for the men and the pala and stola for the women remained the same just about all through the Roman dominance. What did change, however, was the quality of the fabrics that the clothing was made from (MORE)

How do you win the fashion show in Fantage?

Well, you first have to look at all the theme's in the fashion show. List the themes. Now, once you have listed them, you shop for the clothes that you think is part of the theme! Easy huh? If you do not have enough stars to buy the clothes, you can play easy games that give you lots of stars. I alm (MORE)