How do native Caribbeans' pronounce Caribbean?

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There doesn't seem to be an official pronunciation of the word, its sorta like a tomato potato kinda thing however I've only ever heard 2 pronunciations ( ca-ribb-ean and cah-ra-be-un) I'm from the Caribbean.
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Where are the caribbeans?

The Caribbean islands is located at the tip of South America and it is enclosed by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. See the MAP link I provided in resources.

How did the amerindians get to the Caribbean?

One theory is that they came here in the iceage. It is said that they crossed the Berring Strait then travelled south through North America then across Central America then down through South America and across the Caribbean Sea where the Tainos/Arawaks settled in the Greater Antilles and the Kalinagos settled in the Lesser Antilles.

Where is the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is located near the American continents, southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and Northern America, east of Central America and north of South America. Is a group of many islands divided in two groups (Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles). The biggest island in the Caribbean is Cuba.

How do you pronounce Caribbean?

car-ih- bee -an (Uk) car- ih -bee-an (US) I believe its pronounced "Keh-rib-ee-an." That is how the natives refer to themselves.

What do they eat at the Caribbean?

There are a variety of foods that the locals eat in the Caribbean.Some include sea bass, swordfish, yams, pumpkin, yucca, as well assweet potatoes.

What is pirates of the Caribbean about?

Pirates of the Caribbean is about Captain Jack Sparrow, Will, and Elizabeth and the different adventures they have. You have to be specific to which movie if you want a better explanation.

What continent is the Caribbean on?

The Caribbean Sea is a body of water. North and South America bothhave coastlines on the Caribbean. It is considered to be part ofthe North American Continent.

Caribbean what is it?

the Caribbean is near to America Caribbean is made up of many islands such as Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Jamaica Dominica The Republic Of Dominica Haiti Cuba and many more islands

Is Espanola in the Caribbean?

La Espanola or Hispaniola was the island in the Caribbean thatColumbus discovered in 1492. These are the Spanish names for thisisland. Today, this Caribbean island consists of the two countriesthe Dominican Republic and Haiti.

What do the Caribbean do for entertainment?

The Caribbean has this tradition/ entertainment that is called Carnival. It isn't like our kind of carnival we have but it is kind of the same. The Carnival the Caribbean has is 40 days before Easter and they dance around and play games and stuff like that.

Were is the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is located at the north eastern part of South America and it is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. . The Carribean islands are located out of the gulf of Mexico andacross from Venezula.

What is a Caribbean topaz?

Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz. Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.

What are the languages of the Caribbean?

Well There More Accents Than Launguages. You Have Jamacian. Trinidadian. St.Lucian. Etc Etc Etc Etc. Words Will Be Changed Up A Bit But Some English Words Are In The Language But Just Words Will Be Changed Up.

What is in the Caribbean?

Caribbean is heaven on earth, its filled with beautiful beaches,wonderful & friendly people, great history, amazing food and alot more.. . There are many islands compromising the Caribbeanregion & one of my most favorite one is the Cayman Islands. TheCayman Islands is the place for complete relaxation, exquisitedining, stong cultural history, scenic beaches, great food &awesome underwater activities. I would recoomend you strongly totake a trip to the Cayman Islands and experience various things.One strong recommendation is diving in Cayman Islands to see underwater beauty but if you are like me and are scared of wearing aoxygen mask and going in water I would recommend trying CaymanIslands Submarines where you & your family have the rareopportunity to go underwater with Stingrays & Coral Reefswithout wearing any dive suits, oxygen mask or even getting wetBook Online now Cayman Islands Submarines

After the Europeans arrived in the Caribbean what caused the deaths of countless Native Americans?

\nAfter the Europeans arrived, the first thing that caused a lot of deaths was war. European solders on horseback with steel swords were far more effective fighters that Native Americans. Pizarro with his little band would kill over 10,000 Indians. The Spanish not only destroyed and killed many Aztec and Inca Indians, but also destroyed the people who had maintained peace in those areas. Warfare broke out among the other indians. Next, the Spanish enslaved as many Indians as they could. Large numbers died. When no new Indians were available, the Spanish imported Africans. Finally European diseases started spreading. Diseases such as scarlet fever, smallpox, measles, diphtheria, and a few others wiped a number of Native Americans.

What instruments are native to the Caribbean?

that's sort of a difficuly question to ask.. the Caribbean isn't just like 1 country and people just live there. there are tons of different islands and countries that make up the Caribbean all with their own culture and history

Is Caribbean in Africa?

No the Caribbean is not in Africa but it do consist of Africans. As well as East Idians, Chinese, Syrians, Europeans. Its is a chanin of islands and some main lands that is washed by the Caribbean sea and its South of South America.

Are there deserts in the Caribbean?

Yes. The La GuajiraDesert is located in the northernmost part of Colombia and ittouches the Caribbean Sea. It is about 610 km (380 mi) north ofBogota. The ABCIslands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) of the southern Caribbean arealso semi-arid islands that receive very little rain fall eachyear. They are located just north of the Venezuelan coast, thusoutside of the hurricane belt and away from tropical moisture. A desert onAruba isn't so evident from the beaches, but one minute outside ofdowntown Oranjestad and the cacti start in full effect. The bestplace to see the unspoiled Aruban desert (and lizards, caves andpetroglyphs) is the Arikok National Park. Bonaire isknown as the diving capital of the Caribbean, but above the waterBonaire it has primarily desert conditions. Large 'Kadushi' cactusdot the landscape with an almost impenetrable scrub of divi trees,thorny shrubs, and paddle cactus. Goats and donkeys wander theirway through this arid terrain. On Curacao the brightly painted Dutch colonial buildings of themain city Willemstad bring tourist from all over world. Once youleave the city though, the landscape shifts to a desert scene, withspiny aloe and mesquite sprouting from atop weathered limestonecliffs.

Religion in the Caribbean?

Christianity, Hinduism, Islam are the main three. There a couple others but like i said, there are the main three

Is the Caribbean drink pronounced KA or ka?

it's very commonly mispronounced as K.A when it is infact 'ka', made by azlewoods Foods (Derby) leading maker of private-label sandwiches and a BEVERAGES AND SOFT DRINKS .

What do native Caribbeans look like?

The Caribbean has alot of worldwide influence from Europe,Africa, India and china so you'll find that's theres no "model look" for the average Caribbean person. we're all mixed with something

Is the Caribbean civilized?

very much so! unfortunately however just like every other part of the world u always find a few in the bunch that give the rest a bad name

What are the countries of Caribbean?

Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Haiti Jamaica Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago

What can you do at the Caribbean?

You can go to coral world, swim with sharks, take a cruise, SCUBA dive, what else. If you took a Disney cruise, you can go to castaway cay, the best island ever

Why is there education in the Caribbean?

It provides for society a population skilled in a variety of subject areas,it produces students with attitudes and values that are needed by society in order to ensure peace and progress and it serves as an agent of cultural transmission (language,history,beliefs,customs,values)

What is a Caribbean cruise?

Cruises go to many different destinations. One of the most popular cruises are Caribbean cruises where they visit islands such as Costa Maya and St.Lucia.

Is France Caribbean?

To some extent; French people consider their overseas 'departments' an integral part of France, which includes some Caribbean places. These would often be called 'territories'.

Will there be a pirates of the Caribbean?

yes there is pirates of the caribbean curse of the black pearl pirates of the caribbean dead mans chest pirates of the caribbean at worlds end pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides and there will be 2 more !

What are countries of Caribbean?

Antuigua & Barbuda; Grenada; Guyana; The Bahamas; Haiti; Dominica; Trinidad & Tobago; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Montserrat; Jamaica; Barbados; Belize; Suriname; St. Kitts & Nevis and Saint Lucia

Who are the leaders in the Caribbean?

Antigua and Barbuda: Baldwin Spencer Bahamas: Perry Christie Barbados: Freundel Stuart Belize: Dean Barrow Dominica: Roosevelt Skerrit Grenada: Keith Mitchell Guyana: Donald Ramotar Haiti: Michel Martelly Jamaica: Portia Simpson Miller Montserrat: Reuben Meade Saint Kitts and Nevis: Denzil Douglas Saint Lucia: Kenny Anthony Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Ralph Gonsalves Suriname: Dési Bouterse Trinidad and Tobago: Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Currency of the of the Caribbean?

There are many types of currency in the Caribbean and it varies byregion. Some types include the Euro, Eastern Caribbean dollar, andthe Aruban Florin.

Is Caribbean an adjective?

The proper noun Caribbean refers to the region of the CaribbeanSea. The word is widely used as an adjective to refer to people ofthings in or from the region. The noun Caribbean can also refer toa native Carib islander.