How did Shawn drover join the band megadeth?

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He joined like the majority of the other drummers (excluding Nick Menza and Chuck Behler, who were drum technicians avalible when Mustaine fired the then current drummer). Shawn and his brother, Glen, auditioned after The System Has Failed because Mustaine had stated that Chris Poland and the drummer at the time were just "fillers." Shawn performed on the That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires CD/DVD and the much successful Gigantour. Mustaine was impressed so he kept Shawn. However, Glen wound up leaving for family reasons after the United Abominations tour.

Is Megadeth the greatest band ever?

Although this is simply an opinion, I'd have to say that they're one of the greatest bands ever. Dave Mustaine (founder, lead vocalist, lead/rhythm guitarist, songwriter) is a

Is Megadeth a satanic band?

Dave Mustaine, and the rest of Megadeth is in no way a Satanic band. Dave Mustaine did, however, dabble into Satanism when he was very young. This was a very brief period, and

Who is in the band megadeth?

Dave Mustaine - guitar, lead vocals (1983-2002, 2004-present) . Chris Broderick - guitar, backing vocals (2008-present) . James Lomenzo - bass, backing vocals (2006-present)

Which is the better band Megadeth or Metallica?

Metallica has a wider audience nowdays. Metallica got more popular after the realse of the Black Album which gained them money like crazy. Nowdays Metallica is everywhere, by

Is Megadeth a Christian band?

Despite the fact that Dave Mustaine is a Christian, Megadeth's lyrics and themes do not deal with Christianity and thus does no make them a Christian band.

Is the band megadeth death metal?

No, Megadeth is NOT death metal, as popularly perceived. Megadeth is a very political, social, and environmental band, and they have a lot to say. Megadeth is against war (Hol
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How many songs does the band Megadeth have?

Not including the covers, demos, bonus tracks, live special songs, and songs off the upcoming album TH1RT3EN, somewhere around 100 songs. However if you do include these songs
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How popular is the band Megadeth?

In accordance to every heavy metal band on earth? Quite popular. Record sales and concert ticket sales by them surpass most metal bands these days. The only bands truly bigger
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What movie and television projects has Shawn Drover been in?

Shawn Drover has: Played himself in "Gigantour" in 2006. Played Himself - Drums in "Megadeth: That One Night - Live in Buenos Aires" in 2007. Performed in "Gigantour 2" in 200