How can you stop two libraries in iTunes?

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Can you have two iTunes libraries on your computer?

If you have the latest iTunes and use XP: hold the shift key down when starting up iTunes and you will be asked what library you want to use (or if you want to create a new on

Can you have two iTunes libraries on one computer?

Answer . \nWell it depends on if you have like tow users on the computer like you log onto yours but there is also one for a guest to use i can tell you that you cant put

How do you get an iTunes library?

To get an iTunes library, you need to first have iTunes which can be downloaded off of the Apple site. The next step is getting music. If you download from Apple iTunes online

ITunes lost your library on a number of occasions. How do I stop this?

Regularly make a backup of your iPod. If all the iTunes library information is gone, you won't be able to sync your iPod, but if you keep a backup of your iPod music, you just

What is an iTunes library?

An iTunes library is all the music an your computer, and on you iPod is stored. Just like a library of books, a library of songs, movies, and pictures.
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How do you merge iTunes libraries which are on two different computers?

I had this problem too. I had two different iTunes libraries on two of my computers, and I wanted all my iTunes music to be on one computer. First I used iTunes to load up
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How do you get iTunes files to iTunes library?

1. Open up iTunes program. 2. When the main screen pops up, click the "music", "movies" or "TV shows" to select the right library. 3. Directly drag & drop your media files to