How can you pull a joke on your younger brother?

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seriously even though he is your little brother doesn't mean you need to be mean to him.gosh he is LITTLE!!!#####@@@****!!!that's right Seriously, even though he is your little brother doesn't mean you constantly need to pick on him...but you always need to drive him crazy!
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What is the best prank to pull on your younger brother?

You can tell him about some scary movies: . Tell him it is NOT scary when it is. . Tell him it is really scary and he can not handle it, and when he says "Don't worry! Im g

What to do when a brother molests a younger brother?

Seeking out a child advocacy center or child protective services isa fantastic first step. Both organizations can then investigate,interview the younger brother once and only

What are some jokes to pull on your sleeping friends?

You could... - draw on their faces - put whipped cream on her hand and tickle her nose - put toothpaste on their faces and bodies and hands - write words on their faces

How do you pull a prank on your younger brother?

Be cautious when pranking a sibling who is younger than you; if much younger, you do not want to scare the kid too much. You must also not do anything that could injure someon