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Yes ...

As of 07/22/2009 ...

For the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards, she won Best New Act for her work: "I kissed a girl".

For the 2009 BRIT Awards, she won International Female Artist. (The BRIT Awards are the British Phonographic Industry's annual pop music awards.)

For the 2009 ESKA Music Awards, she won International Album of the Year for her work: "One of the Boys".

For the 2009 NRJ Music Awards, she won International Album of the Year for her work: "One of the Boys".

For the 2009 People's Choice Awards, she won Favorite Pop Song for her work: "I kissed a girl".

For the 2009 Teen Music awards, she won Best New Artist.

For the 2009 MTV Australian Music Awards, she won Best New Artist.

For the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Japan, she won Best New Artist In A Video.

For the 2009 TV Guys Choice Awards, she won Best Siren.

For the 2009 Virgin Music Awards, she won Best Track for her work: "I kissed a girl".

For the 2009 Glamour Women of the Year Awards, she won Newcomer Of The Year.



she's #1 in my <3 if that counts for anything
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Has Roald Dahl won any awards?

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Who is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is an American, female singer. She was born in SantaBarbara, California. Her birth name was Katheryn ElizabethHudson but she changed it for singing because she did not want tobe confused with Kate Hudson. She sings I kissed a girl , Hot n cold , Thinking of you , Fingerprints , Wakin (MORE)

Does Katy Perry play any instruments?

Yes, she plays the guitar (Ur So Gay). Yes, she plays the guitar (Ur So Gay) Katy plays both electric and acoustic guitar, and also knows some piano as well even though most of her music is not as classical.

Does Katy Perry have any brothers or sisters?

Yes Katy Perry has two siblings, a sister that is older then her and a brother is younger then her. They still currently live in Santa Barbara, California. Katy Perry does go and see them quite often.

Where is Katy Perry from?

Santa Barbara, California Katie Perry the fashion designer was born in London, England but currently resides in Australia . :)

Has Katy Perry got any pets?

Yes she has 2 cats. One is hers and the other is her sisters. Katy's cat is named Katy purry. I thought that was very funny!

Has Sugarland won any awards?

2005 American Music Awards, Sugarland wins Favorite Breakthrough Artist 2006 CMT Collaborative Video of the Year, "Who Says You Can't Go Home" 2007 Grammy Award Best Collaboration, "Who Says You Can't Go Home" 2007 Country Music Association Awards, Sugarland wins Vocal Duo Of the Year 2008 C (MORE)

What does Katy Perry?

Cats, Shopping, music, friends, vintage things, mini put put, weekend trips, must i go on?

How Katy is Katy Perry?

base on her twitter, facebook, formspring accounts and katyperryblog.com and katyperry.com and base on my research... only markus molinariand maybe Russell brand can answer this question... but as i can see it... Katy perry is not as Katy perry as many people have known her. people always appl (MORE)

Is Katy Perry related to the Perrys?

Actually, Katy Perry is not her real name. Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She thought Katy Hudson and Kate Hudson might get a little confusing, so she took her mothers maiden name, Perry.

Does Katy Perry have any songs in a movie?

Yes. Katy recorded a few songs including the song simple before she got dropped from her old recording company. simple has ended up in the movie 'Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2'. Any others unknown, but there probably are more.

Who is Katy perry with?

Katy Perry divorced Russel Brand earlier in 2012, and it is unknown if she's currently dating anybody.

Has Katy Perry been in any films?

No, but there is an actress who I think looks very like her, Zooey Deschanel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zooey_Deschanel She has been in The Bridge To Terebithia and The Yes Man that i have actaully seen. In the top picture, she doesn't look that much like her. But most of the time she does. You m (MORE)

How do you be Katy Perrys?

You mean how do you be her, or act like her? Well, first lets start at the head and work our way down 1) Dye your hair black...or a dark color. And style it like a pin-up or from the 1950's 2) Wear makeup like her. Look at various photos on how she does it. But she does a pin-up style makeup a (MORE)

Has owl city won any awards?

Yes! Adam Young of Owl City has both a gold and platinum record plaque. His song 'Fireflies' has gone platinum 4 times and is one of only eight songs ever to do so. Fireflies can still be seen on the Top Ten electronic songs on iTunes.

How did Katy Perry get perry?

Her original name was Kate Hudson but because they're was already a Kate Hudson in America- if she wanted to become famous she would have to change her own name. She changed it to her mothers maden name which was Perry. Therefor her name is now Katy Perry

Does Katy Perry have any piercings?

she has her ears pierced (i dont know how many times) and she has her nose pierced but she doesnt wear a piercing in the hole anymore. hope this helps :)

Is Katy Perry in any movies or tv shows?

Yes Katy Perry has been in movies and on television. She was on TheYoung and the Restless in 2008. She was on Wildfire in episode 8 in2008. In 2010, she was a guest judge on both American Idol and TheX Factor. She was on the Simpsons episode 8 in season 22. She wason Extreme Home Makeover season 8 e (MORE)

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Grammy Awards : [63] . 1990: Best Metal Performance - "One" . 1991: Best Metal Performance - "Stone Cold Crazy" . 1992: Best Metal Performance - Metallica . 1999: Best Metal Performance - "Better than You" . 2000: Best Hard Rock Performance - "Whiskey in the Jar " . 2001: Best Rock Instrum (MORE)

Did katy perry play in any movie?

if you count The Smurfs in! she's the voice of Smurfette. anyway, she've became special in many shows such as How I Met Your Mother, also guess judge in reality shows like American Idol & The X-factor.

Where did perry come in Katy Perry?

It was her mother's maiden name. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is her real name, but veering away from her Gospel background, she decided to change her last Perry because it had more of a "Pop sound."

Has Adele Won Any Awards?

Yes, Adele has been nominated for and won many awards. For a complete listing, click the related link below.

Has PPC management won any awards?

Yes, they have won nine awards for their accomplishments in being an entrepreneur, excellence in business, receiving high certification scores among others. They were also awarded the #1 ranked SEO marketing firm in 2009.

Where does Katy Perry from?

Kathryn Elizabeth Brand, better known by her stage mane (Katy Perry) was born October, 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California.

Has Iron Maiden won any awards?

They have won several. An Ivor Novello for International Achievement in 2001, Brit Award for Best Live Act in 2009, Grammy award for Best Metal performance (more of a patronization than an award) and several others. See the related Wikipedia link listed below for more information:

Does any of Katy perry songs have cussing in them?

Yes, "Circle the Drain" uses the f word a couple times. "Hot n Cold" uses the b word once. "If You Can Afford Me" uses the a word once. "TGIF" uses the d word a few times. "Fingerprints" uses the s word once.

How did Katy Perry get her name Katy Perry?

Katy's real surname is Hudson, however there is already a very famous actress called Kate Hudson. She thought they had similar names, and people would become confused between them. Perry was her mother's maiden name, so she went with that because it had a ring to it!

Has Jessica Chastain won any awards?

Jessica Chastain has won acting awards in her career. There have been many nominations for her and few wins. She has an Austin Film Critic award, Broadcast Film Critics award, and the Golden Globe award.

Are there any facts about Katy Perry?

katy perry had a song called fire work and last friday nite and wide awake and more but forgotten.....umm her and re re are bff re re smacked katys butt and thts all for now b sure to answer more questions bye

Have AIA Insurance won any awards?

AIA has won several awards since 2009. These awards include Simplest and Fastest IFA Online Applications, Best Life Cover Plan, Group Insurer of the Year, and Outstanding Value Life Term Insurance.

Why has Katy perry not won a Grammy?

Because she always competes against other singers and the judgeslike their performances more. Personally, I really think that KPdeserves a grammy!