Does anyone need me to sing for them I am a good singer and love it so much il sing on a show or anything please how about Oprah Winfreys show il sing on that or gmtv or something?

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Britain's Got Talent and the X-Factor both hold audiences for singers.

You should also consider taking conventional routes such as joining a singing class, starting a band and so on.

Make sure to ask someone you trust to tell the truth to evaluate your ability. It would appear that many talent shows get great entertainment value out of mocking those who honestly believe they have talent and who have been told as much by friends and family.
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What is a good song to sing for a talent show?

Well it all depends on how experienced you are and how extensive your range is. That basically means it depends on how well, and how high and low you sing. Here are some c

What is a good song to sing at a talent show?

Answer: 1. 7 things 2. This is Me 3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 4. Kiss the Girl 5. Love song Answer: You want a song that is appropriate for the audiance and tha

What is a good talent show song to sing?

it depends on how well you can sing. Including how low and high you can go...if you can go low you should think about maybe Sarah barrelles love song. Or if u go co

What is a good song to sing for the talent show?

If you enjoy: Classical: Ave Maria Duets: Two is better than one (boys like girls) Alternative: Use Somebody or Sex on Fire (kings of leon) Hip-Hop: Empire State of Mind (Jay-

Why do you love singing so much?

because everyone eveyone has an interest like the Jonas brothers they show an interest in music ( i love the Jonas brothers so much

How can you get a record label for singing because i love to sing and im pretty good so how can i become a famous singer?

Okay - so take my opinion as exactly what it is. MY opinion. What I'm going to say may not work for you, but if you can make it happen, your chances of success should be much