Does ahsoka tano love captian rex in the clone wars?

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No, but she cares for him as a friend

Does ahsoka tano love captian rex?

No she doesn't. - Well, you cant say no. At the begining of Star Wars the Clone Wars, she does seem to like him as a friend, but no romantics have been confimed. I realy doubt

Does ahsoka tano die in the clone wars series 2?

I doubt she dies in the second season, but know one knows what will happen to her. As of July 21, 2010, the second season ended nearly 4 months ago and she is still alive.

Does rex love ahsoka tano?

No! thats a point of view because i have had many girlfriends that look at love in different ways, and one girl i went out with i had exactly the same relationship as them