Does Michigan have a lottery?

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Yes, Michigan state government runs Michigan state lottery. the website address is

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Will you win the lottery?

Chances are pretty low. Depending on the numbers the odds of winning are minuscule. 1 chance in 15 million is what the standard odds are, depending on the number of tickets purchased and the specific quantities of numbers. Adding a Power Ball factor into the equation reduces it even more.

How do you win the lottery?

Luck. 1) get lucky 2) cheat 3) buy ALL the lottery tickets for a guaranteed win. 1) is out of your control 2) is illegal and probably risky 3) is financially stupid Which leaves you with 1, unlikely as it is.

Where is the jubilife lottery?

Go to the tv station in Jubilife city, then go in and go to the receptionist on the 1st floor, she'll then give you a ticket and if your Pokemon id number is drawn you'll get a prize, if not you'll have to try again the next day.

How marriage is a lottery?

Because most people meet and marry their spouse by chance, and thesuccess or otherwise of a marriage is as much as anything a matterof luck.

Is the lottery rigged?

No, just mathematically impossible to predict. 'Lottery tickets are a tax on people who are bad at math.'

How do you play the lottery?

Usually you must be 21 or older, and a legal US citizen. Go to a convenience store, and ask the cashier for a lottery ticket. They are usually inexpensive; try to get one once every week and make it a habit.

Who invented the lottery?

The lottery was actually invented in the streets and was classified as "illegal gambling", but then the government saw this as a "cash cow" and created the lottery, scratch off tickets, mega millions, etc..etc.. The lottery was invented in the ghettos of America (mostly new york) and then the govern (MORE)

Where is Michigan?

North of Ohio! It is the only state surrounded by lakes. East of the Missisipi. In the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. To the North of Michigan it is Canada Michigan consists of two peninsulas, which are not connected to each other by land Try this map, Michigan is the (MORE)

Who is tessie in the lottery?

Tessie Hutchinson is the unfortunate victim of drawing the slip with the black dot in her family. Ironically she is stoned for winning the lottery

What is land lottery?

land lottery is an early 1900 century system of land to redistribution for Georgia's citizens. answered by: precious shorter

What to do after winning the lottery?

Party like there's no tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a "lottery curse'', that people who win big cut their ties, spend it all, and end up worse off than before. So, yes, enjoy your winnings, and the easing of worries about your next paycheck. But: be sure to put some aside in in (MORE)

How do you get a lottery?

Well there are a few ways to get in the lottery. You can find and play on the official website, or you can find an affiliate website which will redirect you to the official one. Either way you will be able to buy tickets.

How to win lottery?

I really can't give away anything here but just search this into google. Its helped me a whole lot

How can you win the lottery?

The lottery is purely a game of luck. There is no way to predict what lotto numbers will be drawn in the future. Some people will tell you that you should research what numbers have been drawn in the past, and pick the numbers that have not been drawn in a very long time. They think that numbers (MORE)

How are lotteries run?

Lotteries are a just one from out of many forms of gambling. The primary purpose of lottery is to fund public works in the respective country. Lottery is highly regulated activity. In must countries it is government which runs the lottery. In many countries private players are allowed but they have (MORE)

Who made the lottery?

It depends... Emperor Cheung Leung invented the Chinese lottery. Different people in different civilizations at different times.

What is the NBA lottery?

annual event held by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in which the teams who had missed the playoffs in the previous season participate in a lottery process to determine the draft order in the NBA Draft

What is the irony in the Lottery?

There are couple things in "The Lottery" that could be considered ironic. One would be the fact that villagers are taking part in a lottery which suggests that they are going to win a prize, when in fact they get death. There is also a point in the story where the villagers are discussing one of the (MORE)

Where was the first lottery?

The presence of lottery games can be traced to all the way back as early as between 205 and 187 B.C. during the Han dynasty, China. Answered by

What is the lottery rose about?

The Lottery Rose is about a 7 1/2 year old boy named Georgie Burgees. He lives with an alcoholic mom and gets beaten relentlessly by his moms boyfriend. Georgie is illiterate because his mom doesn't care and his teacher (Ms.Cressman) doesn't care either.. One day, Georgie wins a rosebush from a gro (MORE)

Is the lottery good?

it sometimes depends because you can lose alot of money on it but if you win you can win alot of cash. its more on luck. Another answer: In the US, lotteries are run by state governments as a system to raise money. Lotteries always take in more than they pay out. In many states, the profit is (MORE)

Why was the lottery created?

Lottery was created as a means to fund the public works. Even the purpose of lottery today continue to be same as earlier period. Answered by;

What is the point of the lottery?

You hope you win money! People gamble because they want something for nothing. They are willing to lose a small amount of money if they have the chance to gain more.

How can you win in a lottery?

There is no way to guarantee a win in a game of chance such as alottery. There are many ways to win and increase your chances ofwinning. Syndicate tickets, for example, give you the chance toplay with other players with a shared ticket with numerous lines.Yes, you split the winnings among the ticket (MORE)

When was the lottery invented?

The lottery has a long history and is believed to originate from China, 200 BC. Chinese emperors introduced lotteries to raise funds for taxes. Besides, it was the money collected by lotteries raised for building the Great Chinese Wall. The ancient Chinese lottery is said to have become the predeces (MORE)

What is the climax of the lottery?

The climax is when Bill Hutchinson unfolds his piece of paper, revealing a blank piece and then realizing Tessie is the one to be stoned.

What do you do if you win the lottery?

The first thing you do if you win the lottery is that you pay taxeson your winnings. The next thing you do is to set aside thedifference between what the lottery commission withheld from yourwinnings and the highest tax bracket at the state and federallevels so that when you file your return at the (MORE)

What is the most frequent 3 digit number in the Michigan lottery?

Knowledge of numbers that appeared in the past will have no bearing on future numbers. The fact that a certain number appeared several times makes it no more, or less, likely for that combination to appear in the future.\n Knowledge of numbers that appeared in the past will have no bearing on futur (MORE)

When was lottery made?

The history of lottery dates back to Hans dynasty rule in China between 205 and 187 B.C.

How do you the lottery on SoulSilver?

just go to the radio station in goldenrod and ask the lady on the desk about it. She will check your numbers and give you a price according to this.

Who runs the lottery?

Generally, it is the government which runs the lottery. These days private players are allowed in some countries but they are subjected to government regulations.

Is lottery an adjective?

No, it is a noun. It may be used with another noun as a nounadjunct rather than an adjective (such as lottery ticket, lotterywinnings).

How do you win in the lottery?

There is absolutely no formula to picking the winning numbers in a lottery, it is all by chance or (fate) as some people refer to it. To win in the lottery you need either to have a gigantic load of tickets, or you could be wise and just not gamble like that at all.

How do you play lottery?

To play the lottery you go to your nearest off license store get the lottery paper and choose 6 numbers. Then go to the check out and you are done.

What is lottery system?

A lottery system is a method used to increase the player's chances of winning. A lottery system is a must if you are trying to win the lottery . To know more you may visit lottoalert (dot) me and see how you can increase your odds of winning the lotto.

What is the lottery?

A Lottery is a draw in which people have many numbers that they had to pay for and only one will be announced and one person will win a certain amount of money. Lottery is just one form out of many forms of gambling. In lottery, tickets are sold to public for a fixed price. And these tickets bear un (MORE)

Who profits from the lottery?

No one, you shouldn't gamble. Simply untrue, there can be lots of potential parties who benefit from the lottery and not just the players, The UK National Lottery gives a huge percentage of the ticket sales to charities each week, in many cases these donations are far greater than assistance from (MORE)

Why is lottery bad?

Yes it is bad. Why give the money away? When our government needs it more. we need to pay our money back to the country's we already owe.

What to do to win a lottery?

First of all, you have to buy a ticket, after the draw have taken place you match your picked numbers with the drawn one's. If they all matched (or some of them) you win a lottery.

Can you bequeath lottery winnings in Michigan?

Are you talking about after death? The winnings would just become an asset of the estate and go to whomever is designated to receive them from the deceased. If it is before death, the money could be a one time non-taxable gift.

On what day is the Michigan government lottery drawn?

The Michigan government lottery is a shceme that is government initiated and seeks to get people to buy tickets to increase the prize fund. The next draw is on the 15th April 2013 and is usually drawn on a Monday.