Do video games cause bad behavior in children?

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No, studies have shown video games satisfy people's needs, however if your child is mentally unstable violent games may have negative effects on them.
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Do violent video games cause violent behavior?

Video Game Violence . Yes. That doesn't mean that everyone that plays one will become violent. It has been proven that it does influence some persons. they don't because grand theft auto 4 is the bomb i can see why they change their behavior . By exposing yourself to violent video games, you will soon think the same way and become a violent person. . No. Violent people are more drawn to violent video games, but are not a cause. . It depends on the person. If you play violent games on occation for recreational purposes, most likely you will not be affected by the nature of the game. However if you expose yourself to anything for long periods of time you will eventially start to evolve into that persona. Maybe not physically, but mentally. . Music is the same, take ICP for example.. Many juggalos are violent, but they listen to the music religiously and have adapted to it's graphic nature. It's not a bad thing, just a fact.hello no

Are video games good for children?

They aren't necassarily unhealthy. Too much of any video games or TV can be unhealthy TO ANYONE if they don't exercise and don't eat right. Since snacks and TV go together for most people., don't do that! It's bad for your body, and you're not burning any calories by sitting on the couch and eating chips or something. Try to limit video game/TV/computer time. ---------- Video games can be educational, let you work out, etc. Just look up the Nintendo Wii & PlaySkool games that teach you about the alphabet/ride a tricycle while while playing/etc. They get you to work with others, ask for help, wisely use virtual money, build/control/prepare for/etc things, solve puzzles/problems/etc, do simple everyday math, etc.

Why are video games bad for kids?

video games are bad for kids they aren't the best at any cause they will possibly give you brain damage, lack of exercise , and make you over weighted

Are video games bad for your health?

Video games can cause many health problems when played in excess. However, all problems can be prevented by adjusting the time spent playing and the games played. Video games are often blamed for bad eyesight, yet they are shown to improve the contrast in players' vision by about 50%. Video games are also blamed for obesity, yet playing games in moderation can reduce time spent sitting on the couch, and playing certain games can actually get players active and ward against weight problems. Other common complaints include addiction and repetitive motion injuries, both of which can be prevented and treated. In sum, video games can be bad for your health. However, when used correctly, they are perfectly safe and can even contribute to your healthy life.

What causes student bad behavior?

Family or lack of family upbringing. Disfunctional families. Peer pressure. Lack of respect for elders and those in authority. Lack of respect from those in authority towards the students. There are many factors that are against the youth of today. Many are looked down upon and told that they are no good and will never belong. When this happens, there are others that will come alongside and give them a place to belong. Gangs are filled with youth that need to belong because either their family has not given them any attention or there is no authority figure that cares enough to show them love and a sense of belonging. The youth of today is the future of this country. Don't give up on them! Everyone needs to belong and be loved. If you don't show them this then someone else will. Take a stand. Reach out to a youth. Don't be a bystander.

Are video games bad for your eyes?

it really depends on how close your are to the tv screen. if your face is right up against the tv then you are way to close and you could go blind in a couple of days. a good distince is maybe your height or arm length from the screen to wherever.

Why are you so bad at video games?

Because of the average rate of thinking required for a video game, some people's brains just aren't hard wired to perform such tasks.

What are worst video games for children?

The worst video games for children are violent video games because they teach the child playing the game to be violent and in some cases to make the child think that it is ok to be violent.

Do video games cause violence in children?

No. However, violent video games where a child, or an adult for that matter, spends a good deal of time shooting or destroying others, seeing violent deaths and injuries, may become desensitized to violence which can create apathy - lack of caring - about real life people and their pain. They might spend so much time seeing violence on the screen that if they see violence in real life, they might not care or think much of it and that can be dangerous. Or they might think the gun they pick up for real is just like the one they play on the game and not really understand or relate fully to the fact that they could or do hurt someone with it for real. This isn't to say every child who plays violent games is vulnerable to this, but it really depends on the child's personality and how much time they spend on such games. And not all video games are violent.

Are violent video games bad for kids 12-13 Do they affect behavior?

Yes, they do affect behavior. Truthfully I am a kid myself and I know one boy that gets himself into a lot of trouble and most of it is probably from violent video games and bad TV. So if your child is playing violent video games or watching bad TV, make them stop because if we stop putting violence in kids heads they might have better behavior at school and long term, it might help us live it a better nonviolent world. Thank you and please encourage your kids to take the nonviolent route.

How does Video games affect children?

I think video games are destroying children's minds, tv can be like a weak laser, it can mildly burn your eyes and if your a kid it may become addicting and you might not do your homework. Moderation is the key! 2 hours a day is more than enough, and maybe 3 on weekends. The rest of his free time can be spent on social and personal causes

How are playing video games bad for you?

Because you don't get any exercise and you (Can) get really fat. You can play them. Just not to many. ********************************************************************************* That isnt just it, even though youve got 80% of it. :) They can be bad for you because if your and not outside for 20 minutes for atleast 3 days a week. You will not get Vitamin D from the sun. This can cause things like random Belly Aches, Bathroom Issues, Etc;. Make sure if your playing games, and not going outside often, To not eat to much foods. Its okay if you eat some unhealthy foods, like spaghetti-O's (for example) as long as you eat a fruit, like a banana (for example). I think you would only need 2 meals a day. Like me, i just eat a fruit for breakfest, then lunch and linner(lunch+dinner) only because, since your not running around and burning up those bad calories, it will just settle in your belly.

How video games affect children?

Video games can make no difference or a huge one. I got my first video game, the Game Boy at age five. it came with about 5-10 games and I played it non-stop. Currently I am looking for a Famicom on eBay, and I have over 500 individual games for various systems from the 70's to the present.

Are video games a bad influence?

Not entirely. Some believe that video games may lead young people to commit violence and/or emulate the things they've seen in them. I believe that those people who do emulate the things seen in video games probably had something wrong with them in the first place or didnt know right from wrong. Ultimately, it is up to the individual. Im 25 and i have never taken a Barret 50 cal up a belltower.

Computer games cause bad behavior and voilence?

no it does not cause bad behaviour or voilence it is just an excuse. like that man who killed someone and went on a rampage after sitting on the xbox 360 playing gta 4 for 2 day non stop.

Which video games are good for children?

well depends in what age for all ages E for 10 and up E10up for 13 or up T for adult M but its not safe to play too close at least 4 feet away or else GLASSES you will need............

Are violent video games bad for children under 18?

No, video games can't be "bad' for anyone without underlined health issues. People enjoy playing video games. Playing them 24/7 shouldn't be done, obviously, but ii doesn't really effect you if you play for say: 1-5 hours a day. Violent can mean lots of things, such as games like "Grand Theft Auto". It depends what you do in this game to whether it's violent or not. The point in this game is to kill, hurt and attack people, to break the law and to cause havoc. Although you don't need to do this. Playing a violet game, then being in a bad situation decreases the risk of a heart attack in the bad situation. Playing a non-violent game, then being in a bad situation will make you heart rate increase and 1 out of 5 you may have a heart attack. Depending on the greatness of the situation and the age of the player. Playing violet makes you less responsive and careful. You may not help out as much. Non-violent games won't effect that. They will keep you helpful/caring depending on the player. These effects are not always the case. If your child is playing a violent video game and your okay with that, then don't stop them from playing it, it makes people hateful and more violent when you take something from them. Adults face it: Gaming, TV, all of this is the voice of the future and it's going to be HUGE, okay, HUGE in years to come, bigger than it already is, children nowadays have longer fingers and better hand to eye co-ordination because of video games, internet etc. So over all, yes, and no. Just leave it. Everything will be fine.

What triggers bad behaviors in mother that causes them to abuse their children?

A lot of our behaviors come from the way in which we grew up with our parents. Look back into the past for information on how your parents grew up and compare the behavior. In todays world we have a lot of information about abuse and it is talked about a lot more openly. A lot of behaviors back then were not considered abusive. Doing research on how your family was treated will tell you if a pattern of abuse will occur or has been occurring, education is the key factor in recognizing and changing behavior.

Why are video games bad for people?

There not, its the bad parenting and letting there young kids play some of the most violent games such as Grand Theft Auto, plus it may be the lack of discipline kids receive now...

Are video games good for you or bad for you?

Simple, good if you use them wisely. If you play them every day or even every other day for hours they are terrible for you. It is healthy for your body to stay active and outdoors. Trust me, people have gone centuries without them, we can go a couple day without them too. But they are not all that bad (again, use them wisely) Some teach children about life and education, others teach children how to murder someone. NEVER let your child play those. They may be fun, but sometimes they lead to real life murder or suicide. and, please, only play video games when maybe you can't go outside or it's a bad day out. If it's a sunshiny or even a snowy day out, go play. There are to many obese or over weight video game obsessed losers out there, don't be one of them. STAY ACTIVE!! I say to most of you nerds whom are addicted and do nothing but blind yourself by the screen that they ARE bad. But if you are a smart, fit, active person who uses them wisely- they are NOT bad. .

Why do video games get you bad grades?

In video games, the screens are fast moving. In school, everything is slow, not fast-paced. So you end up not paying attention, and looking somewhere else for fast-moving things. When you don't pay attention, you get bad grades. O.K.?

Why are violent video games are bad for children.?

well ok think about it for a second violent video games huh i wonder They are bad for children because they set a bad example and might get some pretty bad role models for their lives. However they also teach the children to protect themselves :)

Do violent video games and films cause violent behaviour in children?

No violent games/films don't cause that behaviour. Its that parents blame video games/films for teens being out of control, doing drugs, gang-banging, etc. But as I said before violent games/films do not cause this behaviour. I should know because I've watched "violent" films and played "violent" games since I was little. I am a normal adult and am non-violent.

Do video games give children bad infulences?

I believe they don't since now parents have the ability to lock certain games they believe their kids shouldn't play, so it is the parents that decide what influences their kids

Are video games bad for the brain?

Some probably have no value, but others do. There are video games that are shown to greatly increase eye to hand coordination. There have been studies to show that surgeons benefit from playing certain video games a few times a week. There are also games that increase problem solving skills, manual dexterity, and other benefits.

Are playing video games bad?

No I dont consider video games bad.. You just cant play them for 5 hours straight. You have to limit the hours you play.

Are boys bad at video games?

This is an opinion question. But in general are known to spend more time to play video games. Although this may be true, it does not mean they are better than females. Btw I love chicks who like video games.

Do violent video games cause children to bo violent?

Yes. Research going back over 20 years has shown that children exposed to violence react in violent ways. The input of a video game makes it more real and the younger the child playing it the more real it seems to the child. A child under 7 years old can not tell the difference between what is real and what is make believe. Add the violence of movies and TV or any abuse at home and you have a child that will respond with violence. The maturity of the child is also a factor and if there are other problems.

Can violent video games cause criminal behavior?

Yes, recent research has shown that the game breaks down the barriers that prevent people from violence. Add to this growing up in a violent society, or in an abusive family the game enforces the idea that it is all right to solve problems through violence.

Do video games affect the behavior of children?

No they do not, video games help your child with stress and have a fun hobby to do instead of getting in trouble. but the only way it will help them is if the parents are supportive with the child.

Are glitches bad for video games?

No they aren't actually. If you find a glitch in a game you should always report it on the companies site. So then they could possibley fix it. Glitches are what can help improve the game in the future if it is reported.

Do video games cause of bad behavior of children?

Studies have shown that violent video games can cause aggression inchildren. However, it's not the content of the video games thatcauses the aggression so much as the frustration over thedifficulty of the games.

Do video games really spark bad behavior on kids?

yes violent and gore videogames do effect ur chlds behavior if u play to many of them. Violent video games affect a child's behavior as much as watching a gory horror film or reading about a murder mystery would in the sense of being exposed to violence. Although video games do affect a child's behavior, it's not the violence that can really affect a child's attitude but the inability to cope with competition and the winning or losing of a competition that truly affects the child's psyche. (For example, if a child has never lost a competition and only knows how to be a sore winner/loser, not teaching ways to cope with win/loss whilst allowing them to continue to play highly competitive video games could encourage bad behavior when competing in real life.) (Source:

How can video games be good and bad?

Video games are bad for you. You need to get exercises if you don't you will get fat and stupid for not doing something and it can damage your eyesight. Good things may be that they can improve your education depending on what game it is then it could improve your dancing skills.

How do children get addicted to video games?

children get addicted to video games because the maker makes the game so much fun. the whole "addicted" part is that they want to finish a level and then when they find that is accomplished they want to play more and more till A: they are bored with the game or B: they accomplish every level. hope this helps!

How do video games cause bad grades?

Video don't cause bad games directly. The TV does. Have you ever heard that TV turns your brain to mush. That because when you watch TV for a long time, chemical changes happen in the brain, making it feel like "mush". You probably play video games a lot and this can happen. It kinda messes you up for a while and you wont feel quite right. Limit your time on your TV and study, and your grades should be fine. Do good in school! :)

Are mothers responsible for bad behavior of their children?

Don't worry if you are having problems with parenting; after all, all parents are beginners. However, it is important to try to discipline your child appropriately. This can be done by giving them warnings and then punishments when it gets really serious or if they keep continuing to mess up on purpose. In the end, I feel that it is the child's own fault if he or she shows bad behaviour, because the parents have done what they can. Good luck though!

Why are kids bad at video games?

To be honest, it varies at the year you are considering when kidsare bad at video games. When I grew up, I played the nintendo 64,gameboy, and nintendo ds. I wasn't the best at all when I playedthese games, but it also depends on what games you maybe playing.Some of the games I played on my Nintendo 64 were Mario Party 2 and3, Let's get ready to rumble, and super mario 64. I wasn't verygood the first few weeks I played, but the longer I played andplayed, I got alot better. Soon I was beating nearly all my friendsin all of my favorite games. All in all, kids aren't used to thegame, controllers, and the unit, so it will take some time for themto develop how to play the video game better.