Do dogs on Nintendogs die?

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No, Nintendogs don't Die. They also don't breed, get sick,get older, or get injured.
really what the point of the game then

no some people think its a lie but they can have puppies and they can runaway. I cant be bovered to tell you the answer to having puppies because ive answered it on another wikianswers question. well i improved it.

Look on youtube type in nintendogs baby all these videos will come up.
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How do you get the best dogs in Nintendogs?

You can't really get a "good" dog by buying it. They pretty juch all start out the same and you have to train it to be a champoin and to follow commands. Just like any regular dog. Hope I helped :)

Can Nintendogs die?

nintendogs can never die but they might run away if you don't take care of them properly but they will always come back!!

Can your nintendog die?

No. Nintendogs never die, regardless of the conditions. However, if you neglect them too much, they may run away in some versions of the game. It is possible to get them to come back.

What are all the dogs you can get on Nintendogs?

it is impossible to name every single breed that you can get on nintendogs but a few of them are labrador retriever,Pug,Miniature Pinscher,Shih Tzu,Toy Poodle,Beagle,Shetland Sheepdog,Miniature Schnauzer,Boxer,Pembroke Welsh Corgi,Siberian Husky,German Shepherd,Shiba Inu and last but not least the D (MORE)

What does Nintendogs dog modifier code do?

Im sorry but I don't know. Do you know the code tho? If so can you post it on the question what is the nintendogs modifier code? But I think that the modifier code when you activate the HAVE ALL ITEMS PRESS SELECT code it will let you buy dogs in the kennel srry thanks for helping me tho. . Sincerl (MORE)

How do you get good dogs and presents on Nintendogs?

First you have to look at the list of dogs and their personalities. Then you have to pick the dog that you think you'll like the most. Train your dog and be good to it then when you go on walks it'll pick up really good items if it likes you.

What dogs can you get on Nintendogs?

Quite a lot! In Chihuahua and Friends, The starting breeds are: Chihuahua, Boxer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, German Shepherd Dog, Shetland Sheepdog, and Yorkshire Terrier. In Labrador Retriever and Friends, the starting breeds are: Labrador Retriever, Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Pem (MORE)

How do you unlock all dogs on Nintendogs?

Well,there is something you get called trainer points ,you get them by- -Doing compitions -Walking your dog -teaching it tricks I think when you get about...1000 you unlock your first dog! Getting a jack Russel is different, walk your dog and try to find an item called the jack Russel (MORE)

Can your dogs on Nintendogs DS have a puppy?

No. :P sorry i wish they could though..... . YES THEY CAN HAVE PUPPIES!! first u have a boy dog and a girl dog. then u have the boy dog wear a lucky collar and the girl dog wear a rose . then u only feed them milk and dry food . then u get puppies in a few days . but u cant enter them in (MORE)

How do you name your dog in Nintendogs?

when you get your dog pet it for a while then it will say you will have to name it in the microphone then you will hear it and say your dogs name again. After saying the name, you will type it in...but after that, you have to keep saying the name until your dog responds, or your dog will forget the (MORE)

Can your dogs have puppies on Nintendogs?

YES AND THIS IS HOW TO DO IT HOW TO MAKE A DOG HAVE PUPPIES 1. Get a female and male dog of the same breed 2. Feed them ONLY milk and dry food 3. Let the dogs play together 4. After/Just before a week your female dogs tummy should be fatter NEVER DO THIS 1. Interrupt the dogs fighting (MORE)

In nintendog can the dogs have babies?

Yes and this is how HOW TO MAKE A DOG HAVE PUPPIES 1. Get a female and male dog of the same breed 2. Feed them ONLY milk and dry food 3. Let the dogs play together 4. After/Just before a week your female dogs tummy should be fatter NEVER DO THIS 1. Interrupt the dogs fighting or huggin (MORE)

What dogs do Nintendogs have?

Nintendogs has different games with different types of dogs on them. Such as the Labrador & Friends game, which has Miniature Pinscher, Shiba Inu, and much more.

Can your dogs die in Nintendogs?

No, they can't. There are some websites with pictures of notes saying stuff like the dog hotel was caught on fire, but they're just edited.

What dogs are on Nintendogs?

It depends on what version of Nintendogs u get. There r different versions, like Dachshund and Friends, Labrador and Friends, Chihuahua and Friends, etc. Every version has several different breeds. Eventually every breed from every version can be unlocked if u achieve a certain amount of trainer poi (MORE)

What dogs can you get in Nintendogs?

you get a good answer! the dogs are, ( i know them all by heart ) chihuahua, miniature dachshund, labrador retriever, ( my favorite ) pug, Yorkshire terrier, miniature pinscher, shih tzu, cavalier K.C. Spaniel, Toy poodle, beagle, shetland sheepdog, miniature schnauzer, gol (MORE)

What is the dog bone on Nintendogs?

if you keep petting your dog often on nintendogs then golden sparkles will appear. if you do this a lot then a golden dog bone will appear under the dog. you can drag this to the dogs mouth and it wil eat it increasing its health.

How do you make your dog spin in nintendog?

To make your dog spin, Place your stylus on your dog's tail and hold the tip of it for a few seconds; it should start spinning around and chasing its tail. Doing so will let you teach it the Spin command.

List of dog on Nintendogs labrador?

There are;Shiba inu's,welsh corgi embrokes,labrador retreivers, miniature pinschers,toy poodles and finally ninature schnauzers. Labrador Retriever,Minature Pinscher,Toy Poodle,Minature Schnauzer,Pembroke Welsh Corgi,and Shiba Inu. TRhe rast of the breeds you'll have to unlock.

How do you get different breeds of dogs on Nintendogs?

You have to increase your trainer points and whenever you get a certain amount of trainer points you get a new breed but you have to get the firemans hat to get the dalmation and the jack Russel book on a walk to get the jack Russel. Love phoebexx hi this is Leah and phoebe you are right however (MORE)

How do you make your dog do a handstand on Nintendogs?

To make your dog do a handstand, you have to do the following things: #1. Teach your dog lay down #2. Teach your dog beg #3. Tell your dog to lay down, then tell him beg. ( notice: do not praise your dog when he sits down, or it won't work ) Hope this helped! That's the normal nintendogs (MORE)

Are there cheats to sell your dogs on Nintendogs?

I do not know what you mean by cheats but I do know how to sellyour dog. you go to the dog hotel and it should say Swap, Pick up,Drop off, and under neith Swap it should say Donate a dog. hit thatthen pick the dog you want to get rid of. Oh and by the way youwon't ever get to see that dog again if y (MORE)

What kinds of dogs are there in Nintendogs?

chihuahua dachshund Labrador pug Yorkshire terrier pincher shh tau cavalier spaniel toy poodle beagle Shetland sheepdog schnauzer golden retriever boxer pembroke welsh corgi Siberian husky German Shepard dog shiba inu jack Russell terrier dalmatian also more i (MORE)

When can you get a dog in Nintendogs?

Once you start the game, you will walk up to the kennel door and have to knock to get in. (tap the door with your pen) Once inside, choose which dog you like, and that you can afford. Then tap adopt to take it home!

What dog breeds to you get on Nintendogs chihuahua?

You have: Chihuahua Cavalier K C Spaniel Jack Russel Terrier Find the Jack Russel Book while on a walk or bark mode Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pug Shiba Inu Shih Tzu Siberian Husky Toy Poodle Yorkshire Terrier Boxer Miniature Pinscher Beagle Shetland Sheepdog Miniature Schnau (MORE)

How do you make your dog hop on Nintendogs?

You make the dog beg then pull one of its paws up and click the icon in the corner and say "dance". After they learn dance while they sre "dancing" tell your dog to jump.

How can your dog get pregnant in Nintendogs?

They can have puppies, because my female dog has bonded with my male dog on the 3DS. My females' physique has gone to overfed and I feed her like I feed the male, and he's not overfed. He is still plump. This is what you have to do: .Buy a male and female dog (same breed. They can be a different co (MORE)

Why can't I name my dog on Nintendogs?

This can be a slow process as the DS is relatively weak, so you will have to call your dog over and over again. It can have trouble recognising particularly words and tends to "over-analyse". Even if you speak the word clearly, your dog may not understand it or mistakes it for something else. Her (MORE)

Can dogs on Nintendogs and have puppies?

yes they can. get 2 dogs of the same breed and let them play together for a week or so. only feed them milk and dry food dont innterupt them in any kind of way and dont hurt them

Do they have havenese dogs in Nintendogs?

No. These are the breeds they do have: Chihuahuas Miniature Dachshunds Labrador Retrievers Pugs Yorkshire Terriers Miniature Pinschers Shih Tzus Cavalier K.C. Spaniels Toy Poodles Beagles Shetland Sheepdogs Miniature Schnauzers Golden Retrievers Boxers Pembroke Welsh Co (MORE)