Did pink ever have cancer?

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No, she hasn't. Rumors about stars in "serious conditions" you would hear about on Access Hollywood or something. The newspaper magazines like Global or The National Inquire that make up stories, there is a reason their magazines are made of paper and are close to being printed in black and white (ha). She's pregnant, though, with a baby girl. :D
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Why does the color pink represent breast cancer?

The pink ribbon has been an international symbol of breast cancer awareness for many years, making its debut in 1991 when the Komen Foundation handed them out to participants

If a lump hurts and is pink is it cancer?

That is unlikely. Cancer cannot be diagnosed like that and must be seen by a dermitologist. It is more likely to be the start of a minor skin eruption (pimple) or a boil which

Has Pink ever been in a movie?

Yes. The Grammy Award-winning singer (also known as Alecia Beth Moore Hart) has appeared in several movies, including "Rollerball" (2002), "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (2
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What is the purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon?

The purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon is to raise awareness about breast cancer. The ribbons are a reminder to everyone to remember that breast cancer effects many peo