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will memo and this other guy from the band had different guys band then thy left and thy put the ones they have right now.

How do you start a band?

It is really simple. Just grab a couple of friends and discuss whatyou want to do. Think of a band name and what genre do you want itto be ( country, classic, etc. ) And then start singing or whatevertalent you have that made you want to start the band.

What is a Memo?

A memo is: A reminder to start or finish something A letter sent to a business in a short form An abbreviation for memorandum A fact-based reminder A written message A brief message from one person or department in a company ororganization to another person or department

Is there a music band called the B band?

Answer . Noo, but there is a band called metallica, which just so happens to be the greatest metal band in the entire universe...............and beyond!!!!!!

What is memo?

A memo is a note sent to people in your office. You may only send it to one specific person, or it may pertain to several. Usually it is to remind or inform them of a conference date, a luncheon, etc. - OR A Memo is a document put out by a company representative to give instructions, make an announcement, etc. Before email was popular, memos were the primary way to communicate those messages. Hayat Khan Gardiwal To share information with a group of people within an organization

How to start a band?

To start a band you need to try to get noticed after you make a band name! Try to get sponsered by someone and then you are set! :)

What are memos?

Technically memos are memoranda ie notes to aid the memory in the future. However in modern parlance memos refer to short business letters, usually between colleagues, which request meetings, record agreements, lay blame, etc. The common theme is that something is placed on record and dated. . brief

How do you get a band started?

u get some of your best friends and get instruments that u know how to play and start practicing and for the first gig try the park with permissiond of the founder

Where and how did the band KISS get their start in music?

KISS got their start playing their first show at the Coventry in New York on New Years Eve 1973 and they invited former KISS manager Bill Aucoin to their show and he immediately got them signed and their first album came out February 28th 1974

Could you give me an example of Good news memo?

A good news memo is used to let the appropriate people in a companyknow about something good such as a new perk or incentive. Thistype of memo should be short and to the point with a briefintroductory section, short background section, a clear message ofwhat the good news is, and detailed instructions for any actionsneeded by employees.

Who are the bands in the 270 music bands quiz?

1. take that 2. beatles 3. transvision vamp 4. duran duran 5. spandau ballet 6. adam and the ants 7. blondie 8. texas 9. limp bizkit 10. linkin park 11. east 17 12. sparks 13. undertones 14. rolling stones 15. red hot chili peppers 16. depeche mode 17. roxette 18. fleetwood mac 19. t'pau 20. dexys midnight runners 21. the jam 22. style council 23. the wonder stuff 24. monkees 25. culture club 26. so solid crew 27. fairground attraction 28. proclaimers 29. simple minds 30. simply red 31. squeeze 32. rem 33. living in a box 34. abc 35. eternal 36. bangles 37. westlife 38. u2 39. thin lizzy 40. pretenders 41. omd 42. busted 43. dire straits 44. doors 45. wet wet wet 46. the who 47. tenacious d 48. boyzone 49. elo 50. pink floyd 51. led zeppelin 52. deep purple 53. black sabbath 54. beastie boys 55. cream 56. travis 57. stereophonics 58. radiohead 59. guns n roses 60. wings 61. aha 62. jackson 5 63. commodores 64. the corrs 65. flying pickets 66. aerosmith 67. d12 68. wilson philips 69. bon jovi 70. kinks 71. eurythmics 72. the verve 73. ocean colour scene 74. oasis 75. cure 76. foo fighters 77. ultravox 78. communards 79. extreme 80. yazoo 81. black lace 82. the stranglers 83. travelling wilburys 84. crowded house 85. erasure 86. counting crows 87. darkness 88. eagles 89. spin doctors 90. pearl jam 91. housemartins 92. abba 93. genesis 94. nirvana 95. right said fred 96. iron maiden 97. deacon blue 98. garbage 99. heaven 17 100. haircut 100 101. coldplay 102. liberty x 103. suede 104. hear say 105. bananarama 106. atomic kitten 107. blink 182 108. status quo 109. ac/dc 110. human league 111. aswad 112. them 113. police 114. kiss 115. slade 116. bros 117. madness 118. nickelback 119. zz top 120. pulp 121. t rex 122. run dmc 123. queen 124. manic street preachers 125. metallica 126. pogues 127. s club 7 128. all saints 129. beautiful south 130. terrorvision 131. altered images 132. hot chocolate 133. skunk anansie 134. thompson twins 135. beach boys 136. tenpole tudor 137. evanescence 138. the woolpackers 139. kula shaker 140. s club juniors 141. wham 142. m people 143. boney m 144. clash 145. the supremes 146. siouxsie and the banshees 147. slipknot 148. the sugababes 149. inxs 150. cameo 151. the wurzels 152. five 153. semisonic 154. motorhead 155. the smiths 156. talking heads 157. girls aloud 158. one true voice 159. spice girls 160. flock of seagulls 161. sweet 162. moody blues 163. wombles 164. wizzard 165. soft cell 166. showaddywaddy 167. the rubettes 168. pet shop boys 169. the pasadenas 170. osmonds 171. king 172. marmalade 173. level 42 174. kajagoogoo 175. goodies 176. frankie goes to hollywood 177. dr hook 178. the dooleys 179. bucks fizz 180. blancmange 181. bee gees 182. dollar 183. bay city rollers 184. bauhaus 185. 3 degrees 186. mud 187. destinys child 188. fun boy three 189. specials 190. outkast 191. the b52's 192. backstreet boys 193. sex pistols 194. blue 195. another level 196. crazy town 197. steve harley and the cockney rebel 198. blur 199. marillion 200. dave clark five 201. jimi hendrix experience 202. 4 non blondes 203. moloko 204. wheatus 205. happy mondays 206. primal scream 207. the charlatans 208. alisha's attic 209. danny wilson 210. milli vanilli 211. green day 212. the stone roses 213. shadows 214. jethro tull 215. the rasmus 216. maroon 5 217. def leppard 218. go west 219. chumbawamba 220. new order 221. b*witched 222. dru hill 223. big brovaz 224. whitesnake 225. offspring 226. hole 227. air supply 228. prodigy 229. fine young cannibals 230. n sync 231. the four tops 232. small faces 233. faces 234. neds atomic dustbin 235. motley crue 236. cranberries 237. Carter the unstoppable sex machine 238. jesus jones 239. no doubt 240. fat boys 241. o town 242. the crash test dummies 243. feeder 244. village people 245. bad company 246. en vogue 247. the pointer sisters 248. heart 249. hollies 250. the calling 251. ub40 252. catatonia 253. space 254. elastica 255. placebo 256. sleeper 257. echobelly 258. l7 259. reef 260. electronic 261. roxy music 262. the drifters 263. ugly kid joe 264. jive bunny and the mastermixers 265. boys ii men 266. supergrass 267. rose royce 268. kraftwerk 269. hermans hermits 270. the detroit spinners

Music band that starts with a Y?

Yardbirds, Yankee Dollar, Yama & the Karma Dusters, Yatha Sidra, Yesterday's Children, Young Flowers, Young Tradition, Youngbloods. Yes.. Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force

What can you do to start a band?

from The Book of Lists for Teens . 1.Learn to play an instrument: Pick an instrument that reflects your musical interest, something that you play because you just "have to play it." You can try to learn on your own, but it is much easier with lessons. Lessons will give you the chance to learn with a professional that knows what he is doing, and chances are you won't quit on yourself if you aren't teaching yourself. Make sure you choose something that you can fit into your life and that you have time to practice, because if your parents have a thing about peace and quiet, drums or something loud that you have to practice a lot may not be a good choice. 2.Get three other friends to learn an instrument: The instruments should be different than yours, of course.. 3.Find a place to rehearse: If someone has a basement and deaf parents, great! Otherwise, try to rehearse at school or in a place that you may have to pay for. Look for somewhere that isn't to humid and that has good security. 4.Get some songs: It's best to write songs together, because then everyone agrees and they all feel more involved when they perform them, and your band will be more likely to develop its own sound. A good way to learn about songwriting is to listen to your favorite types of songs and analyze their structure. Think about what you like about the songs and try to include those elements in your songs. Or pick a dozen or so songs from all of the millions of songs out there and practice them.. 5.Practice: Practice different versions of the songs you have chosen, and try new things. You'll have to practice an awful lot, so make sure that you have the time and energy to put into your band (you should have thought about this earlier though) and make sure the band is getting along and having fun.. 6.Cut a demo: You don't have to go to some big recording studio. You can do it in your living room. If the songs are good enough, the people you send the song to will likely ignore the sound quality. Get a four-track recorder (a device that allows you to record four different instruments at the same time); it costs around $500 (make sure you have enough money before you start to do everything, because planning wisely is essential). Your demo should have no more than three songs on it.. 7.Land a gig: Once you have about a dozen songs perfected, you're ready for your first gig. Start out small, like at a community event, a school program, or a birthday party. To get a gig, you have to get the club owners to listen to your demos. Be organized. Include a note describing your band, and about a week after you've sent your tape, follow up with a phone call. If a club owner hires you, you probably won't get paid. First gigs are usually paid for by the cover charge collected at the dooor, and your expected to get your friends to show up. Advertise: put up sign at school and around the neighborhood, especially in music stores. If your school has a radio station, make sure that the DJ mentions your show.. 8.Play your first show: Possible first gig problems will make great stories someday. Learn from them and discuss them with your bandmates. Think about how much fun it will be to talk about your adventures in your first Rolling Stone interview.. 9.Shop your demo to labels: After months of rehearsing and experience, you might want to start sending your demo to some independent record labels. Call the company and ask for the names of the A&R (artist and repertoire) people. Their the ones who sign bands. If they like you, you'll probably hear back from them within weeks and they'll want to come to your next show. If they are interested in signing you, its time to.... 10.Get a manager: This person will get a percentage of your money, and it will be her job to negotiate gigs, argue about money, and generally advise you about choces. you should get a good, honest, experiences manager.. 11.Start your own label: It will cost a bundle and you'll work harder than you ever imagined (doing your own publicity, production, and record sales), but having your own label means you can do exactly what you want. If you love the creative process of putting your songs together and total control is important to you, this may be the best route for you. It's a serious commitment, but thhe rewards can be great.

How do you write a new smoking policy memo?

Attention Everyone! Smoking is no longer allowed! The government has given us the power to take this right away from you in the name of your best interests. You have no control over this matter. You government knows better then you do. That is all!. Feel free to use mine!

What songs does alacranes musical have?

They have alot like:. Por amarte asi, No voy a llorar, Sin tu amor, Por tu amor, Solo en ti, Quiero aprender,. Acambio de que, Si te vuelves a enamorar, Tu amor, Donde Esta, Dame tu amor,. Perdidamente enamorado, Fue su amor, Mirame amor, Soy yo, Mi orta mitad, Te sigue espernado mi corazon, El duranguse, Esperando por ti, Adios amor, Magdalena, Micaela, Vete ya, Un idiota, Te juro que te amo...and plenty plenty more!!!!

What store sell music or band merchandise in new york?

you can find a Guitar Center in most towns. they sell guitars, amps, drums, and a lot of other stuff. if you're looking for school-band instruments like flute, french horn, and trumpets, that's not the place to go. if you want to start a rock band, mapquest guitar center and get there as soon as possible.

What bands start with the?

The Tragically Hip. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Heartbeakers. The Killers. The Traveling Wilberries (Gearge Harrison's band). The Band. MANY MANY MORE. The Doors. I COULD GO ON FOREVER!!

Music artists or bands that start with letter B?

babybird, Babylon zoo, badly drawn boy, barenaked ladies, basement jaxx, the beach boys, beastie boys, the beatles bee gees, the bees, belle & Sebastian benny benassi, ben's brother, biffy clyro, big country, black rebel motorcycle club, blink 182, bloc party, blood red shoes, blue oyster cult, the boy least likely to (the title kind of hangs of like that), boy kill boy, the bravery, british sea power, buggles, buzzcocks.

Is there a new band?

Gypsy and the Cat. They are from Melbourne, Australia, and comprise Lionel Towers and Xavier Bacash. Their big early Hits are 'Jona Vark' and 'Time to Wander'; but they have a myriad of other excellent works just waiting in the wings.

Musical band that starts with A?

\nAerosmith, Abba, AC/DC, AFI, Alice Cooper, Airbourne, All American Rejects, Alter Bridge, Asia, Audioslave, Avenged Sevenfold

Music band starting with Z?

ZZ Top, The Zutons and Zebrahead arerock bands. ZOEgirl is an American Christian teen pop and pop rockband.

What are some New Zealand bands starting with the letter H?

New Zealand bands that start with the letter 'H': High dependency Unit (HDU), Hasselhoff Experiment, Hello Sailor, Human Instinct, Haunted Love, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Heka, Holidaymakers, Headless Chickens, Herbs, Head Like a Hole, Hayman, Henchmen, Haints of Dean Hall, Hallelujah Picassos, Herco pilots, Ho'Dogs,

Where is Alacranes Musical from?

Ok ill try to help a lil' as far as i knw Alacranes Musical are from puro Chi-Town but if ur asking about where da guys are from there all from different parts (memo and Omar) cuz memo is from zacatecas i knw dat pero Omar i dnt member (srry) hoped i help a lil' :P

What band started rock music?

"Rocket 88" by Jackie Brenston and his delta cats is often considered to be the first rock song. Other musicologists give the nod to Chuck Berry's "Maybellene". Rock and roll, like many other things, was an evolution, not an invention, and there is room for debate about the "firsts" of rock music.

Did music start in New York?

No it existed even before New Amsterdam. Music started with Ancient Man, thousands of years ago. New York is a mere upstart in musical terms.

Musical band that start with a s?

Musical bands that start with S include: Styx Santana Slayer Skinny Puppy Stryper the Smiths the Saints Sugarland Spice Girls Spoons Smashing Pumpkins Snow Patrol Smashmouth Sha-Na-Na Sister Sledge Statler Brothers Sons of Rhythm Stone Temple Pilots Strange Advance Switchfoot

Did memo ibarra get out of the band?

He and Omar left Alacranes Musical due to disputes and started a new Duranguense group, "Alerta Zero", with completely new musicians and they remained the singers.

What happened to alacranes musical?

they separated and Omar and memo made one groupo called alacranes musical and the urbinas aka the umpa lumpas made there own witch are names alacranes also they are fighting for the name.

What band started electronic music?

the hands down all electronic music artist to begin the entire EDM (electronic Dance Music) revolution would be the German Artist band called Kraftwerk. With there 1981 album release featuring every instrument sound being generated by a machine (sythesizer, drum machine, hoover, etc). Hope that ansers your question.

Do bands play the music in their music videos?

Actually, they do play the music, and sing the song in the music video, but the sound is not recorded. They put the studio audio over the music video once it's done. But they DO play it and sing it, it's just not recorded. It would be very hard to mime singing and mime playing the guitar...

Is Alacranes Musical inc the real alacranes?

Yes founded by oscar urbina sr. Now directed by his son oscar urbina jr. Alacranes members are all related (Urbina Family) except for the vocalist Omar Sanchez. Any other grupo named Alacranes Musical that aren't urbina are fakes!

What music groups or bands names start wit the Letter I?

L.A.X. (1) L.T.D. (2) LadyAntebellum (2) Lady G. (1) Lady Saw (2) LadySovereign (2) Laid Back (1) Lakeside (10) Lamb (1) LanceMcKay (1) LanceMiller (2) LanceWing (1) LaraFabian (1) Large (1) LariWhite (1) LarryGatlin (17) LarryGraham (3) Lasgo (1) Latimore (1) LauraBranigan (2) LauraBryna (3) LaurenWood (1) LaurynHill (6) LavernBaker (9) LawrenceWelk (1) Le' Noiz (1) Leaders OfThe New School (1) LeahFaith (1) LeAnnRimes (22) LedZeppelin (27) LeeAnn Womack (8) Lee Brice (3) LeeDorsey (1) LeeGreenwood (2) LeeMichaels (1) Lee RoyParnell (1) LenaHorne (1) LennyKravitz (31) LennyWelch (1) LeoDelibes (1) Leo Sayer (1) LeonBoellmann (1) LeonHaywood (1) Leon Love (1) Les Brown (2) Les Paul& (1) LesleyGore (1) Letoya (4) Level 42 (1) LeVert (1) Levi (1) Levi Webb (1) LFO (2) LiamLynch (2) LidellTownsell (2) Lifehouse (6) LilJon (9) Lil Josh& Ernest (1) Lil'Boosie (3) Lil' BowWow (2) Lil' Flip (3) Lil' J (1) Lil'Kim (8) Lil'Louis (3) Lil' Mama (3) Lil' Mo (3) Lil' Rob (1) Lil'Romeo (2) Lil'Scrappy (1) Lil'Vicious (2) Lil'Wayne (13) LilaMcCann (2) LilloThomas (2) LilyAllen (1) Limahl (1) Limelife (2) LimpBizkit (1) LindaClifford (1) LindaJones (1) LindaRonstadt (7) LindaTaylor (1) LindseyHaun (1) LinkinPark (4) LionelHampton (1) LionelRichie (28) Lipps,Inc. (1) LiquidLiquid (1) LisaBrokop (1) LisaDames (1) LisaFisher (1) LisaFrazier (1) Lisa Lisa& Cult Jam (3) LisaShaffer (1) LisaStansfield (1) Lita Ford (1) Little BigTown (7) Little Caesar& the Romans (1) LittleEva (1) LittleMilton (1) LittleRichard (16) Live (4) Liz Phair (1) LizTorres (2) LLCool J (26) Lloyd (5) LloydBanks (6) LloydPrice (20) LNR (2) Loggins &Messina (1) Logic (1) LoleattaHolloway (1) Lonestar (15) Longsy D (1) LonnieGordon (1) LookingGlass (1) LooseEnds (14) LordFinesse (1) Lord Tariq& Peter Gunz (1) Lords Of TheUnderground (1) LoreenaMcKennitt (1) Los delRio (1) Los Lobos (2) Los LonelyBoys (1) Lost Boyz (1) LostGeneration (1) LostTrailers (3) Lostprophets (3) Lou Bega (2) LouRawls (11) Lou Reed (1) LouieRankin (1) LouisArmstrong (43) LouisPrima (1) LoveTribe (1) LoveUnlimited Orchestra (1) Lovin'Spoonful (25) LowMillions (1) Ludacris (16) Ludwig vanBeethoven (4) Luke (4) LukeBryan (3) Lulu (1) Lumidee (3) Luniz (1) LupeFiasco (4) LutherIngram (1) LutherVandross (31) LyfeJennings (8) LyleLovett (2) LynyrdSkynyrd (37) Lyric (1)