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How do you do the splits?

start off bye being in comfortable cloths then put your right foot or left u choose and put it out in front.. then slowly slide your feet apart.. if u cant go all the way down don't worry most people cant at first. after u get to the point where it hurts if u hold it for about 30 seconds it will stretch u out enough to go even further

How do you do the split?

To Practice the Split Anyone (male or female, young or old) can do the splits through daily stretching. To start, you might consider warming up, like walking or jogging. Then do lesser stretches, such as sitting in the straddle or pike position and reaching for your toes. Another warm-up is kneeling on one knee and pushing the other leg straight forward. For example, if you kneel on your right knee and push your left leg forward and stretch, then you'd be helping your left split. You could also lie face-down and prop your legs up into a frog position. Push down to stretch the middle split. After some fresh warming up, it's time for the real thing. Just stand in a straddle position, and slowly lower yourself and spread your legs little by little. Keep going until it starts to hurt, then let the pain be just bearable enough, but don't stretch too much to make the pain unbearable, or else you might rip a muscle. Once you've gone the lowest you can with pain just bearable enough, stay there for about a minute. Through doing this frequently everyday, you should be able to go a little lower with less pain every week until your legs form a 180 o angle. For a different practice, lie down flat face-up, and use your hands to pull one straight leg toward your chest, so your knee goes toward your chest. Hold and feel the tightness for a short while, then repeat with the other leg. For the best flexibility, repeat the whole process in all 3 ways: left split (left leg forward, right leg back), right split (vice-versa of left split), and straddle split (left leg pointing left, right leg right). . Stretch everyday by doing butterfly, straddle, and lounges. Practice obviously helps. Practicing smartly helps even more. Overview - First make tired the muscle about to be stretched then stretch it. Note - For this type of exercise the muscle recovers VERY fast so it ends up that you need to tire it for about 16 seconds then stretch it for about 12. After twelve the muscle has recovered and is back to fully resisting you thus much of any further stretching action is wasted. More detailed : Tire the muscle using the position of the stretch to allow more specific stretching of the right muscles. SPLITS (side) In a left or right side split, the front leg is stretched on the underside of it, while the back leg is actually stretched mostly at the front of the hip joint and the thigh's top. So get in a split position and squeeze the front leg downward against the floor using the muscles in the back of it about to be stretched. Squeeze the back leg downward also. This uses the hip flexor (it's at the hip) which is the one that actually keeps you form reaching a split the most. This whole action is as if you're trying to close your two legs back together. Do this squeeze 16 seconds then relax for 12seconds in a split lower than you think you can go AND SITTING UP TALL. SPLIT (straddle) Sit on your bum facing a wall. Straddle as wide as possible pushing your crotch toward the wall (feet on wall) Squeeze against the wall as if your trying to close the legs back together. Use same squeeze relax stretch method described above. Or, use same method as side split but your on your hands or elbows with legs in straddle splits and squeeze against the floor as if your trying to close the legs. YEP IT IS PAINFUL. That is why most folk can't improve their spits. They are to wimpy to do it themselves. But that is normal. Body has a built in *Wimp System. IT HAS TOO. You just have to learn to use it to your advantage. That wimp system in the body is powerful. If you stress the Wimp System by not giving in to it, the Wimp System will then tell the body to make adjustments to relieve the stress being placed on it allowing it to once again be Wimpy. In this case it will tell the body to get more flexible so the split position being done no longer stresses the Wimp System. Repeat this whole process 3x at least. (Tire out phase and stretch phase) *Wimp system is complex and the name Wimp System is my own term for it. I also call it the human Lazy Side.

Where can you find really good industrial music?

\nYou can go to vampirefreaks.com and check out top industrial bands.\n. \nhttp://vampirefreaks.com/bands.php. \nYou can go to vampirefreaks.com and check out top industrial bands.\n. \nhttp://vampirefreaks.com/bands.php

Why did the high school musical stars split up?

I don't get what you mean split up. They are all still together for hsm3 just as they have been for hsm, and hsm2. Granted none of them except for maybe Zac and Coach Bolton will be in the 4th movie, but they graduate hs in hsm3, so its kind of obvious that they wouldn't be continuing.

Is hip hop really the devil's music?

Any type of music can be used for "good or evil". It's not the beat or rhythm so much as the content. What are the words saying? Are those words something you want to put in your head? Remember, all types of music have "good and bad".

How do you get your splits?

To do the splits, you need to master flexibility. First warm up your legs by doing simple stretches, this will prevent any injuries. kneel on the floor and hold your legs in the splits position and hold for 30 secs and then swap to the next leg. do this around 5 times and then rest by having a hot bath. do this every day and you will soon master the splits. Practice Makes Perfect! First, stretch when you wake up, after you eat lunch, and before you go to bed. Make sure you stretch 3 times a day or more and try to spread the times out byt a few hours. Hold your slits and try not to put your hands down and have someone hold onto them. Relax your muscles and make sure to breathe.

How do you get a Split?

This can unfortunately be quite difficult. Gaining flexibility can, unlike gaining a skill, take a long time. You have to just practice as much as possible. While watching TV, doing homework, talking on the phone...sit it your splits. Push yourself each time. There is really know easy way other than practice. Instead of holding yourself up with your hands on the floor, hold both arms in the air, that will cause you to push yourself even more. Instead of doing your splits on a flat surface, put your front foot (only from your heel, not your calf) on something that is elevated (like a phonebook or something) about 3-6 inches. These things will cause it to hurt more but it will be more effective.

What songs does alacranes musical have?

They have alot like:. Por amarte asi, No voy a llorar, Sin tu amor, Por tu amor, Solo en ti, Quiero aprender,. Acambio de que, Si te vuelves a enamorar, Tu amor, Donde Esta, Dame tu amor,. Perdidamente enamorado, Fue su amor, Mirame amor, Soy yo, Mi orta mitad, Te sigue espernado mi corazon, El duranguse, Esperando por ti, Adios amor, Magdalena, Micaela, Vete ya, Un idiota, Te juro que te amo...and plenty plenty more!!!!

What is a split?

A split is when you are on a flat surface and you open you legs and put your crouch on the floor. There are different types of splits such as your right leg split, your left leg split, and your middle split also called the American split.

Is it really Zac Efron singing in high school musical?

Yes and no. Zac Efron does sing in the first HSM but his voice was blended in with Canada's Drew Seeley who played Troy in the Broadway version of High School Musical while Zac was shooting Hairspray. Seeley was not givin recognition for his singing in HSM. But it's all Zac in HSM 2 It was all him Canada Drew didnt have anything 2 do with him. He sounds nothing like him. He just does the tours coz they oviously don't use the real HSM actors on tour they use look alikes!!

What is music really?

Music is, really, everything. Music relates to everyone. I,personally, believe that music is not just a collection of sounds.Music is what people look up to. you do not just hear music, youfeel it, experience it, trust it, believe it. if you think music isinstruments playing to an orchestra or band, then, you have theright idea, but that's only it's definition, not what it is,really. The music isn't right for you if you don't relate: feel themusic. Music is you!

Was miley's boyfriend really in the music video Love Story?

Yes! Miley's 21 year old boyfriend is in Taylor's Love Story Video. I can't even believe Miley's dad would let her date him. That is such a bad example for girls like us . So what she is telling us,we should go out and date somebody at 16 that is 5 years older than us, that isn't even legal. Even though I am a fan of hers she could do better than that. I wish Nick Jonas would take her back, but he is to busy dating Selena Gomez. Selena is pretty though, and I do like the clothes she wears. She is nice just like her friend Demi Lovato.

Where is Alacranes Musical from?

Ok ill try to help a lil' as far as i knw Alacranes Musical are from puro Chi-Town but if ur asking about where da guys are from there all from different parts (memo and Omar) cuz memo is from zacatecas i knw dat pero Omar i dnt member (srry) hoped i help a lil' :P

Does Joe Hahn from linkin park really have split personality?

Its actually fairly well known among LP fans that Hahn has a split personality or alter ego which is named "Remy" Remy has even appeared vocally in two LP songs Cure for the Itch and Fuse. However there is nothing to suggest that Hahn actually suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder other wise known as Split or Multiple personalities in which the two (or more) personalities can change at random and results in lost time and memories for the other personalities.

What is some really scary music?

try cradle of filth they do some creepy songs. for some classical music try Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky or Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima by Penderecki.

What is a really good list of music?

Waka Waka U smile Baby Somebody To Love Alice Never Say Never One Time Love Me Eenie Meenie One Less Lonely Girl Never Let You Go Favorite Girl Down to Earth Bigger

What are really good warm-up basketball songs or music?

We Fly High- Jim Jones Let it Rock- Lil Wayne ft. Kevin Rudolf Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Get Up- 50 Cent I Can Transform Ya- Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne Imma Be- Black Eyed Peas In da Club- 50 Cent In the Ayer- Flo Rida ft. Will.I.am Paper Planes- M.I.A Party Like a Rockstar- Shop Boyz Right Round- Flo Rida ft. Ke$ha Run This Town- Rihanna, Kanye West, & Jay Z Sexy Chick- David Guetta ft. Akon Snap Yo Fingers- Lil Jon ft. E-40 & Sean Paul Stronger- kanye West This is Why I'm Hot- Mims Unstoppable- Kat Deluna ft. Lil Wayne Walk it Out- Unk Wall to Wall- Chris Brown Yeah!- Usher You're a jerk- New Boyz These are the songs my team uses-hope they helped!

What happened to alacranes musical?

they separated and Omar and memo made one groupo called alacranes musical and the urbinas aka the umpa lumpas made there own witch are names alacranes also they are fighting for the name.

Are Kristen and Rob really split?

Rob and Kristen are still together and still engaged and still getting married. Also the magazine that posted that headline on the front cover probably just wanted more publicity. i agree. magazinez are total gossipers! They are together, but are not getting married and are NOT engaged

How do you split voice and music from a track?

Windows Movie Maker does not have a feature that allows for extensive audio editing. You will need to use an external audio editor to make changes to the media prior to importing it into the program.

How do you make a really good toontown music video?

Well, now that Toontown is closed, it'll be hard to, but whenToontown Rewritten comes out, you can do it again! All you have todo is use your imagination! Think about what you're going to dobeforehand, and get all your thoughts together. Once you've donethat, pick a really good screen recorder and editor. That's reallyall there is to it!

Is it really possible to have a bad taste in music?

Yes, but many people think there's no such thing as a Good/Bad taste in music, they all think it's ALL about your opinion, which is wrong, and I'll explain why: In the old days of music (going from hundreds of years ago, to the 80's), weather it was Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock 'n Roll, Rock, older Metal, Progressive, or any other genre I haven't listed, every one of those individual artists who made music at that time had talent and expressed themselves through there creativity! Revolutionary and inspiring music was being constantly made and there were artists who were far ahead of there time, music was such a vast and interesting thing back then and although I'm only 13, I can imagine what it was like. Now that we have described the Good music, we can now describe the very short history of the music which was partly good and partly bad, A.K.A. the 90's: Music was going slightly down hill in this decade, including some of the mainstream artists we hear today on the radio, but there was still a lot of good music still being produced at this time, but the Bad music was vital, and I'll explain why: The "Bad music" I've been talking about is the sort of music made by artists who don't really care about the music a tall but care more about the money, this has Been a problem for the past 10 years and it hasn't become any better, but worse. In this decade we are here listening to the radio, just to expect music which is made with computerized instruments, auto-tuned singing and meaningless lyrics, these artists have no talent and produce little of their own music. But if we look at what music is like generally, it hasn't changed a whole lot for the past few decades, but the musics promotion has changed a lot and the no talent artists are earning way too much money while very talented and expressive people are struggling to earn a living. And guess who's to blame? THE MEDIA! They are the ones who have promoted the less talented artists for all this time! Although I could go on and on about the media, I won't, Because this is about peoples taste in music. That's all I need to say to prove my point, there was no short way of describing it to get my point across, which makes it feel like science trying to explain it. The moral of the story is: There IS such thing as a Good/Bad taste in music!

Is Breaking Dawn really going to be split into 2 films?

Yes, it has been confirmed that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be split up into 2 films because there is too much content and information for 1 film to hold. The first part will come out to theaters on November 18, 2011. The second part will come out to theaters sometime in the Summer of 2012.

Are there really free legal music downloads on the web?

Many upcoming artists release some of their new music as Public Domain, meaning that it is free to download and distribute (on a sctrictly non-profit basis, see [[GNU License]]). Some established artists also release selected tracks in the same manner to garner interest in forthcoming albums. There are also a huge number of artists out there who only release music into the public domain. Also, there are many songs for which the copyrights have expired and, therefore fall into the P.D. MySpace Music and equivalents are good places to find such.

Where is split?

Split, Croatia, is a seaport and tourist destination on the Adriatic Sea. It is the capital of the Split-Dalmatia County. Split's castle (Diocletian's Palace) was built in 305 AD. The city is on the site of a Greek city dating back to at least the 6th century BC. The city is known for its outstanding Mediterranean climate and beautiful seascapes. It has become a popular destination for cruise ships, some up to 315m (about 1,000 feet) in length. It has a main highway to Dubrovnic and another to Zagreb, and has its own airport with local destinations in addition to London and Frankfurt.

Would music really be music without instruments?

Technically music is a series of sounds in a rhythm, so technically, anything making the sound is an instrument. Many people don't consider rap music, yet it fits the above definition in which the human voice is included. If the question is not meant literally, then no because without instruments, there wouldn't be sound or anything like that, so not technically

Has paramore really split?

No it has not. Josh and Zac farro left the band. They are still a band though just with three people.

Is Alacranes Musical inc the real alacranes?

Yes founded by oscar urbina sr. Now directed by his son oscar urbina jr. Alacranes members are all related (Urbina Family) except for the vocalist Omar Sanchez. Any other grupo named Alacranes Musical that aren't urbina are fakes!

How do you do the splits really quick Tips and Tricks please?

Start with taking a hot shower/bath, this will really help loosen your muscles. Then, warm up by doing jumping jacks or something for about 2mins. Now, it's time to actually do your splits. Go down as far as you can and hold it, think of a song in your head to keep your mind off the pain. After that, do a couple stretches, e.g the butterfly. Then, go back to your splits. Do this daily, and in no time you will have your splits! .

How to do a split?

the best way to do your splits is to stretch every day and to drink healthy foods and lots of water.