Did Jordin Sparks win American Idol 2006?

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Who is Jordin Sparks?

Jordin Sparks is an amazing singer and winner of season 6 of American idol. Sparks is 20 years old, will be 21 in December and from Arizona and her dad played for The New York Giants and The Dallas Cowboys...

Who was England's American Idol 2006 winner?

I don't know for sure... check it out on Wiki. They usually have info about shows that are broadcast in other countries. I'm not sure it's even on anymore. By the way... if it's in England , I don't think it's called American Idol. I believe Pop Idol is the name.

What is Jordin Sparks?

Jordin Sparks is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is the winner of season 6 of American Idol.

Who's going to win American Idol?

Chris is much more talented. Adam just screams like a girl, which I can do that. Adam sounds like a transvestite. I hope Americans know real talent, not just theatrical talent and vote for CHRIS. (FIRST ANSWER) Adam is totally gonna win American Idol and Kris going down the toilet!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Danny Gokey STINKS ON ICE!!!!!!!!!! ADAM ROCKS T I WANT HIM TO WIN!!! (fourth answer) GO Adam! best singer ever! Amazing vocals!! I hope ADAM wins, he deserves it!! Who ever just wrote and who ever likes Adam YOU ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!!!!! KRIS ALLEN WILL WIN HE IS AWESOME AND HOT (dunno which answer) ADAM IS GONNA WIIIIIIIN (even though he dresses like.. a.. girl... 0.o) BIG MIKE WILL WIN!!!!! And Adam was a weird, gay, emo guy. But he would make a MUCH better remerable idol than Kris Allen, more people know Adam. And his song What do ya want from me is good!GO BIG MIKE! Lee DeWyze .

Who wins American Idol?

The person who wins American idol is the person who gets to the final two and gets the most most votes. The person who wins American idol is usually the best singer.

Who should win American Idol?

I Think Lauren Alaina Or Scotty McCreery Should Win!! All The Contestents Are Good, But I Think These Two Are The Best(: Hope This Helped!

Did Clay Aiken win American Idol?

No he did not. But he was in the final round.. I think he shoulve won! He needs to cut his hair and look more like he did back then

What is the prize for winning American Idol?

You get a record deal to make a CD, and you get to be famous, and last time both the winner & the runner-ups got a record deal. They also got cars! You also get an arrow to the knee.

What year did jordin sparks win American idol?

May, 23 2007. She won Season six of American Idol. She was never in the bottom two or three, and she didn't make the cut the first time she tried out. She won American Idol's- afflicted contest, Arizona Idol which made her eligible to try out for the audition in Seattle.

How much do you get if you win American Idol?

u dont get any money... the only thing the winners get are a major recording contract and the American Idol title... duh if you watched the show u would know that no affence!! : ) :) Yeah, you don't get any money...except a one million dollar recording contract. Which doesn't means you get a million dollars or anything. And "affence" is spelled "offense." No offense. ^_~

Who is likely to win American Idol?

In American Idol, season 9, I personally think that a boy will win this year. Crystal Bowersox is a possible winner. Maybe : Lee or Casey . Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze are the top 2 season 9 contestests. Casey Jones was voted off in 3rd place May 19, Michael Lynche was voted off in 4th place May 12, Arron Kelly was voted off in 5th place May 5, Siobhan Magus was voted off in 6th place April 28, Tim Urban was voted off in 7th place April 21 Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia were voted off April 14, Didi Benami was voted off on March 31, Paige Miles was voted off March 24, Lacey Brown was voted off March 17

Who will win on American Idol season 8?

I can't say anything, but the 2 finalists, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, are quite different. Adam Lambert is more of a rocker, while Kris Allen strums his guitar. They both make the songs that they perform their own, which is what the judges are always looking for, so I think it will be a close call. We'll just have to see next week!

Will Kris win American Idol?

absolutely not.. Adam is deffinately going to win!!!!go Adam!!!!!! jk jk!!!!!!!! i love Kris of couse he will he is hot he can sing and he don't wear no make-up go Kris Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you win in American Idol?

Well, it's not easy. You have to have musically talented voice, ond you must believe in yourself. There are many other reasons, but those are the most important.

Who win American Idol in 2007?

In American Idol, 2008 season 7, David Cook won, and David Archuleta was runner up. In American Idol , 2007 season 6,I believe Carrrie Underwood won.

Who is the favorite to win American Idol this year?

Andrew Garcia! He's definitely the best. And with a fan base on YouTube and over three million subscribers, he's going to be hard to beat. Although this is totally opinionated, you should check out his YouTube channel and see for yourself. He is awesome!

Who do you think will win American Idol 2010?

I like Didi Benami and Katie Stevens and Kaitlyn Eperly, but I'm not sure who will win. Um, Kaitlyn got eliminated! I think Big Mike and Crystal will be in for a while! I agree about Katie though!Never mind. Lee won!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Aaron Kelly win American Idol?

yes aaron will win American idol!! he is the best 16 year old singer anyone has ever herd!! well atleast i think so!! and anyone who doesnt there crazy!! I LOVE U AARON KELLY!!!

A list of wins who won on American idol?

Season 1 - Kelly Clarkson Season 2 - Ruben Studdard Season 3 - Fantasia Season 4 - Taylor Hix Season 5 - Carrie Underwood Season 6 - Jordin Sparks Season 7 - David Cook Season 8 - Kris Allen Season 9 - Lee DeWyze Season 10 - Hopefully Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wins American idol season 11?

this program is currently ongoing and it is now on top 6. there is no winner declared. there are two contestants who consider as the front-runners of the title, namely jessica sanchez and joshua ledet.

Who wins American Idol season9?

Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze are the top 2 season 9 contestests. Casey James was voted off in 3rd place May 19, Michael Lynche was voted off in 4th place May 12, Arron Kelly was voted off in 5th place May 5, Siobhan Magus was voted off in 6th place April 28, Tim Urban was voted off in 7th place April 21 Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia were voted off April 14, Didi Benami was voted off on March 31, Paige Miles was voted off March 24, Lacey Brown was voted off March 17

Who will win American Idol 2012?

It is now down to these individuals Colton Dixon 20 years old | Murfreesboro, TN Elise Testone 28 years old | Charleston, SC Hollie Cavanagh 18 years old | McKinney, TX Jessica Sanchez 16 years old | San Diego, CA Joshua Ledet 19 years old | Westlake, LA Phillip Phillips 21 years old | Leesburg, GA Skylar Laine 18 years old | Brandon, MS

Why didn't Crystal win American Idol?

Lee had more votes, it really doesn't make that much difference, she will get a recording contract as well! Adam Lambert also came in 2nd, it never did him any harm.

Who wins season 10 of American Idol?

Scotty McCreery. The first 100% country singer to win American Idol. Being a redneck from North Carolina myself that makes me real proud. And BTW who came up with the idea that all North Carolinians own sheep and everyone who enjoys country music is racist? I'm glow in the dark white and some of my BFFLs are black. You can't stereotype stereotypes, y'all. It's an extreme contradiction.

Who will win American Idol 2011?

i think that scotty will win because he is so good,but he was not the best last night so i think it might be Lauren,but whoever gets the most votes wins so it really shouldn`t matter because both of them are good and both will probaly be famous so it really should be scotty but i like Lauren too

Who do you think will win American idol 2011?

mr turel the owner of turels fish bar in weoley castle Or Scotty. Here is what will happen: Lauren goes out in third, as Hailey will get most of James' vote, while Scotty and Lauren split the country vote. While Scotty and Lauren are splitting some vote, Scotty has a much wider appeal. That sets up a final with Scotty and Hailey. But the vote splitting is now over, with Scotty getting all the votes from all those groups he has been courting all season. Additionally, those groups (old people, conservatives, Christians, Teenieboopers, Cougars, and the huge Country Music group) will be particularly energized in the finals. It will be a landslide for Scotty. Impossible to be wrong on this, as it is just too clear. Scotty is a natural politician who has played this American Idol game perfectly. We even saw him pander to the Lady Ga Ga fans on Thursday with his answer about her mentoring. Remember when he was criticized for his "Swingin" performance? He immediately acknowledged the advice, agreeing with everything, and saying he "needed to step it up, and bring his A-game every night." Scotty figured this "reality" show business out early, and he has never wavered.

Who is going to win American Idol in 2012?

ur going to have to find out by watching it or just watching the last episode, unless you meet a time telling person then they will probably tell u well only if they r right!